Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Side Effects: heiwa no Jutsu ❯ New Stains and Score Marks ( Chapter 7 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
CHAPTER SEVEN: New Stains and Score Marks
Iruka didn't think it was that bad.
He didn't think it was that bad when he was lecturing proper throw techniques. He didn't think it was that bad when he handed out their progress reports. By the time they were leaving, he felt something, like a warm bubble, but it wasn't as if he'd gotten a sudden raging hard on.
When Kakashi was (unsurprisingly) late, he still felt fine. Vaguely annoyed, perhaps more frustrated than normal, but fine. When he left his class to get a cup of coffee while he waited, he was still fine. When he realized there was someone in the lounge? Fine. When he opened the door and saw Kakashi standing there, back to the door leaning over to read something on the table? With his hair slightly damp from a (frigid as hell) shower he'd taken at some point and looking just a tad less spiky and more droopy than normal?
Not so fine.
What had previously been a sort of impatience, a mild longing suddenly hazed his vision, violently re-routing blood to everything but his brain.
It was lucky for Iruka that Kakashi heard him coming. If he HADN'T heard him coming then the sudden surge of intent (not a killing intent, just, intent) would have triggered a rather lethal reaction. As it was his hand was halfway to the kunai holder on his leg when he stopped it and used it instead to catch himself on the table. The metal of the hitai-ate made a dull clank as it hit the table, and from the corner of the Sharingan, Kakashi caught a flicker.
Then Iruka’s hand found his groin and squeezed. If it hadn't been for the flicker, Kakashi wouldn't have questioned it at ALL, as it was, he had to force himself to grab Iruka’s wrist and twist till he could get a good look at the other man.
The red of the Sharingan blinked back at lusty brown eyes for a moment before turning into a crescent. Kakashi started to laugh.
Iruka heard it, but was more concerned with the fact Kakashi had let go of his wrist and that hand could go back to its duty. Kakashi yelped as the hand’s duty seemed to be to crawling down his pants. The other hand was pushing up at his shirt and vest.
"Door!" Kakashi had to bark out. Iruka kicked behind him without looking and the unfortunate structure acquired a large foot shaped print in the middle as it was forced shut. There was a clatter as a chair was knocked over and any papers that had been left on the table were scattered.
"Table!" Iruka retorted, demandingly, pushing and shoving. There was wriggling involved here, surely, and grace wasn’t involved, but the end result was acceptable to Iruka. End result being a ruffled up Kakashi on his side. Iruka scrabbled after him, giving up on pushing the vest up and setting for nearly breaking the zipper in his rush. Kakashi tried to help but Iruka just GROWLED at him until he got his hands out of the way.
The zipper was the zipper of DOOM. Iruka invented a few new curse words and directed them at the vest before snapping and whipping out a kunai. Kakashi blinked but didn’t try to stop him as the zipper was surgically removed. With his shoulders flat on the table and his hips pinned sideways, Kakashi squirmed a little. Iruka made the weird growl again, lunging slightly and kissing. Maybe not a kiss so much as a 'bite his lip then drag down the mask with your teeth' maneuver. Once the black clothe was acceptably out of the way, it began to better fit the definition of a kiss even if it was a touch aggressive.
"Need you -" Iruka barely gasped out the thought as it darted across his brain.
The shirt beneath the vest was spared a slashy fate when it slid up with minor resistance, leaving most of Kakashi’s chest and all of his stomach exposed. Iruka shifted, moving further up as that same hand found and tweaked a nipple. There was a slightly muffled startled noise at this but as Kakashi had successfully gotten his hands tangled in Iruka's hair the kiss just got deeper.
We shall now assume that the hair tie snapped form this. It's not as if they would notice. We shall also take this opportunity to describe the table; three feet by eight, heavy oak with a stretched, stapled glossy leather top worn by years of coffee rings and imprinted with the Konoha emblem from frustrated teachers pounding their heads on it. The table legs are scuffed but clean, and along the inside of one leg there is a series of score marks to indicate that heads aren’t the only thing that get banged on its leather surface. We now returned you to your regularly scheduled programming.
