Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ He was out of the frying pan and into the fire ❯ Spring, the season of life ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

~He was thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire.~
By: Demonitachi
Disclaimer: I do not own nor have the authorities of any products or character's of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is owned by GAINAX, and I'm a really poor person so please don't sue me…
Rating: T
A/N: This is my First Evangelion Fiction so please bear with my mistakes. This idea pop's into my mind while I'm listening to Suiten Fur Violoncello and it keeps bugging into my mind so I think one day “hey why just give it a shot”
I'm also hoping to improve my writing skills coz frankly I'm not a native English speaker. Well that's all I can think as of now.
Phase 1: Spring, The Season of Life.
The Flowers were at bloom, Cherry Blossom's leaves are falling smoothly from its tree,
Cold breeze are breezing softly in the streets of a flourishing yet still tarnished city of Tokyo-3. Because of the recent catastrophe that's so called “Third Impact” that happens two years ago, almost half of the terrain of Tokyo 3 was erased from the map. The region where first two of the many survivors that have been woken up in the Instrumentality was seen became a sanctuary and remembrance to the people's of the whole world, reminding them from their mistakes in the past. By this year, almost all of the people that were sent to the moon-like shelter of Lilum came back from the sea of LCL. Its feel's like everything's back to normal.
“Shiest! Look at what you've done dummkopf! Were gonna be late for class!” shouts a certain red haired german girl while relentlessly running like there's no tomorrow.
“I-I can't help it! I had to do my homework and dinner yesterday!” retorted by the brown haired boy who was constantly reaching for his breath.
Yes, everything's back to normal. It's been more or less the usual routine of the two ex-pilots for almost two years since they were removed from the job of piloting evangelions. Since their previous home was destroyed because of the third impact, they moved to another apartment near Tokyo-2. it was almost similar to misato's apartment; Three rooms for each and everyone of them, a fridge for their unusual warm-watered penguin known as pen pen and a balcony that has a stunning scenery of Tokyo-2.
Asuka annoyingly looked back to the dead beat boy. “oh, Shut up! Were almost there so hurry up Idiot!”
The verbal assault of asuka towards shinji isn't doing much affect to the ex-pilot of unit 01. A day cannot pass by without a scorn or two among the two. Living with the girl for almost 3 years make him numb to those verbal insults.
“W-Wait up Asuka!” Shinji replied trying to speed up a little so that he can keep up with asuka. He glanced up in her demeanor sneakly. `She had grown up physical and also mentally in the past two years' the brown haired boy enticingly thought. Examining her from top to bottom while sprinting gleefully tying to catch up their history Asuka had grown up in the past two years. Her height gradually increases for about 5 centimeters She kept her trademark hairstyle, no one dared to copy her hairstyle cause of her intimidating attitude.
Of course every boy in school is infatuated in her except the “three stooges”
But surprisingly no one even dared to make a move at her nor even talk to her casually except shinji and sometimes the other stooges. Almost everyone at school is intimidated by her grace that certainly lived up to her title as “The Devil”
Because of the sudden lost of thought, Shinji hasn't seen the Pole that's blocking his way and causing him to crashed into it. He was thrown down to the floor because of the impact
The brown haired boy quickly touch his face, inspecting it for some damage.
Asuka suddenly stopped from her sprint to check up on shinji
“Thats is what's gonna happen to you if you doesn't look on the way baka!” The german girl playfully tease.
“Cut me some slack! Asuka I've learn my lesson okay” The ex-pilot grab his bag that was thrown off the collision. He tried to stand up but it seems he sprained his ankle
`Oh great, just what I need…' Shinji grumpily thought as he falls back to the ground.
“Here…” asuka offered her hand so that shinji can stand up. She didn't look at him so that she can hide her embarrassment.
“T-thanks asuka…” Shinji slowly clutch asuka's hand so that he can stand up.
“Hey, were gonna be late at school if you didn't stand up there Baka!” Asuka quickly explained so that the boy didn't get any idea's that she being soft to him. But shinji knows better that it's just the way how the girl shows that she's concerned for him.
He gracefully smiled to her showing that he appreciated the help that caused asuka to blush even more.
“Come'on dummkopf were already late for class” She broke the hold while intently leading the way but surprisingly she's not running anymore.
“Thank you asuka” Shinji softly said. Trying to walk normally so that asuka would not notice his sprained ankle.
“Whatever...” She glanced back to Shinji, examining him if he's truly alright.
`you owe me big time for this baka' Asuka thought as she continues to observe him.
Shiniji also reach his spurt growth. Now he's much taller than asuka by a little. He also got his bangs hair quite long that pulled down to his eyes. Amusingly he almost look like his father in his early ages….and hasn't got a facial hair. But he's timid as always although now he got his`fan-girls' in school. Just thinking about it makes asuka annoyed.
“Are you jealous?” a sudden voice asked asuka in her inner mind.
This startled the german girl. “M-Me, Jealous? Hah! I'll only feel that if hell freezes over!” she swiftly respond.
“then what are you fuming about?” the inner voice asked again.
“What am I fuming about!? I'm pissed off because were already late for the first class!”
“oh really?”
A boys' voice suddenly interrupts asuka from her argument in her mind.
“errr, what are you doing standing there asuka?” asked shinji. She didn't realize that they finally arrive at school. She looked at him with irritated glare that makes shinji uneasy. `what's up with her? Back then she's nice then after a moment she's back again to her grumpy mood'
Asuka just passed shinji upon entering the door to school. She even didn't look at the boy as she passed it. She just closed her eyes.
“A-asuka are you alright?” Shinji hastily asked but the only respond that he received is a `hmph' by the grumpy german girl.
Shinji sighed. As he heard asuka saying to him “Come'on BAKA! Were already late for history class!”
He gradually stared to walk again, he'd given up knowing why she suddenly became mad.
Shinji deeply sighed again as he draws closer to their classroom.
“I really don't understand women….”
To be Continued…