Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Gina ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Gina Martin believed in carefully planning everything. So, when Audrey had brought up the idea of adopting a kitten she had thought about the pros and cons for a week. After careful deliberation, she had agreed. Now, she sat cross-legged on her bed. A black kitten curled up in her lap, and she was mindlessly scratching it’s head.

If you asked anyone in the small town they lived at, they would tell you Gina was basically a genius. She had always gotten straight A’s took on any and all extra credit, and had been Valedictorian. Currently, the twenty-year-old blonde was in collage to become a teacher. A history teacher, to be exact. Her parents had been rather disappointed. Insisting that with her smarts she could be a lawyer, doctor, or scientist. Gina had simply shrugged, and explained she didn’t like the pressure. Which was a true thing, as Gina was a very laid back and easy-going woman. Suddenly the kitten meowed. She blinked and looked at it, almost forgetting it was there.

“Right, you probably want something to eat, ne?” Gina questioned the black furred, black eyed cat. It was interesting, she had mused. She’d never seen a kitten with black eyes. Perhaps it was a birth defect? Not that it really mattered right now, she had to feed it.

Standing and stretching, she re-scooped the kitten up, and made her way to her living room. She lived in a small condo, one of those half house-like apartments. It was nice. Two stories. Two bedrooms upstairs, a bathroom upstairs, and the kitchen, living room, and laundry room downstairs. Well, really the ‘laundry room’ was a closer in the kitchen. Regardless, she liked her little place. The neighbors were nice, and the neighborhood in general was quiet.

Reaching the living room, she already had the dishes laid out near the counter/bar that separated the living room and the kitchen. Scooping a cup full of kibble into the food dish, she set the little kitten down, and watched him sniff the food. If she weren’t mistaken she would have almost thought the kitten looked disgusted. Shaking her head, she watched as it started to eat. Must have been her imagination.

Gina, unceremoniously, plopped down on her tan sofa. She would have to name this little guy, obviously. Only, what to name him? Midnight was an obvious one, and Gina wasn’t too fond of not being original. Besides, if Evelynn knew she had named her kitten something to common, she’d probably punch the blonde. Gina grinned and shook her head at the thought of her short tempered friend.

‘Name Gina! You have got to think of a name!’  She reminded herself, frowning

In about ten minutes the kitten had eaten its fill, and came over and sat at her feet. It looked up at her, and she looked down at it. Again, if she didn’t know any better, she would have thought they were studying each other…

-Itachi’s P.O.V.-

To be completely honest, Itachi was waiting for the horrid name he was bound to receive. He looked up at the girl, and took in her features. She had deep brown eyes, curly blonde hair that fell about mid-back, she probably stood at about 5’6”, and a curvy figure. Not a ‘fat’ sort of curvy, but definitely an hour-glass figure. To most men, she would probably be considered attractive. Well, she was attractive. The Uchiha prodigy wasn’t going to admit that, though.

They continued their staring contest for a few minutes, until she finally picked him up, and set him on her lap.

“We have to think of a name for you, you know?” The woman questioned. He blinked. What could he do or say, anyways? He was a damned feline, after all.

“You seem rather intelligent for a cat…” She mused. “Perhaps I can name Einstein?”

He just blinked. Damn this feline body.

“He was a genius, you know.”

Oh, well, Itachi could live with that.