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Outcasts: My Crystal Angel
Chapter 6: Untold
The group prepared for their departure, though it was still dark.
“Hey, has anyone seen Uchiha-taichou?” Kaede asked suddenly, realizing that one of their comrades was missing.
“Now that you ask, no, where is he?” Homura asked as well.
“He probably accompanied Namikaze-san….” Hiroshi interrupted.
Homura and Kaede looked at Hiroshi in surprise and then at each other.
“How'd you know Hiroshi-san?” they asked complete befuddled.
Hiroshi shrugged, unsure of what he will tell the two.
Uchiha-san told me not to tell anyone, what should I tell them then??
“Hiroshi-san, I think we should keep this a secret.” Itachi said, turning around.
“Nande*? Your comrades have to-“
“Namikaze-san is fond of knowing and keeping secrets, especially if it's about her. I think she already knows but refuses to tell us anything.”
“So desu…”
Hiroshi paused.
“Demo*… if she knew already, shouldn't she be cautious enough to know she's not supposed to be on her own? I mean, she vol-“
“Namikaze-san doesn't turn her back on anything, Hiroshi-san...” Itachi said, smirking under his mask, and turned to Hiroshi.
…no matter how dangerous things can get, even if she's the prey. That's the girl we know.”
“I'm not sure, but he did react last night when she volunteered, so he probably went looking for her.” Hiroshi said.
Again, the two looked at each other, as if talking through their gazes.
What were they thinking…?
Hitomi fluttered her eyes open to see the moonlight glowing down through the leaves of the trees only to find out that she fell asleep, sitting under a big tree.
Great, I volunteered to keep on guard and I fall asleep on the job. I wonder how long, though…
She tried to get up but winced when she felt a sharp pain on her arm.
She looked at her wounded arm that was now bandaged.
“Am I in trouble?”
“Not really.” Itachi said.
He paused.
“Unless you break into their base all alone; of course you will.” He added lightheartedly followed by a small chuckle.
Hitomi looked at her captain bewildered.
She couldn't help but utter a small chuckle.
“Just don't do anything rash, Hitomi-chan.” He said.
Somehow, she felt like her feet were glued to the ground as she stared into his eyes.
Hitomi promptly looked down when he smiled at her.
“I-Itachi-san, I t-think we should go on scouting now.”
She said as she went pass her captain but before she even took her second step, she was stopped by his grip on her arm.
Hitomi couldn't read his thoughts like how she did the others, his eyes were hard to read.
And right now was one example. He was suddenly serious.
“Itachi-san…? I-is something wrong?
Itachi stood silent, as if he was listening to something.
“Stay here.” He said.
She cut off when Itachi lifted her from the ground and he jumped to a nearby branch.
Itachi put her down and when she looked back to where they stood, she saw a giant shuriken wedged on the ground.
“Where did that come from??”
“You mean you didn't sense it?” Itachi asked surprised.
Hitomi herself was taken aback, how could have she not sensed it??
I could sense anything within a kilometer radius but why didn't I notice that one?!?” she questioned herself.
“Over here!” A familiar voice said from behind them, cutting Hitomi from her thoughts.
She turned around to see Sora but before she could react, Sora swiped her kunai at her.
Although Hitomi managed to evade it, she still got wounded on her right arm.
“Mikaze Sora…” she muttered clasping her wound, blood pouring out from it.
“Nice to see you again, too, Ketsueki Hitomi.” She said, so she had been there all along!
So how long have you been eavesdropping on us…?” Itachi asked Sora.
“Let's just say I've been following your girlfriend since she left camp.” She answered with a grin plastered on her pale face.
Hitomi tried to suppress a blush - hey, who wouldn't be blushing if you were addressed as your best friend's girl? - then shook her head to get rid of the thought.
“I bet you're curious of how you didn't manage to sense my presence, ne?” She added.
Hitomi narrowed her eyes on Sora.
Sora's grin widened. “It's a Mikaze specialty.”
Sora scoffed, “Who would've known that there was another Ketsueki wandering around Hi no Kuni. Our leader would be so pleased.”
Sora…” Hitomi thought, Sora was just weird and unpredictable.
Unpredictable because you really can't guess what she'll do.
And weird because that's how they see her - she pops out to pick a fight, converse, then leave as if nothing happened.
“Looks like you're awake already.”
Hitomi snapped back to reality when she heard Itachi's voice call out to her.
“I-Itachi-san, y-you startled me.”
Itachi just gave her a smile.
“We better go to the others.” He said.
Hitomi nodded, she used her left arm to grab hold of the tree beside her so she could stand.
She grunted when she felt the pain surge through her right arm.
“Daijobou, Hitomi-chan?” Itachi asked, worry was evident in his voice.
“Hai, g-genki yo, Itachi-san.” She said, forcing a smile.
“How's your wound?”
“It still hurts a little but it'll be fine later.” She said replacing her mask. “I-ikuzo*.”
Itachi nodded and put back his mask as well.
“Ah! Uchiha-taichou, Namikaze-san!” Homura exclaimed when he saw their two comrades.
Kaede was snickering, “So how was your date with Namikaze-san, Taichou?”
“Very funny, Kaede-san, you're no different from your sister!” Hitomi yelled, lucky for her she's already wearing her mask; her face was hot all over.
Hiroshi was chuckling behind them.
Itachi cleared his throat, “I think we should get going now, Kuroitsume might not be far from us.”
The group continued to travel through the forest, another night and they're entering Kaze no Kuni*.
