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Desert Lily
Chapter 7: …And Count to 5…

The four of us trailed the forest to escape, while Kankurou carried an unconscious Gaara.
A few moments later, we were face to face with one person who I really didn't want to see at the moment.
“Damn it…” Temari muttered.
“You can't escape.” said the Uchiha.
Kankurou passed Gaara onto Temari and said, “Temari, Miyuri, take Gaara and go ahead.”
The two of us nodded. “Yeah.”
“Will do.” I replied before leaping out.
“Guess there's no helping it. I'll be your opponent!” Kankurou declared.

The two of us continued on our tracks as I carried Gaara, his arm swung over my shoulder.
“Put me down, Miyuri.” Gaara muttered.
“He's awake?” Temari asked.
We both pulled to a stop and I let him down.
As I did he grasped his head in agony.
This is bad, if that thing fully emerges, who knows what will happen!” I thought frantic.
“Temari, get out of here.” He said.
Before I even finished what I was about to say, Gaara hit Temari and she was pushed off to a tree.
“Gaara, what the hell-“
“Same with you!” He said, his rough voice startling me.
I instantly jumped to Temari to make sure she didn't break a bone - or her spine for that matter.
I sighed in relief when you saw she was fine, a little blood on her lip but she's fine, so I turned to Gaara.
I saw him clasp his head again.
Shukaku's still fighting…
Then I saw who he was faced against.
He-! No way! He couldn't have gone past Kankurou that easy??
Gaara dropped to the ground grunting.
Slowly, I saw part of him began changing into Shukaku.
Sasuke flinched at the sight of this.
Gaara jumped from the branch her was in and headed for Sasuke.
The next thing I knew, smoke was everywhere, and I couldn't see a thing.
But my hearing wasn't affected.
I turned to Temari who was petrified.
Tsk. I'll have to get the jutsu ready…!!” I thought.
I looked back at Temari.
“Temari-nee…” my voice squeaked, much to my surprise.
She looked at me a bit surprised too.
I didn't look at her directly but I knew what she was thinking.
Use the jutsu, Miyuri - NOW!” I read from her eyes.
I nodded my head in accord and closed my eyes and began forming the hand seals…
“ Uma, Tori, hitsuji, saru, tora…” [horse, bird, ram, monkey, tiger…]
Their battle continued as I continued the ritual…

I managed to fully stabilize my chakra, but it was too late - Shukaku had already awakened!
No! It's impossible to neutralize his chakra now!
Then I realized, Naruto had already arrived with a huge toad, Shukaku was beginning to weaken, just one more shot to cancel Gaara's jutsu up and it only needs my jutsu to finish the job…
Naruto couldn't move, he stood far from Gaara, too far to send even a single punch.
Arigatou Naruto, now leave this to me!” I thought as Temari left to find Kankurou.

I appeared between the two and Naruto was obviously shocked to see my other form.
My hair was now spread out with the ends spiked up, my fingernails were longer and sharper and so were my fangs, my eyes had changed into a blood-red color and I was encased in a cloak of red chakra. Both my hands were covered with red chakra that moved like flames.

Without any other thought, I went straight to Gaara.
And hit him on his left shoulder, “Ichifuu [first seal]”
…on his right… “nifuu [second seal]”
…on his stomach… “sanfuu [third seal]
…on his chest… “shifuu [fourth seal]
…his forehead… “gofuu [fifth seal]
“Gogyou: Fuuin no Gobi!” [Five Elements: Five-Tail's Seal]
In a split second, the tanuki began crumbling into sand.
I quickly made a kage bunshin and caught the two and set them down safely to the ground once we landed.
They were wounded badly, especially Naruto.
I looked at both of them and dispelled my bunshin that was with Naruto.
I looked up at him and saw he was dragging himself on the ground with his chin.
“Why is he this strong…?” Gaara muttered.
Naruto continued.
“Stop it Gaara.” I muttered.
“Gaara…” I said a little louder.

As they like that for quite some time, simultaneously, they recalled the bitter words they used to hear…
Miyuri looked down at her hands, still in their other form.
He can't hear us right?”
There she is…
No one cares about him…
Disappear from here.”
Just die.”
Don't get involved with me
That's her…”
Get lost.”
Don't look at me!”
When all the people around them resented them…
Naruto remembered the truth spoken by one boy he had fought…
“…and I realized that this feeling is the most painful, it's to realize that your existence is not wanted in this world…
“DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!!!” Gaara yelled.
“Gaara, stop it already…”

I looked up at Naruto and I saw his face almost about to cry.
“The pain of being alone… is not an easy one to bear…” he started out…
“Your feelings… Why is it… that I understand your pain…?” He asked.
Shock was visible in Gaara's pale face. Naruto continues to move closer.
“But… I already have people who are important to me now…”
I smiled meekly.
“I won't let you hurt those people important to me… Even if you try to kill them... I will stop you.”
Well said, Naruto…” I thought.
“Why... why do you go so far for other people's sake?” Gaara asked Naruto.
I stood up cautiously, and nearly fell back because I felt dizzy.
“They saved me from the hell of being alone… They acknowledged my existence… that's why they're all important to me…”
I couldn't take the smile off my face.
“Love…” Gaara and I muttered at the same time.
“That's why he's so strong…” I muttered, the same thing probably went through Gaara's head.
Sasuke arrived after a couple of seconds.
His eyes narrowed when he saw me.
“That's enough, Naruto.” He said to his teammate.
My hearing started to become distorted so I didn't hear what he said next.
Moments later Kankurou and Temari showed up in front of me and Gaara, prepared to fight.
“That's enough it's over.” I heard Gaara say.
Kankurou looked at me and I gave him a reassuring smile.
“Are you guys okay?” Kankurou asked.
“We're fine.” I said smiling.
I formed a `horse' seal, and muttered “Kai.” And I returned to my normal form.
Kankurou carried Gaara as I turned to Naruto.
Sasuke turned his gaze to me as well.
I smiled at Naruto, “Arigatou, Uzumaki Naruto.” I said before I nearly dropped on my knees.
Temari caught me before I fell to the ground.
The four of us left the area.
Doomo arigato, Naruto, if it wasn't for you, I might have forgotten that there were some people who did care…
The image of a guy with red hair flashed in to my mind, “…Roan-nii-san…
A little girl with brunette hair who had the sweetest smile anyone could've seen, “…Raina-chan…
And a boy with long blonde hair wearing a big grin on his face, “…Onii-chan…
“Temari, Kankurou, I'm sorry.” I heard Gaara mutter before everything turned black.

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