Kakashi yelped slightly when Iruka bit at his neck, but he yelped louder when the hand ceased molesting his nipple and shot back down to start attacking the zipper on the pants. "Ah -" Kakashi had to break off the kiss for that, reaching down to help. "Take a breath Iruka." He panted, glad that while his morals hadn't let him take advantage of drunken Iruka, they didn't seem to give a wit about a rampaging, chakra-induced-horny Iruka. In fact, his morals seemed to encourage it wholeheartedly by waving small paper fans and wolf whistling at appropriate intervals. "No, really, inhale."
Iruka took his advice, sucking in two ragged lungfuls. It seemed to help, marginally. Logic returned. Not a huge amount, but enough for him to figure out the pants again. Kakashi let him do that, trying to get his vest off. Iruka slid one hand in and squeezed, effectively arresting his motions. Iruka’s other non-full hand shoved up at the shirt and vest all together, tangling it up around Kakashi’s head.
From his newly blinded state, Kakashi felt himself being twisted, hips now more sideways. This is an oddly vulnerable position to be in, he mused. I hope the stuff on the table wasn't anything people would come back for.
He twisted his neck and got part of the shirt to pop off his head. The mask caught on his nose, unfortunately, and refused to go further without him being able to sit up. He felt Iruka shift, leaning forward, chest pressing against him and teeth nipping at his lips. Kakashi nipped back, feeling vaguely silly with the wrong half of his face covered. The lips changed, became meltingly hungry, and Kakashi decided he didn't really care. Iruka made that noise again, that growl, and Kakashi felt himself grin broadly into the kiss. The hand currently residing in his pants let go, grabbing at fabric instead of flesh.
Iruka shifted and started to nip and bite at Kakashi’s ribs, leaving red to purple marks blooming. Kakashi lifted his hips slightly, feeling his pants getting yanked down to his knees. Warm and hurried hands went back to caressing his sides. He could feel them slide across his skin and guess at where their owner’s body was. Iruka pulled back, jerking at the pants again, moving both material and pants around enough that he could manage to get one leg hooked onto his shoulder. It was interesting, as his pants got stuck on his sandals and remained fairly well hooked together like makeshift shackles.
Iruka shifted, growling again, moving to straddle the leg not over his shoulder. The action forced Kakashi’s legs to go at fairly ridiculous angles, knees bent from the force of the well strained cloth.
"Ahh!" Kakashi’s back arched as Iruka’s hand - well, mostly his fingers - were pushing suddenly, painfully. Kakashi gritted his teeth as he picked something at random to focus on.
Footsteps in the hall. Yeah that – wait! Kakashi stiffened (though it might have been that second finger).
One of his two hands inside the vest got free, not totally free, but free enough to lob a blank scroll. His wrists tensed, getting ready for it as the presence got closer to the door, he could hear it. Unfortunately for him, he should have been getting ready for other things because as the door opened and he began to aim at the head of the intruder (or where he thought the head should be) –
"ARGKKK!!!" When did he even get his pants down?!
Iruka had thrust forward. Kakashi’s aim went off by a good six inches, causing the intruder to duck and flee (shutting the door, thankfully) after getting an eyeful. Not that Kakashi was thinking about that anymore, all he could think of was -
OW! DAMMIT HAS HE NEVER HEARD OF LUBE?!?! Kakashi made another, loud yelp as Iruka thrust forward again, harder. Aieeeee! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! It felt vaguely akin to - okay, so he didn't have a good comparison to use as reference. It just hurt really, suddenly, and intensely. He didn't look as big as he feels - ah-ah - lucky that – ahh - the bastard has beginner’s aim – AH! He completely forgot about the door as the pain twisted into a kind of bizarre numb laced with pleasure. Another thrust, accidentally aimed flawlessly, and Kakashi cried out again, a little more joy in the tone, back arching. The hand that had flung the scroll flopped as if it had been de-boned.
