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Desert Lily
Chapter 6: The Third Test and the Invasion!

(Miyuri's POV)

==Fast-forward to the third test==

And so begins the third and final test of the Chuunin Selection Exam.
The first match-up was of Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji.
Who would've thought that a guy like Naruto could beat a Hyuuga genius?
The next was of Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke.
But it looked like Sasuke's still not around. So they moved it to the next match.
Kankurou forfeited his match with Aburame Shino.
Next up was Temari against Nara Shikamaru.
And that was the weirdest match I've ever seen.
To think he even quit when he was already in the position to win.

The crowd was getting impatient; Sasuke still hasn't showed up.
If he doesn't, he'll be forfeited from the match and there goes the plan....
And just as time was about to run out, he FINALLY came around in a very flashy entrance with his Jounin sensei.
"He had to be late..." I rolled my eyes.
The crowd cheered. I could hear the crowd talking so loudly, they all seem to want to see him fight as well.
Then I quickly alerted myself to see how the others are doing.
I took out the range finder from my pouch, because I was very far from them and exactly on the opposite side from where they were.
"Gaara has that look again..."
I grinded my teeth, "I hope things won't go wrong..."
"Gaara, get down here." The proctor called.
I saw him turn around and walked to the shadows.
I sighed and then smirked, "Now let's see what you got Uchiha."
Soon they were face to face.
I was bored out of my wits just watching up here.
I bent down and put my chin on the back of my palm as my elbows rested on the railings.

After then the battle began. Gaara had his sand out already.
And he... he was talking again...
"The Uchiha must be stronger than I thought."
A few seconds later he calmed down.
I sighed in relief and looked up to where the Hokage and the Kazekage were.
Unexpectedly, I felt the same sharp stabbing pain on my shoulder again.
"Please not now... not here…" I murmured as I held my aching shoulder.

Sasuke threw shurikens at Gaara but his sand caught them.
He kept charging at Gaara but no matter how hard he tried, Gaara's sand always won.
Sasuke was no match for Gaara's defense... or that's what it looked at first.
Soon after, he was able to pick up speed, similar to the guy Gaara fought at the preliminaries.
He managed to creep up behind Gaara and punch him on the face.
"No way, and I thought that guy was the only one!"
He even managed to kick Gaara in the gut.
Uchiha Sasuke did the same thing as Rock Lee did.
If this keeps up, Gaara will lose all his chakra then the plan would surely fail…
And to my shock, Gaara made a hand sign and created his sand cocoon.
"Gaara, you idiot! It's too soon!" I panicked and clutched the railings in front of me.

As the cocoon was finishing, Sasuke charged at him, and ended up wounded.
And eyeball formed overhead. “Shit. Gaara's lost it! He's forgotten about the plan!”
Sasuke jumped back to the wall of the arena and formed hand seals.
Soon, I recognized that jutsu when I heard the sound of chirping birds.
He quickly charged at Gaara's defense, his hand actually broke through it.
N-no way…I never thought Chidori could...!
I woke up from my thoughts when Gaara screamed.
T-That's…” I couldn't even think of anything to say.

When he tried to pull his hand out, his arm wouldn't budge.
He ran another Chidori and finally managed to pull his arm out and when he did I saw `his' arm holding on to him.
“I hope he hasn't completely transformed yet…” I suddenly found myself murmuring those words.
The sand cocoon crumbled and it revealed a wounded Gaara.
Shocked as I already was, I could have gotten a heart attack by now.
"This has never happened before..." I thought putting my knuckles against my chest.
He was still normal but he's got that look... I was used to it but it still made me shudder.
“Gaara…” I whispered.

Suddenly, feathers appeared floating in midair.
Genjutsu…? Looks like it's almost time…” I thought.
Immediately, I formed a tiger seal and concentrated my chakra before was caught in the genjutsu.
I saw smoke set up where the two Kages were - that was the signal!
Plan Commence!

A new battle soon began.
Baki came down to the stadium, so did Temari and Kankurou.
I came down too, the proctor stood in front of Sasuke.

“Gaara, the plan…“ Baki said.
“I knew it…” Temari said.
“What's wrong?” Kankurou asked agitated.
Gaara was having a major headache.
I kept quiet as I kneeled beside him.
“FOOL! Trying to transform into you complete form before the signal.” Baki yelled.
“He's experiencing the side-effects…” I said trying to stay calm.
I looked up to my sensei, “It's impossible to proceed now.”
Baki was furious; I tried to stay calm to think of a way to get things right.
“Sensei, I think we should abort the mission.” I said calmly as I stood up.
The other two were taken aback.
Baki nodded, “You three take Gaara and retreat.” He said.
“I'm staying here with you!” I protested.
“No. You will go with them, that's an order.” I couldn't say no.
“What about you?” Temari asked.
“I'll join the battle.” He said. “GO!”
The three of us nodded and left.

(Sasuke-teme's POV) (LoL. I hate him XP)

“HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON!?!” I yelled. What the hell was going on around here?
“Sorry but the chuunin exam is over. You go pursue Gaara and the others.” Genma commanded.
”You're already at the chuunin level. If you're a Leaf shinobi then make yourself useful.” He added.
I hesitated at first but then I did want to finish that match.

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