Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Welcome to the Family ( Chapter 21 )

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It's been a week since Christmas. As soon as they got home Audrey had put the rest of the meal on to cook, and everyone started handing out gifts. Audrey had gotten a pair of earring from Deidara, a scarf from Gina, a book of poetry from Itachi, recipe book from Sasori, and Evelynn had gotten her a pearl necklace. Gina received a necklace and earring set from Itachi, a sculpted heart with her's and Itachi's initials in it from Deidara(she only accepted it when i was assured to her it wouldn't blow up), a new pair of boots from Evelynn, a new hand bag from Audrey, and movie documentary on 'Most memorable women in history' by Sasori. Evelynn received a new black beanie hat from Gina, a fox sculpture from Deidara(he set to work on it when he learned foxes were her favourite animal, again she only accepted it once she was sure it wouldn't explode), a book on musical history from Itachi, a camera from Audrey, and Sasori handed her a wooden carving of two scorpions together muttering, 'don't think too much of it. In reply to Sasori, Evelynn threw a scrap book at him. In there were pictures of all their adventures together up until their birthdays. The men had refused to buy or make anything for each other. Sasori, along with the scrap book, had received a brown/red scarf from Audrey, who had knitted it herself, and a black silver studded belt from Gina. In fact, Audrey had made scarves for Deidara and Itachi too. Deidara's dark blue, and Itachi's black. Deidara also received six pounds of clay from Evelynn. 'Cause a ruckus,' she had said, while grinning. Gina had gotten him a new pair of fingerless gloves. 'So he could have options.'

Evelynn had, jokingly, bought Itachi a package of then had to explain, with a very red face and a glare at Evelynn, what they were used for. This made Sasori and Deidara howl with laughter, and Itachi himself looked somewhat amused. Poor Audrey was mortified. After the condom fiasco Gina shyly handed Itachi his last gift. It was revealed to be a black jacket with the Uchiha symbol sewn on the back. 'In case you missed having it,' Gina had muttered shyly. Itachi swept her into a kiss. Deidara grinned at them, Audrey cooed how adorable they were, Sasori remained neutral, and Evelynn pretended to gag. 'Sissy stuff,' she said.

Now, it was a week after Christmas. Evelynn couldn't get Adrian off her mind. She was currently at work in the photography studio. With no customers she really had nothing to do. So, she was leaning back in a chair at the computer contemplating. The little guy was probably a loner. She could tell that much when he was sitting in the back of the room by himself. The red-headed woman frowned. No one should have to be alone. Especially not at his age. Then it hit her. He said his birthday was this week. Had it passed already? Evelynn's brow furrowed in thought. Maybe she could stop by today. Drop the kid off a gift. Why she would drop him off a gift was beyond her.

'Because he reminds you of yourself when you were that age,' a voice in the back of her head told her. She brushed it away. Ah well, it wouldn't kill her to get him a gift, would it?

-Time skip!-

It was five in the evening. Evelynn was currently pulling into the driveway of the orphanage. She had decided to get Adrian a teddy-bear. Kids like that stuff, right? As she parked, she sighed. She'd probably regret this later. Why in the hell was she getting attached to a kid she barely knew anyways?

'Heh, one of those cliche unexplainable life mysteries,' Evelynn thought to herself as she stepped out of her car.

She walked quickly to the doors, knocked, and waited. After five minutes Jane answered the door. She looked surprised.

"Oh, hello! Weren't you one of those nice people who came to read the kids stories?" Jane asked.

"Uh, yeah. I'm here to see Adrian. His birthday was this week, right?"

"Ah, yes. It was two days ago. Come on in. He's never had anyone interested in adopting him before."

Evelynn froze, but quickly regained her composure, following Jane. Adoption? She didn't say anything about wanting to adopt him! She just said she was here to bring him a birthday gift. She couldn't adopt him! Could she? Shaking her head, she looked around. I was fairly quiet for an orphanage. Not that it was uncommon. The one she had stayed at until she was four was very strict. Jane led her took a room, knocked once, then ushered Evelynn in.