Iruka barely had it in him to hold on, let alone slow down. His Kakashi based fantasies not even remotely prepared him for how unbelievably good this tight heat felt. That flush pouring down Kakashi’s half-covered cheekbones, No wonder Kakashi seemed to just get more amorous when I'm embarrassed. Iruka moaned, feeling his belly tighten, biting his lips HARD and bowing his head, ramming deeper. Kakashi’s head went back as vowels poured out like molasses, merging and blurring together. Iruka imitated them; they seemed appropriate as compared to any of the meaningless prattle he would have produced. He's incredible! Iruka’s hand on Kakashi's leg tightened, indenting, leaving possible marks. Meanwhile, his other hand moved from supporting him on the table to pumping at Kakashi's neglected member.
The tight warmth around him spasmed, making Iruka cry out slightly even as the warm and sticky splash onto his hand. Kakashi’s screams (and they were screams, loud, powerful, primal screams that had the people in Kentucky calling town meetings) broke down whatever control Iruka had left, and the final few pelvic motions where particularly powerful before he was finally done, feeling nearly hollow from the force of the pent up jutsu. His neck stretched until he could kiss and suck at the hollows of Kakashi's collarbones. Kakashi panted and shivered slightly, deliberately not thinking about how very sore he would be later. It was easier not to think about tomorrow’s (or ten minutes from now) aches when Iruka’s lips settled on his, soft and light. Odd contrast considering the viscous impaling he'd just dealt out.
Iruka brought his hands to Kakashi’s face slowly, finally pushing the material off completely. Kakashi’s eyelids felt almost heavy after having been shut through that, and blinked opened slowly. After a moment, a slow leisurely smile stretched across his face. Iruka looks good with his hair down, Kakashi mused, eyeing him. He did too, though it was particularly chaotic because through it all, his forehead protector had stayed on. Long, straggling stands that had barely dried from the morning shower stuck to his face with a fresh coat of sweat. His eyes were hazed with pleasure, flush going slowly from cheeks to neck to vanish into his clothes. A vision - whom I DO have to discuss certain, realities of sex with. Kakashi winced slightly as he moved enough to remove the organ he was currently impaled on. He felt a slight trickle and privately hoped it wasn't blood. He was relatively sure nothing had torn.
"What's that face for?" Iruka voice was almost a drawl for a moment, a smooth contented blend of bliss and idle curiosity as he lean forward and nuzzled at a freshly freed earlobe. "You act like you -"
Kakashi could almost SEE a tangible illustration behind Iruka head, as Iruka’s brain caught up with the actions of Iruka’s penis. It was kinda’ funny.
"Oh!" Iruka hands went straight to his face and he turned violet. "Oh! Oh no I - ah!" He looked around, suddenly trapped. "What the HELL WAS I THINKING? Ah! Get off the table!" He gave Kakashi a semi push as he backed off himself, ducking under the leg. He stood and started fixing his appearance.
Of course, Kakashi reasoned (slightly agitated at not getting a nice dose of sympathy), Iruka’s appearance simply required the fixing of his ponytail and tucking himself back into his pants. Kakashi, however, had to first attempt to make sense of the shirt holding his arms up. He gave up and pulled it all the way off, deciding to start with untwisting his pants and pulling them up. Then he tried to make sense of his shirt and vest, though as the two articles of clothing seemed to be attempting an inter-wardrobe mating experiment - it was annoying! And where the HELL had the hitai-ate gone to - oh. There it was. Kakashi put it on before attempting to resolve his current shirtless state.
Iruka was deep, deep red still. "Oh god. What if someone had walked IN?" He whimpered. "Oh, casting that jutsu was just stupid of me!" He seemed to be mostly talking to himself. Kakashi snaked out an arm and caught his waist, unable to resist planting a fluttering kiss on his nose, brushing along the scar.
"Yes?" Iruka responded automatically, looking a little dazed.
"That still wasn't my anything." Kakashi pulled the shirt on, then the vest. The zipper was gone so he calmly pulled out his book and crossed the other arm. It held the cut edges together well. He paused to adjust his mask and chuckled softly. Iruka watched him, having NO idea what to do now. "See you soon." He winked - or maybe smiled? And left.
Iruka looked at the mild chaos of the paper on the ground and fled, horrified. Oh hell! Oh hell! He was simply mortified at himself. What the hell is the POINT of that jutsu if you just go INSANE when it wears off? And WHY the hell didn't he STOP me? One good backhand and I would have been FINE - His brain spat angry sparks at him, conjuring images of being publicly reprimanded for fornicating on school property.