They settled for the night and again, Hitomi remained hard-headed.
“I'll scout.”
“Hitomi-chan , you've already guarded last night, yo-“
“I still have some things to ask Sora if she ever comes back for me.” Hitomi interrupted Itachi.
She went pass her captain, who blocked her way and began walking away, denying his orders.
She wasn't able to take another step because, again, he stopped her when he grabbed her left wrist.
“Hitomi…” she turned her head to Itachi, this was the second time he's called her by her name without `-chan'.
“Don't do this…”
“Don't do what? Itachi, you know me, I don't like playing backseat about-”
“I know that Hitomi,“ Itachi cut her off, he was serious, “but it's far too risky to even talk about it with her, Hito-“
“WILL YOU STOP TREATING ME LIKE I'M STILL A ROOKIE!?!?!” Hitomi quickly covered her mouth with her free hand.
It was the first time she ever yelled at anyone besides Aiko, especially at Itachi. Itachi was shocked too.
Itachi's grip on her hand loosened a bit; Hitomi looked down to her feet, both hands clasped together to her chest.
“G-gomen-nasai, I-Itachi-san, I-I'm… I-I was…I-I didn't mean t-to…” Hitomi was short on words; she couldn't even say what she has to say! She felt her heart was beating fast.
Without any other word, Itachi gently lifted her head with his finger.
The look on Hitomi's eyes seemed as if she was about to cry.
“Hitomi, it's not that I'm taking you lightly, I just don't like seeing you hurt….” He said to her.
“I don't want you risking your life for something the others can do, I hate it when you get yourself in trouble, and I hate it even more to see you always ignore me when I'm already worrying about you.”
Hitomi's eyes widened in surprise. “Itachi-san actually-?
“Hitomi …” he sighed, “…I feel it's always my fault when you're in danger…”
“I-itachi-san.” She was still surprised; he cared that much for her?
Hitomi jerked his hand away threw her arm around his neck.
“Gomen nasai…” she whispered to him.
“Daijobou*, Hitomi-chan…” he whispered back, wrapping his arms around her.
Doomo arigato, Itachi-san…
I watched over the area near the camp while Itachi-san was the one who went further.
Did he mean what he said…?
♫~ Kitto kimi wa itsu no hi ka
Kono sora wo toberu hazu dakara ~♪
Suddenly, I heard someone singing softly, it was almost inaudible but I was sure it was child's voice.
Without hesitating, I followed the song…
♫~ Nando tzumazu itato shitemo
I continued to follow the voice only to see a little girl I've seen before…
“…Sora's siter…?
I recalled - long white hair tied into a ponytail, golden eyes and a face similar to Hotaru. It was Mikaze Tsuki.
♫~ Taisetsu na koto wa hitotsu
Yume miru koto
Kokoro dake wa tozasanaide ite ~♪
She was singing to herself looking around, as if she was searching for something…
…or someone rather…
“Ho-hoshiro-niichan!!! Where are you!?!” She called out. Her eyes were pleading, that Hoshiro must be very dear to her…
She became silent as she walked and began singing again.
Tsuki… she obviously was only forced to be a member; it seems that she was even reluctant to follow the order given to her when I first saw her.
Hitomi felt guilty and cautiously showed herself.
“Hosh- AH!” Tsuki was shocked to see the Konoha ANBU her sister had fought.
“Wh-what do you want?” she said stammering as she pulled out her kunai, her body was shaking in fear.
“Whoa, calm down, I was just curious of what a little girl like you is a member of a band of assassins and all alone.”
Tsuki cautiously put away her kunai.
“Y-you wanna kn-know…?” She asked hesitantly.
Hitomi nodded.
“W-well…” She gulped.
“Don't worry, I was just wondering who's Hoshi.”
Tsuki swallowed before she continued.
“…is my older twin brother….”
Hitomi kept silent.
“He was the only one who appreciated me. He was supposed to come back this morning but…”
Tsuki began sobbing.
“…He hasn't returned yet…” Hitomi finished.
Tsuki nodded as she wiped her tears away.
“So what are you doing with Kuroitsume anyway…?
Tsuki stooped crying a little.
“My parents had a debt to the leader…” she said and continued sobbing.
And you were given as payment huh…?” Hitomi thought. “So desu…”
“Hoshi-niichan is all I have as family because Sora-neesan doesn't care about us anymore…” she said, a hint of anger in her voice.
“She just thinks of us as useless garbage. Even our leaders…” She said bitterly.
“Tsuki, right? I think you should come with us then, obviously, they don't treat you right.” Hitomi said when she noticed Tsuki's bruised arms.
Tsuki nodded, “Demo… can you help me find Hoshi then…?”
“Why not?”
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|Author's Note|
Shannaro!! Finished chapter 6!! Thank you once again for reading!!!
Err… Don't mind how I write it XD I'm crazy! (I'm 72% mentally ill!! XD)
I decided to put some events as flashbacks coz I don't like repeating things so viola~!
Lengthy flashbacks >: D
Good luck piecing everything in, huahahaha!
Hitomi's REALLY almost like Hinata XD
Hinata always goes like: N-Naruto-kun…
And Hitomi's all like: I-itachi-san…
Ne, if you read carefully, try and analyze the names of the Mikaze siblings….
Sora… Sky
Tsuki… Moon
Hoshi… Star
It's the night sky! :D
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Nande - `why'
Demo - `but'
Ikuzo - `let's go'
Kaze no Kuni - `Wind Country'
Nandatto? - `What is it?'
Daijobou - can also mean `it's okay'
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