Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Shopping ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

-Major time skip. It's Friday now, because I don't feel like writing a whole bunch of boring nonsense.-

It was Friday. The three girls had requested to be let off early, and they were all granted the permission. So, it was currently five in the evening, and they were driving to the mall. Why? You ask. Because there were three missing-nin living with them. They needed clothes. Autumn would be coming up in a few months, and it would start to get chilly. Then, the doom that every calls "winter" would fall on them.

'Man, fuck winter.' Evelynn thought bitterly. It was, without a doubt, the worst season of them all. Her favorite was summer. Warmth. Evelynn loved warmth. Sighing, she pulled into a parking space.

"What's the sigh for?" The red-headed man in the passenger seat inquired.

Akasuna no Sasori. Evelynn had taken it upon herself to just call him Sasori Akasuna. At first, it agitated him. After a week of listening to her shout it at him every time she got mad, though.. Well, he got used to it. To be completely honest, the two got along fine. It's just they were both easily agitated, and Evelynn had a very, very short temper. So, arguments were a common thing. It never seemed to go too far though, and the two seemed very comfortable with their friendship.

"Ah, nothing. Just in a few months it'll be winter. Then we'll have to deal with cold, and snow, and ice, and wind, and any kind of combination of the four."

"Winter..?" It didn't sound that great to Sasori, either.

The two got out of the car, and made their way into the mall. Sasori remember coming here as a kitten a little over a week ago. He never got the chance to go inside. Admittedly, the place was huge. There were tons of people there, as well. Evelynn told him there were even more people around Saturday and Sunday. Sasori was glad they came today. The two red-heads met up with their companions in front of a shoe store.

"We figured we could start from the feet and work our way up." Gina grinned. This got a chuckle out of Evelynn, and everyone watched as Audrey grabbed Deidara and practically dragged him into the store. Evelynn and Gina shared a look. They'd have to have a girls night soon, and figure out just what was going on between those two. Itachi and Sasori shared a look as well. Only it was more of a, "I-wonder-which-one-will-fall-prey-to-these-women-next" look.

A bit more slowly, the others followed Audrey and Deidara. The guys tried on a few different pairs of shoes. Deidara deciding on a pair of plain black vans, Itachi seems to favour the black and white Nike's, and Sasori(much to Evelynn's approval) got a pair of high-top converse. The girls also made sure to buy them some plain black men's snow boots.

Next they headed off to the closest clothing store. The girls rolled their eyes. Hot topic. Great. Entering the store Sasori immediately took to the skinny jeans. He got two pairs of plain black ones, and(more or less to impress Evelynn, since he saw her wearing some once) he got one pair that were ripped up at the knees. Deidara, seeing how well that fit Sasori, decided to grab one pair himself. Itachi down right refused. While they were their, Audrey made sure to grab a pair of leather, fingerless gloves.

"For the mouths on your hands." She had whispered to Deidara. Who agreed it might be a good idea.

Next they walked into Khol's. Itachi seemed to appreciate the store. Something about it being more modest. He invested in three pairs of dark fitted jeans, and one pair of black dress pants. Here, all the guys got t-shirts. Itachi got two black, one white, and one red. Sasori got three red, which were of darker shades than Itachi's, and two black. Deidara got one black, one white, and the rest blue. Itachi also insisted on buying two black button-up dress shirts. Reluctantly, the other two agreed. Though Sasori and Deidara were more pulled towards the flannels. After a short argument, Sasori got one black and red flannel and one plain black, and Deidara got a blue and black flannel and one plain white. To spite Itachi, more than likely.

While the men were bickering over what they were going to buy, the girls were browsing through their own section.

"Evelynn, try this on!" Audrey squealed. Evelynn looked over. It was a red and black plaid summer dress that stopped just above the knees, spaghetti straps, and had a v-neck.


"Awh, come on!" Audrey cried. "You'd look like a little doll!"

At the word 'doll' Sasori looked over. He nudged the other two boys, and all three watched in amusement as Audrey and Gina, who had agreed the dress would look adorable on Evelynn, tried to shove the poor red-headed girl into a dressing room.

"Relax, Evelynn. We're only asking you try it on." Gina tried to reason. Evelynn shook her head.

"You don't have to buy it!" Audrey added. "Just try it on."

Grumbling, Evelynn snatched the dress, and slammed the door to the changing room. This received a couple glares from nearby employees. After a couple minutes Evelynn emerged. They had been right. The dress looked good on her. What would she ever wear it to, though?! She crossed her arms as she stepped out.

"There are you happy?!"

Once again, at the sound of Evelynn's sharp voice, the boys turned to the girls. Sasori almost dropped everything he was holding. She looked stunning. The red and black dress brought out the color of her hair, which in turned made her skin seem to glow a little warmer. Even with the scowl she held on her face she looked cute. All Sasori could think about was showing her off. Itachi saw the look on his face, and rolled his eyes. Well, I guess we found out who the next victim was. Slowly, Sasori walked over. Evelynn caught sight of him and glared.

"If you say one thing Sasori Akasu-"

"You look good." He cut her off. She blinked.


"You. Look. Good." He stated again. Evelynn flushed.

"Well.. Thanks." With that she went back into the dressing to throw on her ripped up black skinny jeans and turquoise tank top. Maybe she would buy the dress.

-Time Skip!-

It was now nearing 8pm. Along with the things they had bought from Khol's the boy also bought winter coats and fall jackets. Sasori's coat was a fitted brown/red type. Itachi and Deidara both got plain black coats, though Deidara's was made of leather-like material. Apparently, none of them were fond of bulky coats. Not that the girls could blame them. Their autumn jackets were very similar. Deidara's was black, but was slightly baggy on him. Itachi's was black and form fitting. Sasori's was a deep red, and (similar to Itachi's) fitted him well.

Deciding that each had plenty to wear they headed home. Tomorrow was Saturday, and the girls had decided to take the boys to an amusement park. Oh, what kind of fun would this bring?