Kakashi chuckled lightly as Iruka hurried by, but the chuckled died after a moment. Walking after was - interesting. He looked normal in his gait. Mostly. Perhaps slightly, deliberate, if you were looking closely and really knew what his walk was suppose to look like. He stared blankly at a random vowel on the page and debated where to go next. First step was getting a new vest and figuring out what scroll he'd thrown. Then, possibly finding out WHO he'd thrown it at. Hmm. There is something I am neglecting to do. He paused, stopping. Damn. He turned on his heel and headed back. All right, this, then home to find a vest. Then a shower - urgh! I don't want a shower. I want a bath! Hmm. I think Iruka’s place has one.
He debated that as he re-entered the academy. Outside the teacher’s lounge, he found the scroll laying on the ground, and stamped down on the edge of the rolled parchment expertly, flipping it up and catching it. Anything to avoid bending over just yet. Ignoring the other person in the room, he didn't bother to look up from his book when he entered, and simply held it to his face to cover the mild wince when he dropped into a crouch and carved a fresh gash onto the table leg. Tucking the kunai away, he got up and left.
Genma blinked as the other man left, and decided NOT to sit at the table to eat after all. With a sigh, he sat on the counter, tossed his senbon into the trash, and started to pick at his rice. "Hey." He looked up when Raidou came in, presumably to steal some coffee and go (teacher’s lounges have the best coffee. This is a proven and universal fact excluding schools that are trying to switch to decafe).
"Hey." There was a pause as he filled his mug. "Why are you on the counter?"
"See the table leg?"
Raidou tilted his head. "Oh hey. That’s where the new stain is from?"
"Dunno. Don't want too, don't need too." Genma said. "All I know is there is a new stain and Kakashi came in less than ten minutes ago to carve that gash."
"That was more than you actually wanted to know wasn't it?" Genma dropped the paper bowl into the trash and produced a fresh senbon.
"Yes." Raidou sat on the counter next to him, staring at the coffee. "Yes. A little."
"Gonna leave it?"
"The stain? Not my job."
I just wanted coffee. Really. Now I'm red again. Dammit! Kurenai was seriously regretting her decision to get a cup of the good coffee. I have instant at home. What is the matter with me? Kurenai sighed. Maybe if she hadn't tried to sit down there to drink it. Really, Genma was only trying to be fair by warning her about the stain and the new gash. She'd been the one to ask, jokingly, if they knew who'd put it there this time.
There was still coffee in her sinuses from the repressed spit take. Genma had given her slightly puzzled look as she had left in a mild rush.
So now she was drinking very, very hot tea at one of the many random food booths of Konoha and trying to fight down the blush.
Kurenai winced slightly. On a normal day she liked talking to Anko. The woman was fun, flamboyant, energetic and there was no reason not to. Today she’d rather just have a few minutes to compose herself. That, however, wasn't going to happen as Anko slid into the seat across from her, waving down a waitress and ordering the sweet dumplings. "Hello. Won't you sit?"
It is great credit to Kurenai that she didn't sound overly sarcastic as she said that. Maybe she'll distract me.
Anko sat down, grinning like a fool. "So, how was your day? You look red."
"It's nothing. You seem happy."
"I AM amused, yes - oh thank you." Anko grinned at the waitress in a mildly disturbing manner and took the tea and dumplings offered. "Ah, what do you know abut Iruka? Is he seeing anyone?"
Kurenai took limited solace that her face wasn't actually capable of GETTING any redder. "Ah - not sure?"
Anko sniggered. "Ah, just curious is anyone else knew."
"Knew what?" Kurenai wondered how normal people kept secrets. She'd had years of training and her current attempt at normalcy would get her killed in the field. Except it's NOT the field. It's just Konoha. I should have taken that mission last week. I could be killing something right now - oh she's getting to a point. Tune back in.
"- it's funny because I never would have pegged him as the dominate partner."
Kurenai gagged on her tea. Shoulda’ stayed tuned out. "WHAT?" The image in her head turned from merrily slaughtering things in gleeful ignorance of Iruka’s personal life to something far more graphic.
