Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Early mornings ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Gina groaned. It was the morning after the kitten adoption, and her phone was currently blaring Metallica. The blonde rolled over to snatch her phone off the night-stand, and nearly sent her new feline friend to the floor.

“Sorry,” she muttered, sleepily answering her phone. “Hello?”

“GIIIIIIIIIIIIINA” Audrey’s ecstatic voice could be heard over the phone. Ugh.

“Audrey… What time is it?”

“Oh, about nine.”

“Why in the fuck are you waking me up at nine in the morning on a Saturday?!” Gina snapped, practically jumping from the bed.

“Oh, uh…” Audrey’s voice suddenly got a lot quieter. “Well, Evie hasn’t been shopping for her kitty, yet. So I figured we could all go together, and then maybe stop by the mall to shop for ourselves. Maybe even see a movie.”

“Well…” Gina sighed. Audrey sounded so hurt. Which wasn’t a surprise. She was probably the most sensitive of the three girls. “Alright. We’ll just wake Evelynn up when we get to her place. You know how she is.”

“Hooray! Oh, maybe we can bring our new cats with us?”

“Audrey, why in the world would we… You know what, never mind. Sure. We can bring our cats with us.”


With that, Audrey hung up. Gina shook her head. The girl was something else. Though, Gina and Evelynn probably didn’t help that. They often babied Audrey, seeing as how not only was she the most sensitive, she was also the youngest of the three.

Gina sighed and stroked Einstein’s (Itachi’s) fur. Well, she might as well get ready for the day, yeah? The blonde grinned, getting Evelynn up was not going to be fun. No doubt her friend would try to throw something at them. She’d have to remind Audrey to be leery. Getting up and stretching, Gina made her made her way to the kitchen. At least she could have a cup of coffee before Audrey arrived. Einstein followed. Right. She’d have to feed him too.

-Audrey’s P.O.V.-

Audrey hummed as she drove to Gina’s apartment. Dash (Deidara) was curled up in the passenger seat. She had been up since six that morning. Ah, Audrey had always been an early riser. Evelynn and Gina…Not so much. The thought made Audrey smile. The three of them were each vastly different. Yet, they had been inseparable since high school. Audrey had been a freshman, Gina had been a sophomore, and Evelynn had repeated her senior year.

As Audrey recalled, she was being teased. What she was picked on about she couldn’t remember. Gina, who was known as a bit of a ‘nerd’ at the time, had come to help. The bullies ended up having both girls shoved against the lockers. Audrey had been in tears, and Gina was trying to comfort her. Evelynn must have seen, or heard, the commotion, because she came over. The next thing Audrey knew, Evelynn had slammed a school book into the face of one bully, and had punched another one right in his… privets. She threatened the third one. Audrey guessed she had a reputation at school, because the third person left without much of a fight. Evelynn got suspended for a week that day, but Audrey had been grateful. The day Evelynn came back, Audrey gave her a cupcake. Since then, Evelynn kept a close eye on the two until she graduated. Audrey was fond of the memory. Evelynn was so tough, and Gina was so stoic. No one messed with Audrey the rest of her school days.

The brunette pulled into the driveway of Gina’s condo and beeped the horn, pulling the sleeping Dash into her lap. A couple minutes later, her friend was sliding into the passenger seat, her little black kitten in her handbag.

“So, what did you name him?” Audrey grinned.

“Einstein, what did you name yours?”


“Aha. Ah.”

Audrey pulled out of the driveway, and started towards Evelynn’s apartment complex.

-Evelynn’s P.O.V.-

Kill. That was Evelynn’s first thought when she looked at the clock, and saw it was ten in the morning. Who in the hell is knocking on her door at ten in the morning? It was Saturday, and as far as she was concerned 10am did not exist on Saturday’s. She tried to drown out the knocking on her door by covering her head with a pillow but to no avail. Letting out an agitated growl, she got up.

Pulling open the door, she was greeted by her two best friends. How long have they been friends now? About four years now, she thought. Sighing, she eyed them wearily.

“It’s ten in the morning. You better have a good reason for waking me up.” Evelynn muttered.

“Audrey said you needed to go shopping for your cat,” Gina started

“I will destroy both of you, if that is the only reason you woke me up at ten in the morning on a Saturday!” Evelynn snapped, getting ready to slam the door closed.

“We also wanted to go to the mall! Maybe see a movie. Or rent a movie, and order pizza!” Audrey squeaked.

Evelynn paused, looked at her friends, and let them in. Audrey grinned. Evelynn couldn’t resist pizza. Not ever.

“Can I at least have some coffee?” Evelynn murmured, already getting the coffee ready.

Audrey nodded, “Oh, and don’t forget to bring your cat!”

Blinking at what Audrey just said, Evelynn turned to Gina. The blonde simply shrugged, crossing her arms, and leaning against the counter. Evelynn rolled her eyes. Whatever. As long as she was getting pizza out of this.