Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ The bakery ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Audrey sighed as her alarm went off. Sitting up, she hit the ‘off’ button, and got up to get ready for her day. She was lucky, she supposed. After all, she lived right above her job. So if Deidara needed anything, all he needed to do was come downstairs. This made Audrey smile. She had grown fond of the blonde man in the few days he had been around. Not only was he very considerate, which she found surprising since he was supposed to be an S-ranked ninja criminal, he was also very handsome. If Audrey did say so herself.

The brunette walked into her kitchen, getting ready to make breakfast. Deidara was still fast asleep on the couch. Not that she could blame him. It was 4:30am, after all. Ah, yes. Audrey always had to get up extra early on the days she worked. The shop opened at 7am, sharp. Which means she had to be there by six. Usually, she would wake up at five, but seeing as how she had to make breakfast for two people, now… Well she really didn’t mind.

Deidara woke up to the smell of cooking. Oh, how he liked that smell. He sat up to see the little brunette he lived with busy at the stove. He almost laughed to himself. Deidara, bomb-terrorist, S-ranked missing-nin, part of an evil organization called the Akatsuki… Enjoyed waking up to the smell of a little blue-eyed, brunette woman’s cooking. He half-heartedly wondered what his parents would think.

“Good morning.” Audrey jumped at the sound of a voice behind her.

“Ah! Uh, oh! Good morning,” She smiled.

“What’s that?” The bomber peered over her shoulder at what she was making.

“It’s an egg and cheese omelet! It’s good!” She assured.

She quickly slid his omelet onto a plate, and handed it to him with a fork. She waited eagerly while he took a bite. Slowly he nodded, and smiled at her in appreciation. Audrey, looking incredibly pleased, turned to fix her own omelet. Deidara took the rest of his to the table, and watched her while he ate, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. Suddenly, the sound of Audrey humming reached his ears. He almost smiled. Yeah, he could get used to this.

-Time Skip-

Currently, Audrey was running a brush through her short hair, explaining to Deidara that if he needed anything all he had to do was go down stairs, and go through the second door on the porch of her house. She explained to him that it was the bakery she worked at, and that the elderly couple who owned the bakery she worked at, and that the elderly couple who owned it had allowed her to stay in the apartment above. Deidara nodded, assured her he would be okay, and Audrey made her way down to the bakery. It was six in the morning, so she had an hour to get everything set up. Not that it was a problem, Audrey could get the morning pastry’s done in half an hour.

Opening the door to the bakery, she let out a cheery, ‘Good morning!’ Not that anyone was there. The owners usually didn’t stop by until after lunch. Quickly, Audrey threw on the apron that read, ‘Irene’s Bakery.’ The name made Audrey smile. The original owner, Mr. Ted Johnson, had bought the place for his lover, Irene. He had been trying to get her to marry him, and when he learned she liked to bake, he bought the bakery. Needless to say, Irene became Mrs. Johnson, and the two have lived happily together for forty years.

Pushing the thoughts of romance from her mind, Audrey got everything set up. In the mornings she made cheese danish’s, doughnuts, and muffins. After there were plenty made she would work on cupcakes, small cakes, regular cakes, cookies of all kinds, and other little sweets that were on the menu. In the mornings, they also had to make sure coffee was brewed. That idea came from Evelynn, who was rushing to work one morning, and stopped in to see if they had coffee. The owners considered it, and decided that it would be a good investment. It was.

Currently, the breakfast pastries were in the oven. They only had to cook for thirty minutes, then she could throw another batch in. They would be done right on time. In the mean time, she got the coffee brewed, and got the batter ready for the other cakes and treats she would make later.

-Time Skip-

It was Seven-thirty, and Audrey was pouring a cup of coffee. She knew, any minute now, Evelynn would come flying through the door. She would throw money on the counter, grab the coffee and a pastry, then fly out the door. Audrey supposed, with a giggle, that it was of the perks her working in a bakery. Right on time. Evelynn’s car screeched to a halt in a parking space in front of the shop. The red-headed woman flew into the shop.

“I need two cups of coffee, Audrey!” Evelynn wailed.

“Evelynn…” Audrey paused. “What’s wrong?”

The redhead pointed in the direction of her car. Sitting in the passenger seat was a very agitated looking Sasori.


She poured an extra cup of coffee, put them in a drink carrier for her friend, and watched as she flew back out the door, stopped to grab two doughnuts. Audrey couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the two red-heads bicker in the car, and Evelynn threw Sasori’s doughnut at him. Still laughing, the brunette turned to the next customer. “How can I help you?”

-Time Skip-

Deidara glanced at the clock. It was one in the afternoon. Audrey had taught him how to use the remote, so he could watch t.v. or watch a movie. He was growing bored. It aggravated him that he couldn’t make art right now. Apparently, it would freak people out. The blonde sighed, and pulled himself off the couch. Maybe he could visit Audrey? Yeah. She did say he could come down to her if he needed her. He smirked, but then quickly brushed the perverse thought away. Audrey wasn’t like that. Which was another thing he could appreciate, hm.

Audrey was currently rushing around; Handing out cupcakes, ringing up an order, taking a cake order on the phone, and keeping an eye on the cookies that were in the oven. At the same time. Deidara blinked. He heard of multitasking, but this was something else on a whole new level. Not only was she doing all these things, she was doing them with a smile. That really blew Deidara’s mind. Audrey caught sight of him and waved. He half-heartedly waved back, and decided to lean against part of the counter out of the way.

“Afternoon rush!” The brunette explained to him.

“Do you, uh, need any help?”

“You could get those cookies out of the oven! There’s an oven mitt on the counter next to it.”

Deidara nodded, cautiously coming behind the counter. He didn’t exactly fit in to the description of a bakery worker. Once again he glanced at Audrey, who was currently ringing up a new order, and writing an order that was place on the phone. Deidara looked around, and grabbed the oven mitt. Oh, Jesus Christ. It was pink! He groaned, but put it on, and pulled the cookies out of the oven. There could be giggling heard behind him, and when he turned he saw a group of girls, who couldn’t be older than sixteen, giggling at him. He was about to make a snarky remark, until he felt a hand on his arm.

“Thank you, Deidara.” Audrey smiled up at him.

“Uh,” he looked down at her. No problem, hm.”

That smile was going to be the death of him.