"Oh, now you want to know." Anko said, and repeated the first part of her story, which involved a quest for coffee and ended in what Kurenai felt was an overly detail description of Iruka's position. The waitress walked by at this point and turned deep, deep red, but they had no problems getting refills on their tea.
"Are you sure they weren't just, ah, tangled oddly?" Kurenai made herself ask, pinching the bridge of her nose in an effort to drive the image out with pain. Wasn't helping.
"Oh, oh no. It was pretty apparent who was doing what to who. I just wondered if you knew who his lover was?"
"You, ha, couldn't tell by the hair?" Kurenai asked, drinking her tea.
"Oh, please there's like, twenty males in this village with white hair." She paused. "And I couldn't actually see his face. Just, like, lower jaw and lips."
"Really? His lower face? Could you draw it?"
"Umm, was kinda looking at other parts. How do you think I remembered hair color?"
Kurenai blushed harder, somehow.
"I could probably draw THAT." She paused. "It was nice. Iruka is lucky."
"Ah!" Kurenai brought her hands to her face. "Okay, stop I don't want to know anymore!"
"What? Ohhh, do you know who it is?"
"I'm not, no. No. I have to talk to these people. I'm not talking about them now."
"Kurenaiii." Anko made an attempt at puppy dog eyes. "Do you know or are you teasing me?"
"Neither." Kurenai lied. "And you shouldn't spread rumors, Iruka likes to be private."
"Then he should have locked the door to the lounge." Anko said. "Or, used a supply closet. That table is for people who want to be kinky, or who want to be caught."
"Look I don't want to -" Kurenai stopped.
"Nothing." She made herself look down into the tea. He would walk by right now, wouldn't he?
Kakashi, blissfully unaware of the girl’s conversation, was wandering by in his usual shamble, nose deep in his book. He wasn't reading it, though the pages were being turned at semi regular intervals. Most of his focus was on his walk, staying in his normal slouch, one hand in his pocket (for, you see, by now he'd gotten one of his other vests and transferred the contents) as he ambled towards Iruka’s house by the most lopsided, loopy path he could imagine. Not that he was avoiding there, but he liked to know what was going on in the village and made it a point to avoid straight lines unless there was a dire cause. You simply didn't absorb as much information if you went in too straight a line.
He felt the sudden scrutiny more than saw it and redoubled his attention to look relaxed.
Anko was highly confused now. "What, what were you saying? You don't want to what?" She waved her hand in front of Kurenai’s face. "You looked down all of the sudden -"
"I thought a fly landed in the tea." She lied, not looking up. "I was apparently wrong."
"There isn't anything in your tea now."
Kurenai glanced up. Damn, he was still there, had paused to get something. She felt her cheeks re-redden.
"Oookay, what are you even looking at?" Anko turned her head to look over her shoulder. "It's just Kakashi."
There was a rather long pause as her jaw slowly dropped while he took the bag of, something, stuffed it into a pocket and kept going without looking up.
"No way. NO way- no fuckin’ way!"
"I am not having this conversation." Kurenai muttered. The waitress was utterly fascinated form behind the counter.
"Then just nod if I'm right."
"How do you even know? Oh, did you walk in on them too?" Her head whipped to Kurenai then back to Kakashi, who was nearly out of sight and only just out of ear shot. "Weird, he looks less stringy when he's naked."
"Check please?" Kurenai waved at the waitress before looking back to Anko. "Please, please stop talking about either of them!"
"Dang, now I wished I'd looked at something other than Kakashi’s groin - no matter how impressive it was."
Kurenai paid, slapping down the money for the dumplings as well. "Look, if you shut up NOW I'll tell you what I know and how I know it. But keep it to yourself!"
"Okay, deal!" Anko grinned.
Kurenai sighed. I was so much happier not knowing. Now I'm either going to turn blood red or burst out laughing in their faces if I see them together. Or separate.
The waitress took her fifteen-minute break. She spent it telling her sister at the Ichiraku ramen shop.
