Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Decisions ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Evelynn and sat on the couch in her living room. Evelynn looked incredibly amused. She had just gotten a phone call from Gina. Turns out Sasori was right, and Gina was now in possession of Itachi Uchiha. Another thing that amused Evelynn, and probably Sasori, was Itachi and Deidara would be showing up naked. Sasori had gotten lucky. Evelynn found an old baggy pair of black sweat pants, and a black zip up hoodie in her closet. The sweat pants had been a little to small on Sasori, so she had taken the liberty to go ahead and cut them into shorts, just below his knee. So while he was at least semi-comfortable, they only assume the other two would probably lose their dignity. This delighted the red-heads to no end.

Evelynn jumped up and ran to the door as soon as she heard the knock. She was surprised to see, instead of a shocked Gina, a hysterical Audrey.

“E-Evvvviiiiieeee!” Audrey wailed, and threw herself into Evelynn’s arms. “I-I went to give Dash a b-bath. Only D-Dash wasn’t really a kitten. An-And it turns out he’s a ninja w-with a jutsu on him, a-and…”

“Shh, it’s okay.” Evelynn tried to soothe the shaken up brunette.

“He was naked!” Audrey cried

“How horrible of him.”

Audrey looked up at the sound of a new voice. She sniffled and looked at Evelynn for an explanation.

“His name is Sasori. He works with Deidara in an organization called ‘Akatsuki.’ He had the same jutsu placed on him.” Evelynn explained. Audrey just nodded, and Evelynn led her inside. Deidara followed, only to get whacked upside the head by Sasori.

“What did you do to her, brat?!”

“Nothing, un! The minute she saw me she started wailing!”

“Hn.” The two men turned to see Itachi standing in the doorway. Just a little behind him was Gina, who looked rather flustered.

“Everyone come might as well come on in!” Evelynn yelled to them, still trying to calm down Audrey. “And close the door!”

Everyone did as they were told. Gina quickly stepped around the three men, and took a seat o Audrey’s left side, Evelynn was on the right. The three ninja stood in front of the girls. Finally, after getting Audrey completely calm, Evelynn looked up. A Cheshire cat grin was plastered on her face.

“So…” She drawled, eying the three men who stood in her living room. This was, if nothing else, fairly entertaining to her. Gina seemed to have finally composed herself, and she looked more bored than anything else. Audrey, as we all know, was completely traumatized.

“So what, hm?!” Deidara snapped. Once again, Sasori whacked him over the back of the head. (Shinatina comment: McGee slap: couldn’t resist sorry)

“Have a little respect, brat. These girls have been caring for us, haven’t they?” Sasori hissed. Deidara grumbled, but remained silent. There was another awkward pause. Itachi seemed to be studying the three girls intently. The Uchiha turned to Gina.

“The first night we were here I saw you watching on the television something that pertained the Kyuubi container…?”

“Oh, right. Here, in our world you guys are just a manga/anime, called ‘Naruto.’ That’s the show I was watching.” Gina explained simply.

“I see, and how much information can you access from this television show?”

“Just about anything. Though some things seem to be wrong,” Gina mused. “In the Manga/Anime, Sasori turned himself into a puppet.”

“Tch, not possible, or I would have.” The puppet master muttered. The Uchiha just glanced at him, the back at Gina.

“We would like your permission to stay here, until we can find a way to our world again…” At this point Evelynn jumped up, taking Audrey with her.

“We have to discuss this first!” She snapped at Itachi, who looked less than please with her tone.

On that note, she dragged Audrey to her room. Gina followed close behind them, throwing Itachi an apologetic glace. Once they all entered Evelynn’s room Gina shut the door, and locked it, to be sure. They sat on the bed in a circle/triangle. Evelynn leaning against the headboard, Audrey near the foot of the bed, and Gina sat cross-legged right of the center.

“So…” Evelynn drawled, again.

“I don’t see why we can’t let them stay with us, at least until they find a way home.” Gina stated.

“I can see why!” Audrey cried. “They’re men! Probably horny men who want to make us impure!”

Evelynn and Gina looked at her like she’d finally lost her mind.

“I don’t think that’s the case, Audrey dear.” Gina reassured her. The brunette didn’t look convinced.

“Well, I don’t mind letting them stay. It might be slightly inconvenient, but I’m sure I can manage.” Evelynn said thoughtfully. Audrey looked unsure between the two girls but nodded.

“Well if you guys are ok with it… I’m okay with it.”

“Who’s hose are they going to stay at?” Gina inquired.


“Uh, with whoever adopted them when they were a kitten?”

“Evelynn,” The blonde started. “For them to figure out how to get home, they’ll probably need to be together most of the time.”

“Hm…” Evelynn tapped her chin and frowned, glancing down at her bed sheets. Slowly, a smile started to form. “Why don’t we all just get a place together?”

Audrey and Gina looked at their friend skeptically. Evelynn just smirked. Slowly, Gina started to nod first.

“Sure… That couldn’t be too bad right?” Gina and Evelynn turned to Audrey. She looked uncertainly at them for a moment, but finally nodded as well.

“Yeah, sure.”

The girls got up from the bed, and made their way into the living room, where they would tell the boys their decision. As they opened the door they saw a blonde missing nin standing there sheepishly. After an awkward silence, Evelynn suddenly punched him in the face, and the girls made their way to the living room. Deidara swearing at the top of his lungs.