"Adrian, someone's here to see you!" Jane exclaimed. The small boy turned his green eyes up, and when he caught sight of Evelynn a small smile formed on his face.

"You're the girl that read us a 'tory." He stated shyly.

"That's right. I'm Evelynn. Your birthday was two days ago?" Evelynn questioned softly, kneeling down,and hiding the teddy bear behind her back.

Adrian nodded, "I turneded four."

"Wow, you're certainly growing up, aren't you?!" Evelynn cooed. "Well, Adrian, I brought you something."

The boys eyes widened. No one had ever bought him a gift before. Usually the children made each other something for their birthdays, but none of them liked him much. The grown-ups at the orphanage called him a 'trouble-maker.' He didn't know why. He didn't play pranks to hurt people, he had just wanted a little attention. Evelynn revealed to him the teddy-bear. Adrian looked between it and Evelynn. Was she really giving him this. Evelynn encouraged him to take it, and slowly he stretched out his hands.

"Th-thank you," he said shyly, clutching the teddy-bear to his chest.

"You're welcome, Adrian. I have to go now, but I'll be back to see you soon, okay?"

Suddenly, the boy launched himself around her legs, "You promise, big sister Evelynn?!" The small boy wailed.

Evelynn looked down at him, shocked. Big sister, huh? She could live with that.

"I promise, baby Adrian."

Pleased with her answer Adrian sat in the middle of the floor, keeping his teddy-bear clutched to his side as he coloured. He had decided to name it Eskimo, since it was white. Evelynn was impressed with his naming skills. As Evelynn prepared to leave, she turned to Jane.

"So.. What are the requirements to become his legal guardian?"

Jane looked surprised for a moment, then smiled. She explained to Evelynn about the paper work, and that Social Services would check on the child regularly the first six months. There would be a background check on her and all the people who lived with her. Evelynn nodded, asked for the paper work, received it, and left.

Ah, how would the others react to this?

-Time skip!-

"Wait, so you're going to be a mother?" Itachi asked.

"Uh, no. He calls me big sister." Evelynn explained sheepishly. It was two days after she filled out the paper work and sent it in. In a week, the background checks would be done, and Adrian would be coming home with her. She just now told everyone what she did.

"I'm not really surprised," Sasori stated in a bored tone. "The kid basically attached himself to you on day one. This just makes it official."

"What about when we work?" Gina asked. "Who's going to pay for a daycare?"

"I will." Sasori stated before Evelynn could respond. This got him a few surprised glances.

"I think it'll be nice to have a little kid around," Audrey said thoughtfully.

"What if he wrecks the place, hm?" Deidara asked. "It's not like we have money to make a lot of repairs."

"And where is he going to sleep?" Gina inquired.

"In my room, of course." Evelynn snapped. It was rather aggravating that the only one's who seemed to support this decision were Audrey and Sasori.

"Will the children's services allow that?" Itachi asked. The shinobi weren't still entirely sure how the systems worked in this world.

"I don't see why not, since I'll be his guardian. At least until he's a little older, and needs his own room. He is only four after all."

"Well, I think we should support Evelynn. After all, she's always supported us. Even is she was a little.. off in that support." Audrey stated.

Gina couldn't argue that fact. Evelynn had, though some times grudgingly, always supported them no matter what they did. Then again, none of them had ever adopted a kid. Wasn't that a bit drastic. The blonde studied her friend, and then it hit her. Of course! Little Adrian probably reminded Evelynn of herself when she was his age. When her mother handed her over to the adoption agency, they had immediately sent her to an orphanage. She stayed there until she was four. She had been a prankster, and often got herself in trouble. Unable to deal with it, they had sent her to a foster home when she was four. From then on she never stayed at a place longer than a year. Heh, it was no wonder she wanted a kid.

"Well," Gina paused. "Alright. I mean, it's not like it'll kill us."

Deidara groaned. Great. Well, welcome to the family Adrian Crevan.

A/N; (1) Since Evelynn will be his official guardian he now has the last name 'Crevan,' as that is her last name. Just in case you were wondering why he magically has the same last name as Evelynn.