Iruka had fixed the door by now. He wasn't sure why he'd felt the compulsive need to repair the damn hinges on the door other than the fact he'd broken them. He tested it, standing in the hall and clicking it shut. Well, it worked now. Where the HELL was Kakashi?
After the, ah, table incident (Iruka flushed at that even now), and kicking Kakashi away from him, he'd attempted to go grade papers. This had lasted all of ten minutes and from there he went home and took a VERY frigid shower standing in his tub. Then he'd taken out the trash (Kakashi’s comment about seeing the empty cartons had stayed with him). Then he sat down, thought about it, and realized that ninety percent of today's fiasco was his own dumb fault.
"Damn." I had really been hoping it was his fault. I should go tell him what was WRONG with me. Oh, now that I think of it -
Iruka did not know, nor had he thought to ask about Kakashi’s sex life but he was willing to bet the man spent most of it on top. And as the whole thing was a hazy (if good and sexy) memory, Iruka didn't remember being very gentle. Do they make 'I'm sorry I got horny and jumped you violently from behind' cards? I wonder why he didn't stop me. Iruka paused, getting up and walking out the door. In the state I was in, a sharp knee up would have floored me. He just let me though.
Something to think about.
But after making it to Kakashi house, tossing the sheet from the first night into the wash, tossing the carton of empty ice cream, and fixing the door, he still didn't know if it meant anything.
Maybe he just likes it when his lovers take control every now and then. I can't possibly be the first person he's dragged between the sheets. Just the current.
It was a morbidly depressing thought, that last one, and he mulled it over in his head on the walk home, pausing to watch the sunset start in. Days are getting shorter. I'd ask him but I don't want to know if the answer isn't what I want. You can't live in ignorance after truth, after all.
It was, however, a rather large question prone to looming. What the hell is this kind of relationship called? We'd barely spoken to each other before that party, just enough for me to topple head over heels like a love sick hormonal teenager and make it nearly impossible for me to talk to him for more than five minute without feeling panicky and spazing. So we weren't really friends, except in the loosest term of the word.
But people who weren't really friends before have dated and done well.
Iruka stopped and brought some yakitori. He munched it as he wandered down the street. I should just stay in ignorance. It's nice and safe here and I can tell myself whatever I want. Mm. This stuff is pretty good I should go there more often. He was starting to wish he'd gotten something to drink but oh well. Where the hell did he GO anyway? Naruto made it sound like they had the rest of the day of so it's not like he's teaching. Where DOES he go? I know so little about him, besides common knowledge. Wonder what his favorite color is. Or food. Well. I know he likes cookies. That was interesting news.
I guess I just assumed he didn't really cook. Or only had limited bachelor level cooking skills. Like Asuma.
He tossed the stick in the trash and found himself outside his door. Home again, home again. Wow. I hope nothing spoiled in the fridge. Oh eew! I think I may have left meat on the counter to thaw. He wrinkled his nose as he came in, sniffing. Hmm. Nothing smells dead. Ugh! I should toss the take out in the back of the fridge. Then maybe go for a run, a nice double lap around the village should clear my head. Umm- why is that light on?
Iruka wasn't sure if he'd left it on. Maybe Kakashi had when he'd been there the day before. The bathroom light was on too; there was a presence in there. He shifted stances, creeping quietly towards the door with a kunai in one hand, using the other to push the door open slightly.
"Umm - Kakashi?"
Kakashi opened one eye (his eyes were about the only thing visible) and looked at him. "Yes?"
"Why are you in my tub?"
"I like baths. And as you may have noticed, all I have is a shower."
There was a pause. "A bubble bath?"
"It's an herbal soak I like. The bubbles were unexpected this time. It usually don't do this." Kakashi commented.
Iruka blinked a moment. The bubbles where pure white and opaque, and quite a few had collected himself on top of his head like a hat. There was no steam on the mirror. "How long have you been there?"
"Heh. I feel asleep. So I'm not sure. Hour or three?"
"Isn't the water cold by now?"
Kakashi lazily flicked up a hand, dripping Iruka between the eyes with a drop. "It started cold."
Iruka blinked. "You must be freezing! You should get out." He spun the kunai and tucked it away, stepping in. "Why didn't you have a hot bath?"
