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Desert Lily
Chapter 4: The Chuunin Exam Begins!

(Temari's POV)
Miyuri came with us to the area of the first test. Before we came in the testing room we hid in a corner so we could talk, we were earlier than most of the other teams actually. There were only few teams around.
"Don't be stupid to get caught; I know how fast their eyes are." Miyuri said.
"Don't worry Miyuri-chan, Kankurou has Karasu do the job." I reassured.
"Well that's good. Oh and Gaara, don't kill anyone."
"Hn" was all he said.
"You know that's not a word..." she said, slightly insulting, then chuckled.
Until now, I'm still curious why Gaara hasn't even tried killing her, or even just threaten Miyuri.
Silence then took over.
"Well, I hope no one in the other teams die before the second test..." she said and then turned around.
"I'll be around the village then..." she added as she walked away.
We walked into room when she disappeared.

(Miyuri's POV)
After leaving my team, I walked around the village to find something that might catch my attention.
And something did. While I was jumping roof to roof I saw the Uchiha guy again, along with one of his not-so-amusing teammate, the annoying girl with pink hair.
"Looks like they're waiting for someone..."
That's when I saw the blonde kid come.
Then I saw the pink girl's facial expression.
"What's with her...?"
I was far from them but you could still hear them. The problem was that I couldn't see every detail very well, my right eye isn't as clear as the other “Stupid scar…”, I noticed that they were carrying some piece of paper.
"Application Forms eh? Well, this is gonna be really interesting..." I thought with a smirk.
"Let's see what you can do Uchiha."

(Sasuke's POV)
"What's wrong with Sakura?" I thought. She was acting strange.
And speaking of strange, I had that feeling of being watched.
I got a look around and finally saw a yellow and blue color up the roof top though the view was blocked by leaves from a nearby tree. "Look who's here..."
Judging from her expression she was actually expecting me to see her.
"Why don't you come down here and say something?" I called. Naruto and Sakura looked at me like I was crazy, well, Naruto that is.
She disappeared from the spot where I saw her but then reappeared behind the two.
"I thought you would come, Uchiha." She said with a confident smirk.
"So where's your team..?"
"Inside. I hope you and your teammates won't die." she said, her eyes narrowed, keeping her smirk.
"What do you want?!" Sakura asked angrily.
"Well, nothing really, I was just passing by when I saw you guys. Just wishing you guys not to die in the second or third test. That is, if you even make it to the third part." She scoffed.
"You've got a lot of guts to say that to the future Hokage!" Naruto said, pointing to himself.
"Really? Where?" She said pretending to excited then looked around.
"I don't see anyone, just an orange failure." she said, emphasizing the last word.
"Why you-?" Naruto was about to charge when Sakura quickly grabbed him by the collar.
"Well, the other shinobi teams look tough so I'm just wishing you luck."
"Uchiha Sasuke, try not to die in the second test, will you? I've always wanted to fight an Uchiha but watching one fight is good enough." With that she disappeared.
"She's underestimating me..." I thought angrily.
The look in her eyes, along with that scar, makes her look like she's fought many strong shinobis. Just a glimpse of her eyes, I could tell she's strong. Though her eyes don't say everything, she's the kind of person who hides something dark. But one thing's for sure, she has attitude.

