Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ The Family Grows ( Chapter 23 )

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It was now eight in the evening. Audrey had been ecstatic to see Shoto, who had been traveling across Europe with another friend of hers. Eventually she got bored, and she moved back to the United States. She had been friends with the girls for about three years now. how she met them was rather.. Odd.

Shoto was a fairly cool person. Not rude or anything, she just didn't take shit from anyone. Evelynn, as we all know, can be rather eccentric.


Evelynn, Gina, and Audrey had decided to take a trip to the mall. Some band was there that Audrey liked, and she wanted a poster signed. As it turned out, Shoto liked the same band. In that fateful moment, the four had reached the line at the same time. Evelynn insisted they were their first. Shoto did not agree. The next thing anyone knew the two were rolling around on the ground, punching and kicking each other. Some time in the fight, Evelynn started howling with laughter. Shoto stopped fighting her, and looked at the red-head like she was insane.

"I might have a mean left hook," Evelynn chuckled. "But you got quite a right uppercut."

The red-head grinned at the black-haired girl. The black-haired girl just blinked and looked at her. Was this girl serious?

"She's serious," Gina has stated. Looking at the expression on Shoto's face.

Evelynn stood, and held a hand out to Shoto, "I'm Evelynn Crevan."

"Shoto." The girl took Evelynn's hand, and the red-head helped her up.

"I'm Audrey!" The brunette with them stated, grinning at Shoto.

"Gina." The blonde stated simply.

"So, who the fuck goes to the mall alone?" Evelynn asked, turning to Shoto.

"I just moved here, I don't have any friends yet." She explained.

"Oh, well, then you're our friend now." Evelynn stated simply.

Shoto blinked and turned to Gina and Audrey. Gina just shrugged, and Audrey grinned and nodded. Hm, maybe they weren't so bad.

-End Flashback!-

Everyone was now gathered in the living-room. Gina and Audrey were asking Shoto about her travels, Evelynn was sitting cross-legged on the floor with Adrian in her lap. Sasori was sitting behind her in an arm chair. Deidara, Gina, and Shoto were on the sofa. Itachi sitting on the arm of the sofa next to Gina, and Audrey was in Deidara's lap. They had updated her on everything that was happening with them, and she was just finishing her explanation of her travels. Suddenly, Evelynn stood up, placing Adrian in Sasori's lap.

"Hey, Shoto, can I see that, er, kitten?"

Shoto nodded slowly, she looked confused for a moment, but regained her normally calm look within a second. Evelynn grabbed the kitten, and held it in front of Gina.

"Look familiar?" The red-head drawled. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. Gina frowned, but studied the cat to appease her friend. Suddenly, a look of realization dawned on her. This cat looked very similar to how Itachi looked when he was a kitten. Almost as if on cue, the black kitten caught sight of Itachi and hissed in agitation.

Oh shit.

"What's going on?" Shoto asked coolly.

"Well, remember how we explained that these guys were kittens at first?" Evelynn asked, turning to Shoto. The black haired girl nodded. "Well, this one looks very similar to how Itachi looked when he was a kitten."

Everyone blinked, looked at each other, and then they all started scrambling over each other trying to get to the bathroom. Sasori had grabbed Adrian and brought him with them, Shoto was looking rather perplexed as Audrey turned the water in the bathtub on. Evelynn had the kitten they assumed was Sasuke in her hands. Deidara looked amused, Itachi looked troubled, and Gina was trying to comfort him.

Once the tub was filled up 1/4 of the way Audrey turned the water off and stepped away from the tub. Itachi had decided he would stay farthest from the tub, in case the kitten was Sasuke. Shoto had taken it upon herself to snatch the could-be-Sasuke-kitten from Evelynn. It was her kitten after all. Gina stayed back with Itachi, and Sasori, Evelynn, and Adrian stood around the toilet. (Well, Adrian was actually standing on the toilet.) Hesitantly, Shoto eased the black kitten into the water. Everyone held their breath.

"Well, that was dramatic." Shoto stated dryly. Turning away from the tub to scold Evelynn. Suddenly there was a 'poof,' and the bathtub filled with smoke. When the smoke cleared, there stood Sasuke Uchiha.

Shoto's eyes widened slightly, Deidara was contemplating if he should blow the younger Uchiha up, Itachi looked distraught, Gina was trying to comfort him, Evelynn looked like she might die of laughter any second, Audrey was wearily eying Deidara, Adrian was looking around confused, and Sasori was getting ready to scold Evelynn for laughing at the situation.

"Why is the man naked?" Adrian's innocent voice floated to their ears.

Suddenly everyone turned to Sasuke, who was indeed naked.

Evelynn started howling with laughter.

"Hey, Gina! Who's bigger?! Itachi or Sasuke?!"

Evelynn had to dodge the blonde's phone that was aimed rather well at her head.

-Time skip!-

As it turned out, Deidara was closest to Sasuke's size. Therefore he had to lend the Uchiha some clothes. Not that Deidara really minded anymore. Audrey had convinced him to let his grudge go, since the only reason he didn't like Sasuke was because of Itachi, and Itachi and him were friends now. Deidara could see the logic in it, and decided to lend the Uchiha some clothes. It took about half an hour to convince Sasuke not to try and kill Itachi. It then took another hour for Itachi to explain why he had really done what he did. Now, two hours later they were once again in the living room.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Gina asked wearily.

"Might as well let them stay here." Evelynn stated. She was currently sitting in the arm chair, holding a sleeping Adrian. It was well past his bedtime, anyways.

"Where are they going to sleep?" Sasori asked.

"Eh, you'll just move into my room, and let them have yours."

"Like hell I'm sharing a room with you."

"Are we dating or not? You act like it's a big deal."

"Oh, right. I forgot."

"You forgot we were dating?"



"Ahem," Shoto cleared her throat. "That only makes one extra room. There are two of us."

"So you and Sasuke can share a room." Evelynn stated, as if it were obvious.

"That's not very proper." Shoto stated dryly, a slight blush across her cheeks.

"Well, what do you say Sasuke. Mind sharing a room with the black haired beauty?" Evelynn turned to the younger Uchiha, and Shoto opened her mouth to protest.

"I don't care." Sasuke stated smoothly. Ah, that Uchiha charm.

"It's settled then! Now, I have to get Adrian to bed. Come on Sasori." Evelynn demanded.

The red-haired man rolled his eyes, but followed nonetheless. Slowly the rest of them retired, and Shoto and Sasuke eventually had to go to their room.

"You can have the bed. I'll sleep on the floor." Sasuke said as they were getting ready for bed. Shoto just nodded.

Ah, what other wonderful surprised would await our wonderful friends?