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Outcasts: My Crystal Angel
Chapter 5: The Secret
That symbol, no doubt about it, it's her…”
“Hiroshi-san, behind you!”
Hiroshi quickly blocked the attack that was headed towards him.
“Not bad, Ketsueki…” Sora said.
Hitomi was surprised to see what Hiroshi had done; his hand turned into wood.
What is... -
Quickly alerted, Hitomi threw a couple of ice shards at her attacker, a few meters ahead, whom quickly disappeared into smoke after getting struck.
One by one, their enemy gradually lessened in number as the five shinobis fought her.
Sora perched on a tree and closed her eyes.
“I had fun playing with you guys, but it's time for me to go.” she said, making her voice sound disappointed.
The five shinobis were almost to their limits, especially Kaede whom was the junior among the four.
“You guys really made me so happy.” She said darkly. She opened her eyes; her gaze turned to Hitomi.
Her eyes looked deadlier than when she saw it the first time, it had the color of blood in it…
What is it with this girl…?
Sora seems to be only of their age but her lust for blood wasn't normal, she seems to love to kill, and her eyes say it.
Sora closed her eyes again and sighed.
In a split second they heard a scrape followed by a loud thump.
“Next time, watch where you step…”
A couple of meters away, a girl stepped out behind a tree.
“…Tsuki.” Sora said bitterly.
She was wearing the same thing as Sora, and almost looked like her as well; she was a younger version of Sora herself.
“Go-gomen nasai, O-onee-san.” she stuttered.
Unlike Sora though, Tsuki's hair was longer compared to her sister's shoulder length hair and her eyes had a golden color. And she wasn't wearing the mask but she still had the tattoo.
“Did you get it?” Sora asked demandingly as the young 6-year-old walked into the sunlight.
“Hai, Onee-san…” she said.
It was then Hitomi realized something.
She looks so similar with Hotaru…
“We'll be leaving then.” Sora said coldly.
She made a hand sign and began to slowly disappear.
“We'll meet again, Suishou Tenshi…” Sora's menacing voice echoed before she and her younger sister completely vanished.
“That was weird…” Kaede said as they began to walk again.
“Doesn't that little girl seem a little too young to be a member of Kuroitsume…?” Homura said.
It looks like she's not even happy of where she is right now. Her sister must've just dragged her in…” Hitomi thought.
“She looks to be only about 6 or 7.” she added.
“She's a Mikaze, she must've already unlocked her power. Who knows what other twisted reason they could've made her join.” Hiroshi concluded.
The others could only nod in agreement.
“And I don't think she was only there for accent. She knows a lot.” Itachi said.
I have a bad feeling. Even when that Tsuki came out, I couldn't feel her chakra. What if she was there all along watching the whole battle for the start?” Itachi thought and looked at Hitomi, “From the way that Sora looked at Hitomi, they're on to something…
“We'll stay here for the night.” Itachi stopped.
“We're already deep in the forest; no one could probably spot us here.” Hitomi added.
“But someone will still have to stay up and guard everyone.” Kaede suggested.
Itachi and Homura nodded.
“I'll do it.” Hitomi quickly volunteered.
No! You can't do it on your own. I won't let you get hurt.
“Namikaze-san I don't-“
“I'll be okay Taichou. I'm a sensory type; I'll alert everyone if something or someone suspicious comes up.” She immediately cut Itachi off and reassured the whole squad.
“Be careful, Namikaze-hime.” Kaede said.
“Don't attack on your own.” Homura advised.
“I won't.” Hitomi replied then smiled.
Itachi, who was perched on a tree branch keeping watch, turned to see Hiroshi walking towards him.
“Hiroshi-san, I thought you were asleep with the others?”
Hiroshi stopped in his path. “I think I'm not the only one you should be looking after. Your friend might be one of their targets.”
Itachi was surprised. “He might know why.
“Are you saying they would target Hi- Namikaze-san, too?” He asked quickly correcting himself.
Hiroshi nodded, “I suspect there is something more to her Hyouton jutsu than what we believe…”
Unknown to his comrades, Itachi scouted the field as well, and at the same time, he searched for Hitomi who had been scouting the whole area for a few hours now.
He looked up at the sky and sighed. “Almost midnight…
A few moments later, he finally found her.
He was aware that she was a sensory type so he decided to approach her carefully.
Not knowing who, Hitomi hastily threw three shurikens at the bushes where Itachi was.
He jumped out from the bushes and appeared just behind Hitomi.
“I-Itachi-san… what are-”
“I wouldn't want to see you covered with cuts and bruises when I see you tomorrow morning Hitomi-chan.” He said lightheartedly.
Hitomi pouted and looked away, “I told, I can do this on my own.” She declared.
Itachi merely looked at her. She was obviously waiting for Itachi to protest but he kept silent.
Hitomi looked back at him with a very confused look. Itachi smiled at her…
“You look cute that way…” He said, as he walked to her until they were only inches apart.
They weren't wearing their masks so Itachi clearly saw her reaction.
“I-itachi-san… I-I'm really… I-I'm not… I d-don't think… ” she stammered.
She shook her head. “Itachi-san…”
He hummed, “Is something wrong?” he asked.
She shook her head again. “Itachi-san… w-what did you mean a-about what you s-said y-yesterday…?” she asked looking down with her finger on her lips.
Itachi stayed silent for a moment.
Hitomi looked up, hoping for an answer.
But she never got it; Itachi only gave her a smile.
You'll find out soon enough Hitomi…” he thought.
Tension grew between the two of them as silence followed.
“Itachi-san, wh-what are you doing here anyway?” Hitomi asked, changing the topic.
“Hiroshi-san told me about it.”
Hitomi's eyes widened. “Please, not that…!
“A-about what?” She whispered.
“Your bloodline.”
Hitomi gulped.
“I-I'm still on the mission, right..?” She asked, her head hanging low.
“Why wouldn't you?”
She looked up her captain in surprise.
“W-well, you probably found out that So-“
“Sora already knows you're a Ketsueki? Yes, I figured that out.” He replied.
There was a long silence between the two.
“Do the others know about it…?” She asked.
“No, Hiroshi-san only told me.”
Another long pause.
“Your father wasn't really the Fourth, was he?”
Hitomi shook her head. “Kakashi-nii-sama told me…”
“Since when did you find out you were one, actually?” He asked.
“Since I was 9; I was doing a research on clan bloodlines… I happened to read one about the Ketsueki's markings…” she trailed off looking down.
Itachi didn't utter a reply.
“I guess I've known that for 4 years now. Even when I found out that the Kuroitsume is looking for the Ketsueki's survivor- “
She paused.
“Am I in trouble?”
“Not really.” Itachi said. He paused.
“Unless you break into their base all alone; of course you will.” He added lightheartedly followed by a small chuckle.
Hitomi looked at her captain bewildered.
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