(Miyuri's POV)
I left the area leaving Team 7 angered. I stopped when I knew they weren't close.
"There's something about that blonde kid."
There was something about him that makes me want to turn around and talk to him.
"He's hiding something, I know it."
The glow in his eyes was like everyone else's, but looking into it, there was something darker.
"His eyes are just like mine..." I muttered.
The first test of the Chuunin Exam ended quickly. It was almost noon; I was waiting for everyone, standing on the fence, by the main gate to the Forest of Death. I had my eyes closed, I were still thinking about the blonde kid. I didn't actually pay any attention to him the first time I saw him. "Could he be...? That's possible, but people don't seem to avoid him very much, but still..."
A couple of minutes pass and teams started to arrive.
I watched each team arriving, looking for my team and the Uchiha's.
"Welcome to the stage for the second test, practice Arena number 44, also known as the 'Forest of Death'!" said the proctor, Mitarashi Anko.
I spotted the two teams; they were nearest to the gate.
"This is creepy..." You heard the pink-haired girl say
"What was her name again...?" I sighed. "It's hard to keep track of the weak ones..." I thought
"You'll find out soon why it's called the 'Forest of Death'!" Anko said threateningly.
I saw the blonde mimic the proctor, with that I sweat dropped, "I take back the first thought, how could he be something like that...?"
I came down from the fence when I saw the proctor throw a kunai at the blonde idiot.
She reappeared behind the blonde kid again and licked the blood off his cheek. Another guy appeared behind the proctor and handed, or tongued -- if that's even a word, the kunai she threw.
A few more babbling before she began explaining.
"Before we start the second exam, there's something I have to pass out." She said, holding, obviously, the agreement forms.
"There will be deaths in this one, and if I don't have you sign there, it will all be my responsibility." She said smiling.
I've heard it before but it's better to pay attention than space out so I continued to listen as she went on explaining the objectives of the second test. "A final word of advice: DON'T DIE."
One of the other proctors called out from the booth. While the genins were getting their scrolls, the proctor came up to me.
"Sunaarashi Miyuri, correct...?" she asked.
"That's me. Mitarashi Anko, I presume. What do you want?" You said coldly.
"The Kazekage sent you an order to observe the Second test, right?"
"Yeah, what about it?"
"Just making sure. You seem shorter than I pictured." She said then let out a chuckle.I twitched. "I know I'm not very tall, thank you for reminding me."
"Have anything else to say...?" I said trying to suppress annoyance.
"Not much really." She said and walked away.
"Five days in the forest... I wonder if Kankurou could take it...?" I thought then smiled evilly. I knew the two couldn't last long being with Gaara compared to me. At least I can't get killed.
The teams were sent to respective gates. I went through the main gate.
I tried to look for any interesting team around to see.
I heard screams while I was jumping from tree to tree in a slow pace. "I hope that isn't Gaara's handiwork. Then again, if that was them, they'd get to proceed to the tower earlier. Ah well..."
The first team I came across was Team 7...again.
"I've been running into these guys a lot more often..." I decided to stay in my spot to avoid any unnecessary battle, although I was far I could still hear them talk. And to add up, I took out my range finder and put it in my left eye so I could see what's happening. That was when I noticed someone was missing. "...wait, where's the Uzumaki-kid?"
I then saw who their opponent was, that freaky guy from a while ago.
Just then I saw Sasuke cough up, the pink-haired girl, whom I just remembered whose name is Sakura, was crying, and she was barely moving. "What the hell's going on...?"
I watched the battle between the Konoha and Kusa Genin.
Things started to get interesting when the blonde finally came around.
When the Kusa shinobi summoned a giant snake, I knew this battle was getting better, especially when the blonde kid showed his true power. I noticed his eyes were different from its bright blue color.
"Then I was right after all!!"
His strength increased largely, the amount of his chakra too.
"He's completely different..."
When the blonde kid, Naruto stopped the giant snake from attacking his teammate, the weird snake guy lifted him up and had put another seal on the one already on Naruto's stomach.
"Shishou Fuuin topped with Gogyou Fuuin. That seems pretty harsh..." I thought.
I watched as Sasuke had the final blow using a high-level Katon Justu -- or so I thought.
It looked like it only burned part of him. "What the-! Who is this guy...?!"
I saw him extend his neck and bite Sasuke. He disappeared after saying something.
I quickly took off the scope and placed it back in my pouch, “Adding up everything he did from this fight...", before I could think of even saying his name--
"What a delightful surprise to see you here, Death's Hymn."
"Orochimaru!" I though as I turned my head to the man who appeared behind me.
I managed to evade his kusanagi before I got my head cut off.
"It's not delightful for me..." I said and threw my opened fan but he easily evaded the attack and I saw my fan wedge itself to a tree.
"I won't take long but just so you won't forget anymore..." He formed a Horse seal in his hand then I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder. The pain was unbearable but I tried not to scream.
"You snake-!" I couldn't finish what I was saying because of the pain.
"Good day to you, Miyuri" he disappeared again, but I could still hear his evil laughter in the area.
"That bastard... Looks like he got Sasuke too..."

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Author's Note: Thank you for reading chapter 4!!! 8D I hope it didn't suck… I wrote this at 3 in the morning and I'm kinda lazy to edit so if there are mistakes, gomen^^
There's a hint of spoiler here, if you think you're like Neji, Sasuke or Shikamaru, you'd notice.
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