"I started with one. At first. But it agitated my condition." Kakashi stretched a little, a foot popping out as his head slid down.
"Yes. It's called 'my horny heiwa'd lover needs lessons in lube'. Very interesting condition."
Iruka flushed and covered his face. "Ah! I'm so, so sorry! That was - you should have just slapped me or something and – wait! What are - AH!"
Kakashi had reached out, hooked a hand in the bottom of Iruka vest, and yanked him forward into the tub. Water went everywhere.
"IT'S F-F-F-FREEZING!" Iruka wailed, getting dragged and soaked. It was a nice sized tub, they both fit pretty well. Kakashi slunk his arms about Iruka’s shoulders and leaned back comfortably.
"Hmm. You're warm."
"Your lips are b-blue!" Iruka wailed. "And your skin feels like ice! You're going to catch a cold and DIE in my apartment!!"
"Meh. No I won't. I'm sturdier than that." Kakashi smiled lightly. "You're very warm." The blue lips made his smile look slightly evil before brushing against Iruka’s.
"Ah - my clothes are soaked now- ah- " Iruka sighed and let himself be kissed. "Your lips are like ice too." He settled his hands between them, letting them get trapped between their chests. It felt nice. Even if Kakashi felt like carved marble. "You feel like a statue."
"Mm. I shouldn’t have fallen asleep." Kakashi stretched his foot out and kicked something, with a gurgle the water started to drain. That didn't make Iruka feel much warmer. The air on his skin felt icy, icy frigid and he felt himself curling to Kakashi more. Not that the other man was generating much heat, hell his heartbeat almost sounded slower than normal. Kakashi kicked something else and the showerhead on the wall began to dump hot water on them in a rainfall. Kakashi tilted his head back, inhaling the newly forming steam. The water probably would have burned him if he hadn't had a fully clothed Iruka blocking the direct blast. "Lose the vest." He moved his foot and put the plug back in. Iruka shifted slightly and complied, Kakashi tossed it to one side and slid his hands along Iruka’s back, wriggling his fingers as the numb was replaced with tingles from the heat.
"No, you shouldn't have. You’re going to make yourself sick." Iruka kicked his shoes off too, sighing and leaning his head forward into Kakashi neck. "You've probably chilled your blood to jelly."
"I was sleeping, I hadn't passed out." Kakashi nuzzled him slowly, he felt icy and wet.
Like a dog’s nose. Iruka relaxed into him. "You're stealing my warmth."
"Yep." Kakashi reached a hand up and snapped the hair tie with his fingers, letting the wet and stringy brown mass spread out. "Will you share it?"
"With you." Iruka realized how stupid that sounded and flushed slightly, nodding his head down. Kakashi tilted his head but didn't say anything, letting his fingers comb through the hair. "I'm sorry- ah, what I meant was-"
"I know what you meant." Kakashi kicked out his toe and stopped the water, as they were now buried in snow white bubbles and soaking in steaming hot water. He reached out and dumped the remaining contents of the bag in and a host of interesting scents started to mill about.
"Kakashi?" Iruka lifted his head, looking slightly serious. "I -" Well, hell you can't choke now you moron! "I wanted to know." Kakashi waited, hand settling at Iruka's back, rubbing from shoulder blade to the dip above his pants. The shirt had come untucked and he crept his hand up under it, caressing skin. "What is this?" Iruka said finally, pulling off his hitai-ate and dropping it to the ground. Kakashi felt this was an unfair move, as that had been the last thing keeping his hair back and those deep eyes framed were sucking him in.
"What is what?"
"Th-this. What, what are we? I mean, what do we have?" If we have anything. His skin still feels cold, even in this water.
"Hmm. Each other, I suppose." Kakashi shut his eyes from the scene before him in self-defense, leaning his head back. "Unless you can supply a better word, we have each other. Is that enough?" Be enough Iruka, for now. Please. He silently begged fate to give him a break for a change.
Iruka smiled broadly, unaware he was doing so. Each other. Works for me. He shifted forward. "Hey, Kakashi?" His lips brushed icy blue ones for a moment.
"What's your favorite color?"