Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Of shopping and pizza ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Evelynn was stretched across the back seat, half dozing. She had informed her two companions that she had named her kitten Levi. Gina had just nodded, and Audrey had gushed over what a ‘cute’ name it was. Now, they were on their way to the pet store.

The three felines were all resting on Evelynn. Gina could have almost swore that they were talking to each other. She shook her head. Last night she had watched the newest Naruto Shippuden episode. Einstein had caught sight of it, and seemed almost disturbed by it. The more she studied them, the more Gina realized they looked a bit like Itachi, Deidara, and Sasori. From the Akatsuki. Of course, she would never voice this opinion. She was the only one of the three that really knew what Naruto was. Audrey had decided Naruto wasn’t “cute” enough, and Evelynn just waved it away. “It was never her thing.”

Gina on the other hand loved the show. Of course, she was considered a genius. Everything logical told her these kittens couldn’t be the Akatsuki members. So, she pushed the thought from her mind. As they pulled into the parking lot of the pet store, Gina threw an empty pop can at Evelynn.

“Wake up bed-head. We’re here.”

“Nuhg.” Was the response she got.

Audrey and Gina grabbed their felines, and Evelynn’s crawled up on to her shoulder as she stood from the car. He was a smart cat, she’d give him that. Gina’s seemed most comfortable in her messenger bag, and Audrey carried her’s in her arms.

Evelynn, being the impatient person she is, just grabbed the nearest cat dishes, toys, and food she could find. As far as she was concerned, if it was edible, he could eat it. Audrey tried to protest, stating that their little kitties “deserved the best!” Evelynn wouldn’t hear of it. Even though she had to admit she was growing attached to Levi. He was quiet, for the most part. He didn’t get in her way, and even when he was curled up in her lap he didn’t disturb her.

They quickly bought what they needed, Audrey talking Evelynn into at least buying him better food, and they piled back up into the car. Evelynn and Gina had grabbed a pop from the machine outside the store, and Audrey grabbed a water. Evelynn wrinkled her nose as she watched Audrey share her bottle of water with Dash. Gina seemed to be slightly disturbed by it too. Once Audrey was sure the cats were comfortable, she started the car, and they headed to the mall.

-Time skip-

Audrey pulled into a parking space and frowned. Gina noticed and turned to her young friend.

 “What is it?”

“We can’t bring the cats into the mall!” Audrey practically wailed. The other two (and possibly the cats) cringed.

“Audrey, it’s not that big of a deal…” Evelynn started.

“It is a big deal! We can’t go shopping, which will take at least an hour, and go to the movie theater. That would leave the kitties alone for three or four hours!” The upset brunette cried, nuzzling Dash.

“Er, why don’t we just shop for an hour, then come back to the car? We can pick up a movie and pizza on the way home?” Gina calmly tried to reason. Evelynn nodded in agreement.

“Oh… kay.” Audrey hesitated to agree. The other two girls sighed in relief, and got out of the car. Leaving the windows slightly cracked, and the kittens in the back seat.

-Akatsuki P.O.V.-

The three men, currently felines, watched as the girls walked into the mall. It was a decently warm day, and not too humid or stuffy. As long as the windows were cracked, they would be good for an hour. They made a circle/triangle in the back seat, and started to discuss what to do next.

“Do either of you even know what kind of Jutsu would turn us into cats, hm?” Deidara questioned.

“If we had an idea, we wouldn’t still be cats, brat!” Sasori snapped.

“Even if we found a way to reverse the Jutsu,” Itachi cut in, before they could start an argument. “We don’t have hands to make the correct hand seals. Also, no one in this world has chakara.”

Sasori and Deidara looked at him, then looked at their paws. Deidara let out a hiss, and Sasori face-pawed himself. Of course… They’d need hands to make hand signs.

“So then what the hell are we supposed to do, yeah?!” Deidara hissed.

“Perhaps there’s a different way to break the jutsu?” Sasori turned to Itachi.

“Possibly. We won’t know unless we try a few things. I’m not sure what.”

“Maybe those girls can figure it out, yeah?”

The three former S-Ranked missing nin looked at each other, then out the window of the car. Their fates were currently in the hands of three young women. Well, at least they didn’t end up with anyone crazy, right? Deidara let out a sigh, and hopped into the passenger seat. He decided to doze in the sun. Itachi and Sasori stayed in the back, but laid down as well. Waiting for the girls to return.

-Normal P.O.V.-

They had already been shopping for twenty minutes. Audrey had bought herself a strapless, simple, light blue dress (one that went just below her knees), and a dark blue cardigan to wear over it. She also got a pair of large pearl earrings, and a little gold locket. Since summer was coming up she also bought herself a new light-blue and white bikini.

Gina had stopped by the book store, and bought herself ‘Dante’s Inferno.’ She also bought herself three new pairs of jean shorts, and three new tank tops. A plain black, a plain purple, and a tye dyed green. She bought herself a plain purple bikini, seeing as how Audrey forced each of them to get one.

Evelynn had finally bought the new keyboard she had been eying for about a year. She was working on a new song, and this keyboard could record whatever she played on it. Audrey had also talked her into buying a new pair of jean shorts that had a ripped hole near the hip, and two new pairs of skinny jeans. Both pairs had tears and holes in the legs, Evelynn refused to wear anything else. She also got three new tank tops, one a dark turquoise, one white, and one black. Each had lace around the bottom, and across the chest. Audrey squealed and scolded her that they were too low cut. Evelynn just waved her away.

The girls were currently at the movie store. Audrey wanted a romance, Gina wanted a documentary, and Evelynn wanted a horror flick. As the girls argued quietly between themselves Evelynn felt a hand touch her hip. Her first reaction, which she (of course) acted on, was to turn and punch whoever touched her.

“Ouch! Jesus Christ, Evelynn!” The man snapped, looking up at her from the floor.

“Uh, Damien?” Evelynn looked down at the black haired, green-eyed man who was currently picking himself up. “What do you want?”

“Well, I saw you over here, figures I’d say hello.” Damien grinned.

“Well, I don’t want to say hello, so goodbye.” Evelynn turned back to the movies, Gina and Audrey eying Damien wearily. He and Evelynn dated about two years back. The relationship only lasted about a month, if that. Evelynn had tossed him aside quickly, stating that he was far to co-dependent for her taste.

“Hey don’t be that way, Evie.” He went to grab her shoulder, but she quickly grabbed his hand and squeezed.

“Damien, if you don’t leave me alone right this second, I will fucking break your hand, got it?!” Evelynn snapped.

Gina put her hand on Evelynn’s shoulder and started to lead her away. Audrey grabbed the three movies the girls wanted, and went to the check out.

“Come on, Ev. He’s not even worth your time.” Gina said, her and Evelynn walking out of the store. Audrey was right behind them. It really wouldn’t have been any good if Evelynn beat the hell out of him. The last thing she needed was to be arrested. “He’s a little wimp, anyways. You know that.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Evelynn waved her hand dismissively, and the girls decided to head home. Drama wasn’t exactly what either of them enjoyed.

Once they were back in the car, Audrey was humming contentedly. Evelynn was once again stretched across the back seat. Levi and Einstein sat and laid across her stomach. Dash was curled up in Gina’s lap. The girls decided to watch the movies at Evelynn’s, and so they made their way to her house. Of course Evelynn wouldn’t let them pass the pizza place without stopping and grabbed two pizzas. After all, it’s the only reason she got her ass out of bed in the first place