Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Oh hell no ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

-Sasori’s P.O.V.-

I winced as the shampoo bottle connected with my temple. I’ll kill this wench for hitting me. Though, I had to admit, she had a strong arm for a normal girl. Rubbing my temple I looked up to one of the most amusing sights I had ever seen. Evelynn had jumped onto her toilet, and was holding a shampoo bottle threateningly above her head. It took quite a bit of restraint not to laugh.

“Who are you?!” She snapped. Her hazel eyes flashing. She looked very confused. Not that I can blame her.


“Why the fuck are you in my house?” Ah, she had such a beautiful vocabulary.

“Apparently, you adopted me.”

“Don’t fucking smirk. What is this? A joke?”

“No, I’m part of an organization called Akatsuki.” I probably shouldn’t be so casually explaining I’m part of a criminal organization, but she was basically harmless. “Two of my colleagues and myself were transformed into kittens by a jutsu, and somehow ended up in your world. Then, you three adopted us. Apparently, water dispelled the jutsu, and now here I am.”

She looked at me like I had grown an extra head. Then, before I knew it, she had chucked the shampoo bottle at me.

“Liar.” I dodged it.

“I promise you I’m not lying. If the water dispelled the jutsu from me, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from your friends soon. When they go to bathe my comrades.”

She paused, as if considering this. Then she suddenly burst out laughing. I quirked a brow, what was so funny?

“Oh man! Audrey is going to flip if what you say is true!” Evelynn continued to howl with laughter. “Audrey’s never even kissed a boy! I can only imagine how she’s going to react when she sees a naked man in her shower!”

I looked down, and flushed in embarrassment. I was, indeed, naked. Evelynn, still laughing hysterically, pointed to the towel which I quickly wrapped around my waist.

”Not that I was complaining.” She stated with an innocent look, climbing down from the toilet. I think I may have blushed. Heh.

-Gina’s P.O.V.-

Audrey had dropped me off at home about ten minutes ago. I was currently looking through the bags for the cat shampoo I had bought. Ha, that was one of the things Evelynn forgot to buy. I suppose poor Levi would just have to smell like ocean breeze. Finally finding the shampoo I grabbed Einstein and went to the bathroom. I turned on the water, and set him down in the tub.

“Shit, I forgot a towel! Hold on dude.”

I ran to my room, and started digging through my basket for a towel. Evelynn may have been right, I should start actually folding my laundry, and putting it away. Shrugging as I found a towel, I snatched it up, and headed back to the bathroom before Einstein drowned. I doubt he would, though. He seemed smart enough to know better than to stand under the faucet. Entering the bathroom I noticed a cloud of smoke in my shower. Was it steam? That seemed to be the only logical explanation, except that it was only in the shower. What the hell? I started to wave the smoke away, and as it cleared I found myself staring at a very wet, very naked Itachi Uchiha.

Oh hell no!

“Uh, uhm, I…” I stuttered. What the hell was I supposed to say?! “Who are you?!”

“Uchiha Itachi.”

“Are you actually serious right now?”


“Oh shit…”


“If your Itachi then… Are the other two…?

“Are colleagues of mine. Sasori and Deidara,” He drawled.

“Oh no…”

“What now?”

“Well, Evelynn I’m not too worried about… But poor innocent Audrey… She’ll die of a heart attack if she sees a man naked in her shower!”

”Hn.” He just wrapped the towel around his waist. Oh shit, poor Audrey…

-Deidara’s P.O.V.-

The girl set me in the bathtub. The water was warm, and it felt kinda nice. Ha, I could almost get used to this kind of treatment, hm. She turned to grab the shampoo, and poof! I felt myself growing. I heard her cry out in surprise. What was going on, yeah? Was the jutsu dispelled? I watched as she tried to wave away the smoke. Suddenly, our eyes met. She blinked.

Suddenly she let out the most ear piercing scream I had ever heard in my life, un! I didn’t know humans could make sounds like that. I covered my ears and glare at her, only to see she was in tears. While covering her eyes, she kept waving pointing at a towel. Looking at myself, I saw I was naked, hm. That’s why she was freaking out? She had to be at least eighteen, hadn’t she seen a naked man before? Shaking my head, I wrapped the towel around my waist.

“I’m covered now, yeah.”

The statement didn’t seem to help. The girl was still hysterical. Letting out a soft growl, I grabbed her shoulders.

“Calm the hell down, hm!”

She stopped for a moment and looked at me. I stared back. Slowly her face started to turn red. She was… Blushing, hm? Not that I could blame her, I was rather attract…

“Ow, what the hell was that for, un?!” I snapped at her, holding the side of my face she had just slapped.

“Don’t touch me when you’re naked! It’s not proper!” She cried, pointing an accusing finger at me.

“I was trying to calm you down, yeah!”

“I don’t care! Oh, wait until I tell Gina! And Evelynn! Oh, Evelynn will really get you!”

“I’m not scared of your little friends, hm!”

“You will be by the time they get through with you! Now let’s go!” She grabbed me, and started dragging me to the door.

“I’m not going outside naked, yeah!”

“Bet me!”

Oh hell no…