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Desert Lily
Chapter 5: Each One's Battle

(Temari's POV)
"Dammit, she should've been here already..."
I walked out the tower to see whatever happened to her, she told me she has no interest in observing weaklings fight each other so what was holding her back?
I walked out the door to find her unconscious.
"Oh crap. Miyuri!" I screamed in my head.
I ran to her and felt her pulse. No wounds, cuts or anything else.
She just fainted, "What the hell happened...?!"

(Miyuri' POV)

A little while ago...
Holding on to my left shoulder, I jumped tree to tree to the center of the forest. I was trying not to pass out, the burning pain was unbearable, my hand had already grown numb because of it.
But thankfully, I did get to the tower. But I was already feeling weak. I leaned onto the wall and did 5 seals...
"ushi, tora, mi, hitsuji, tatsu! [ox, tiger, serpent, horse, dragon]" (::made up!::)
Just after that, I felt the pain in my shoulder fade, but so did my vision...

I opened my eyes to see two figures.
I soon realized that these two were Temari and Kankurou.
"Temari-nee...? Kankurou...?" I said weakly.
"'Glad you're awake now..." Kankurou said.
"What happened..?" I asked feeling a little dazed.
"That's what we were going to ask you." Temari said.
"Temari found you outside the tower unconscious." Kankurou added.
"What did happen...?" Temari asked.
I looked down to remember everything that happened before I passed out. Sitting silently, I held my left shoulder and recalled everything, down to our first encounter...

6 years ago...
"It's a pleasure to finally meet the renowned Shikyo no Seika
[Death's Hymn]."
"I haven't seen you around here, hm."
my brother said.
"Tell us who you are and state you purpose."
I said without flinching.
There was something in
my head telling me that I should run away, but I did otherwise.
faced the man without fear.
"Ahh... as I expected, you really don't fear anything, do you child...?"
"I'm asking you: Who are you and what do-"
moved his hand in front of me, signaling to stop talking.
"But nii-chan I-"
I could say more the other guy began to throw shurikens at the two of us.
I quickly pulled out the metal flute tied around my waist with a sash and began playing.
The moment
I pulled it out, my brother fled, knowing what would be the consequences of being within the jutsu, the Jigoku no Kayou [Hell's Song].
With the sound of
my flute, the surroundings changed, flames appeared everywhere, the temperature rose, and some objects seem to melt in my sight. It was an image of hell!
This is why they call me Shikyo no Seika!"
He stopped throwing kunais and shurikens and stood still. That act intimidated
me so I began to play another song.
He neither flinched nor showed any sign of fear.
In fact he was laughing, hysterically...
He was already covered in flames but he still wasn't afraid?
The two other shinobis with him that were caught in the jutsu had already burned to dust.
"This is the inescapable jutsu that they have all been saying." again he laughed menacingly.
"The rumors were true; it is inescapable, even for me."
stopped playing as I watched him in confusion looking at his arm that had caught fire. Not even pain could be seen from his face, there was... joy?
The surroundings still remained, that was the other trick of
my jutsu, and it never disappears until all living objects caught have perished or unless I dispel it.
"This was an enjoyable presentation, child, I'm greatly satisfied." he said laughing the way he did before.
"As a gift..." he trailed of while making hand seals.
I didn't
realize it until I felt the pain on my left shoulder. I found myself bitten by the shinobi.
"The acknowledgement you seek, you will only find when you come to
me." he said as he disappeared, still laughing.

I shook my head to get the memory out of the way.
"It's not important, where are we anyway?" I asked looking around.
"Well were in for the preliminaries, they said there were too many teams for the third part." Temari said.
"That's new." I raised an eyebrow.
"Temari." Kankurou called.
"What?" Temari turned to Kankurou.
"Your next." he replied. Temari came down after that.
"Wait. Has the Uchiha fought already?" I remembered I wanted to see how he fought.
"Yeah. he went up against the Oto [sound] guy. He won. This is the 5th battle already."
"What?!" I said annoyed, "I missed 4 fights already?!"
"Great, I pass out and I don't get to see the good fights..."
I stood up to watch Temari's fight against the Konoha genin named Tenten.
They trade attacks but Temari made TenTen's projectiles useless. Temari then finishes Tenten and casts her aside.
"Harsh. Hm, that's Temari-nee."
"Have you fought yet...?" I asked Kankurou suddenly.
"Yeah, I did..."
"What about Gaara?"
"Not yet."
The next fight was pretty pointless to me. But next after that was Uzumaki Naruto's fight.
"I hope this would be different."
It was.
At first thought, Naruto was bound to lose against Inuzuka Kiba.
Naruto won.
The next fight was against 2 Hyuugas.
Then the next was the fight of Rock Lee of Konoha and...
The two faced off.
I saw how close Lee was to hurting Gaara, but his speed was still unable to get past Gaara's sand... until he took off his weights. With a burst of speed Lee hurts Gaara like never before.
"No one's ever gone past Gaara's sand!" I thought, clutching the rails.
The whole fight destroyed the stadium, although he was fast, Lee's speed wasn't enough to break Gaara's defense. In the end, Gaara still won, he ended up in the hospital with broken bones.
They moved on to the next fight which was also so meaningless.
After the fight I came down to the proctors.
"Miyuri-san, I heard you ran into Orochimaru in the forest." Anko said.
"Yeah, sort of." I said then held on to my shoulder.
Later, they announced that the third part would be after a month.
"I hope I won't be seeing him for the next few weeks..." I thought

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Author's Note: Thank you for reading chapter 5!!! Well I was kinda lazy and it seemed pointless to write the other parts of this chapter^^

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