Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ The Amorous Adventures of Ayame the Ramen Girl ❯ What Ayame was doing with Kakashi ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8: What Ayame was doing with Kakashi
Before she spoke to Naruto, Ayame had intended to have it out with the obstacle in her path to happiness. Screaming at Kakashi would solve nothing, but it usually made her feel a bit better. But now she amended her plan. `So that's why Iruka dumped me. It's not really because he's in love with Kakashi, but I'm just not adequate in bed. I thought things were going really well but…maybe it's like the time with Kakashi. I thought he was the one who was boring, but it's not him; it's me. I'm the problem. Like Naruto said, I don't have enough experience with male equipment. But Kakashi does. I can get him to tutor me! Then I'll win back Iruka from him. Hope I get to him before Iruka does!'

Ayame scoured Kakashi's usual haunts. First she checked the Hokage's building for the mission log (he was not on active duty today), then his apartment (no answer), then the bookstore, and the grocery store. The clerks at the latter two establishments did see Kakashi earlier, but each time she had just missed him. Her frustration grew and grew. But then she decided to wait for him back at his apartment and lo and behold he was already home!

Before Kakashi could express his surprise, Ayame launched into her pitch, “You have to help me! You're the only one who can help save my relationship with Iruka!'

“I'm sorry, but please don't involve me anymore…” Kakashi started to say in his apathetic way.

“You're the only shinobi I know well enough to ask, and you owe me!” Ayame insisted, punctuating her point by jabbing her index finger at Kakashi's chest.

“I owe you?”

“Yes! For telling everyone I was pregnant! My customers are still hazing me: `So when's the bun ready? I didn't know you could bake too. I'd like a bun with my ramen.'”

“Yeah, er, sorry about all that.”

“So you'll help me?”

“Sigh, fine, whatever you want.”

“I want you to tutor me…in shinobi love.”


“Well, I figure you can't possibly be as boring in bed as you were when I slept with you, so it must be because you're used to kunoichi.”

Kakashi sighed again and asked, “So what brought this up?”

“I'm having some problems with Iruka related to…bedroom problems,” Ayame said with a blush, but with determination, her eyes maintained contact with Kakashi's.


“Yes, that's it, take it all the way in. Don't worry about gagging, you'll get used to it. And don't forget about the other hand. Yes, that's good. Now faster… slower…faster, that's it. Mmm hmmm…Pretty soon you'll be a pro…Oh…no…don't do that!”

Kakashi watched in horror as Ayame bit off the head of the banana and squashed the fuzzy peaches in her hand.

“A bit more gently next time,” he reprimanded as he handed her another banana.


Five minutes ago:

“You see, I came prepared,” Ayame said as she lifted up a brown grocery bag to show her new sensei. She took out a bunch of bananas, a dozen peaches of various sizes, and a few cucumbers. The obsessed young woman contemplated for a bit before selecting two bananas and four peaches. “These are about your s
ize and these are about Iruka's.

Kakashi was pleased to see his banana was a bit longer and thicker but then agai
n Iruka's peaches were bigger.

Ayame lay contentedly by Iruka's side on Iruka's bed with her head resting on his chest. His left arm was protectively wrapped around her shoulders. They were in cuddle mode after a night of marathon sex.
“Wow, that was really something. Where did you learn those techniques?” Iruka asked his lover. It was wonderful having her back in his arms again. He didn't even mind that her clothes were strewn all over the room.

`Can't tell him about Kakashi or he might get mad at me… or he might want Kakashi again,' Ayame thought to herself, then said aloud, “I've been reading the `Icha Icha' books. I figured since you have a thing for Kakashi, maybe those books would help me understand why.”

“I don't have a thing for Kakashi, “ Iruka protested. “It was just a temporary state of…insanity, brought on by stress. But this sure helped me de-stress.” Iruka guiltily thought about how he had assumed Ayame was naive, not worldly, obsessed only with ramen, reading only ramen articles, but now...

`If she can learn this stuff from those books, she must be pretty smart… and interesting. We'll have something to talk about. I really do love her!' Iruka thought happily as his reservations fell away. Like most men in Konoha, Iruka had the entire Icha Icha set, but hidden away under his bed. He didn't want to admit it until now. He held Ayame tighter and said, “Maybe we can read those books together…”
The next day, after training with his team, Kakashi asked Sakura to stay behind. Naruto gave her a “good luck” look before he made himself scarce while Sasuke just left without bothering to say goodbye.

“I think we need to have a little talk,” Kakashi said ominously to his sole female genin.

“About what sensei?” Sakura replied innocently. `Run for your life, now!'

“About what you put in Sas…or rather Iruka sensei's drink the other day.”

“I don't know what you mean,” Sakura weakly responded.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Kakashi put his left hand on his forehead protector over his sharingan. “Now who gave you that love potion?”

“I…I'll tell you but don't let her know, please!”

Kakashi nodded thoughtfully. `I thought it must be a medic-nin or someone well versed in medicinal herbs. So now I know it's female. That narrows it down to just a handful of people who also know Sakura. Of those, whom would she approach who would be willing to help her…'

“Shizune,” Kakashi said confidently.

“How did you know?” asked Sakura in surprise.

“I didn't, but now I do.” He added to himself, `It's always the quiet ones. I'll have to watch out for her.'

“She's not going to get into trouble is she?” Sakura was actually more worried about herself, or rather what Shizune would do to her. `NO FUZZY EYEBROWS!'

“No. No harm done really. Just don't try it again. Just think what could have happened if Sasuke drank it and it wasn't you he fell for but…Naruto.” Kakashi purposely left himself out of the equation. The thought of him and Sasuke was just too disturbing to voice. “Let's just forget about this incident and never, ever mention it again,” her sensei warned.

“Yes, sensei,” said Sakura shamefacedly. She had learned her lesson and was more than happy to oblige. `Naruto? Ugh! Just stick a kunai into my brain and dig out that thought!' “I'm sorry. I'm glad everything's okay now.”
Kakashi nodded ambiguously. `No harm done except I can never be in the same room with Iruka again, ever.' Which luckily wasn't too difficult as the two traveled in different circles and had very little to do with each other.
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