Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Enter, Adrian! ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The girls were dressed in their Santa dresses. They had put on white thigh-high socks(that Audrey forced them in), and were wearing their winter coats. Everyone was piled into Audrey's car. Why? You ask. Well, it was one-thirty in the afternoon. Audrey had finished the ham, and had made four dozen sugar-cookie-men. Why? You ask again. Well, Audrey had taken it upon herself that they volunteer to read Christmas stories to orphaned kids. Deidara had tried to talk her out of it. Audrey had promptly started crying and calling him heartless. Evelynn at thrown a phone-book at Deidara's head for making Audrey cry. Deidara then agreed it was a good idea. Gina calmed Audrey down.. And now they were on their way to an orphanage. Not that Evelynn could blame Deidara for not wanting to go. The idea was silly to her all the same. Everyone except Audrey and Deidara(he was worried she might cry again) sighed as they pulled into the orphanage. It was one-forty five.

"Oh, we're early! Oh, well, maybe we'll have time to read them an extra story!" Audrey chirped. She seemed oblivious to the groans that came from around her.

Now, don't get anyone wrong. There was nothing wrong with spreading a little joy to orphaned kids. In fact, if Audrey had told them about it earlier, and not five minutes before they headed out the door, everyone probably would have been talking excitedly about it. Evelynn, on the other hand, was not too fond of the idea. She had spent four years in an orphanage, before getting tossed around from foster home to foster home. Which means coming to an orphanage was bringing up old memories she'd really rather not deal with. She hadn't been abused or anything, no. It was just the fact that she would understand how these kids felt. No families. No real love. No place to actually call "home." It left a bitter taste in her mouth. Sighing, she pushed the thoughts a side as hey piled out of the car, and marched into the double doors of the place.

They were instantly greeted by a woman, Jane, who explained to them that it was playtime right now, and the kids were outside playing in the snow. In about ten minutes it would be story time, and that's when they would separate into groups, and read two stories to each group. Audrey was ecstatic, and handed over three plates of cookies to Jane. Apparently, the orphanage was small, and only held about thirty kids. Lucky Audrey brought three dozen cookies.

Jane then separated the companions. Audrey and Deidara were taken to what looked like a playroom. Gina and Itachi were led into a living-room type room, complete with fireplace and Christmas tree. Evelynn and Sasori were led to what they assumed was a school room. Judging by the desks, chalkboard, and teacher's desk.

"There will be ten kids to a group." Jane explained. ('Like we couldn't figure that out,' Sasori had muttered to Evelynn.') "Story times will last thirty minutes, and then you're free to go."

-With Gina and Itachi!-

Gina shifted uncomfortable on the couch. The room was nice. The fireplace was ablaze, the Christmas tree was sparkling with lights, and there were stockings hung around the room. Still, Gina felt very uncomfortable.

"Is something wrong?" Itachi inquired, looking over at his fiance.

"Er, I'm not that good with kids.." Gina started. She was cut short when a lady, who was not Jane, led a group of ten kids into the room. The lady set them up around the floor on the carpet in a half-circle, gave them each a cookie, and told them to behave while the 'lovely couple' read them some stories.
Gina looked around. The kids looked to be from ages two to age six.

'That's right. Evelynn mentioned something about that.' Gina thought, 'Something about they were able to stay at the orphanage until they started kindergarten, then they to be placed in homes.' The blonde shook her head.

Itachi stole a glance at her, and then handed her one of the children's Christmas books. 'The Grinch who stole Christmas.'

'It could be worse, and at least the kids are behaved,' Gina mused to herself, and began to read. The children listened intently. Apparently, they really enjoyed story time.

-With Evelynn and Sasori!-

Evelynn had perched herself on top of the desk. Sasori was sitting in a chair beside it.

"You should pull your skirt down, " he said in a bored tone. His girlfriend glared at him. She was not very happy to end up in a place where she had started off. Before the red-head could retort, the door opened. Evelynn adjusted her dress to a more appropriate length.

"Now children," Jane started. "These two nice people are going to read you a could Christmas tales. Isn't that exciting! You need to be on your best behavior, and no giving them a hard time. That means you, Adrian!"

A little boy, no older than four, looked up and gave the woman a glare. He was a cute kid. Black as night hair, and stunning green eyes. Evelynn almost laughed at loud at the glare he gave Jane. It was one that could rival her own.

"I ain't gonna 'cause no trouble." Adrian spoke in a small voice. Ah, a shy trouble maker. Jane seemed pleased with the answer, and handed out cookies to the children. She then instructed they sit at a desk. Slowly, they all filled in the seats. Evelynn frowned, and she and Sasori shared a glance. Adrian sat in the back. Alone.

"Well," Evelynn started. The children looked at her excitingly. "I'm Evelynn, and this idiot next to me is Sasori."

"Evelynn.." Sasori warned, looking up and glaring at her. The woman rolled her eyes.

"Anyways! We need a helper. So, who's going to volunteer?"

All the kids raised their hands, except Adrian. This did not go unnoticed by Evelynn.

"Hm.. How about you! In the back. Adrian, right?" Evelynn pointed to the black haired boy. He looked at her startled. "Well, come on!"

Slowly, the young boy approached her. Evelynn looked down at him from her seat on the desk.

"How old are you?" She asked gently.

"Three. I'll be four next week." The boy responded quietly.

In a swift movement Evelynn scooped the boy into her lap, and gestured for Sasori to hand her a book. 'A Christmas Carol.'

"Here's the deal Adrian," Evelynn started. "I'm going to be the narrator, and you're going to be the voices when people talk, okay?"

"Okay." Adrian looked up at her, shocked. Sasori looked amused, and took a place beside Evelynn on the desk. With a final smile at Adrian, Evelynn started to read. As it turned out, Adrian was very good at his role.

-Audrey and Deidara!-

Audrey was practically quivering with excitement. She loved to do good things, and she was sure this was her best idea yet. Deidara was not as enthusiastic. He was leaning against a wall near a toy chest, waiting to get this over with. Soon a lady, who they learned was named Lucy, entered with the children. She explained to the kids who the two were, and that they would be their story tellers for today. The kids were instructed to sit down, and then they were each given a cookie. Once Lucy left, Audrey took over.

"Hello, children! My name is Audrey, and this is Deidara!" She gestured toward the blonde, who gave an awkward wave. "So, are you guys excited for story time?!"

"What if we want to play instead?" Asked a little girl, no older than five.

"Ah, well.. You just got back from playtime." Audrey tried to reason, her smile faltering slightly.

"Yeah, but that was outside! We want to play with the toys now!" A three-year-old boy shouted.

"Uhm, well.. After story time.." Audrey was cut off by a bunch of agreeing from the he other children. Before she even knew what happened the children were all grabbing toys out of the toy chest. Deidara barely managed to jump out of the way.

"Oh no, Deidara!" Audrey cried, grabbing his arm. "What are we going to do?! It's story time!"

"Er, well, Audrey.." Deidara started slowly. "You want to see the kids happy, yeah?"
The brunette nodded.

"Why don't we just let them have their play time, hm?" Deidara looked down at a kid who was holding some play-dough up to him expectantly. Deidara took it, and started to form a bird. Not with the mouths on his hands, of course. They didn't need any children exploding.

"O-okay.." Audrey muttered softly. She then looked down at a little girl who was tugging on her dress.

"You're really pretty." the girl said. "Will you come to me and my friends tea party?"

Audrey blushed. "Of course!"

And that is the story of how, instead of story time, Deidara showed a group of kids how to sculpt birds, and Audrey had a tea party with the sweetest little girls she'd ever met.

Ah, the joys of children.