Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ He was out of the frying pan and into the fire ❯ Stages of love ( Chapter 2 )

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~He was thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire~
By: Demonitachi
Summary: Shinji lived with Asuka for almost 3 years but he still can't figure out the girl.
He wants to know her better but doesn't know how to. Who will he seek advice?
Will he be the one who finally broke asuka's inner walls of Jericho? Or will he be just like the others who tired their best knowing German girl and failed miserably? Or will asuka give shinji even more trouble and problems? Find out!
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Rating: T
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Phase 3: Stages of Love
It was the middle of the day; the sun is shining brightly across the blue sky. The bell that indicates the lunch break on the newly created Municipal High-School in Tokyo-3 had rung. Hordes of Students rushed along the corridors of school to eat their lunches with their friends and peers.
Giggles and Gossips can be heard across a group of trendy girls walking along the busy hallways while Jokes and laughter can also be heard on a crowd that is composed mostly of boys on the other side of the hall and when you look thru the windows, you can see a pair of young couples enjoying their lunches on the shade of a really huge cherry blossom tree. Some of the student goes to the cafeteria to buy their lunches but mostly, everyone had brought their bento box along with them. It was more convenient anyway.
Back at class 3-A, Shinji grabbed his bento box so that he can to eat with Touji and Kensuke but a certain red-haired german girl blocks his way.
“Look at what your clumsiness had done THIRD! Now we both have to do the cleaning duty this afternoon for the whole week!” The enraged Asuka bleat as she slams her hand on the desk of shinji. Her fiercely glare send shivers thru shinji's body as he looked into it.
Everyone that was still in the room looked at the `newlyweds' bicker, even the blue haired ex-pilot Rei Ayanami that seems to have no concern about the world around her glance at the two as asuka chew Shinji's head off.
She was also one of the survivors of the third impact. She just comes out of the Sea of LCL one day and was found by Shinji along the coastline when he visited the remembrance of third impact. No one knows how she survived third impact but everyone that knows her was glad that she did. Some says it's because Shinji goes to the sea of LCL everyday and wish that she eventually came back to reality. And for that Rei became rather close to Shinji in a sisterly way. Of course she didn't show it on public.
She cared for him as much as he cared for her. Rei also moved to the condominium where Misato and the other ex-pilot lived. In fact the apartment next to misato's is her. Having her work on NERV in the past, gives Rei a presentable pension every month.
Shinji noticed that rei was looking at them from the corners of his eye. he smiled weakly towards the blue haired girl that became his little sister. She smiled back at him giving him a Don't-worry-everything's-gonna-be-okay beam as she leaves the room.
`I hope so rei…' Shinji thought to himself.
He back off a little, having his face near to the angry girl makes him feel uncomfortable. Shinji remained silent for a second so that he can think of a good explanation but as always, he end up apologizing. “L-look asuka, I'm sorr-“
It was one of Shinji's bad days; Asuka didn't buy his apologizing habit. On a normal day or should I say, on Shinji's normal day, he'll only get a `hmph' or silent treatment after he apologizes. But not today, the devil's in a very bad mood.
“Oh, `apologizing' again eh Ikari? Verdammt! Look Shinji, if apologizing works then there's no need for wars anymore!” snaps Asuka as she crossed her arms together.
“Im sorr-“ another failed attempt by the great third child. He was quickly interrupted by asuka.
“Zuschlagen Rauf! I don't need your explanation Baka! Lets go Hikaru, lunch time is almost over” She abruptly grabs the hand of Hikari as both girls exit the room.
After that commotion, each and everyone on the room continued to do their personal business.
“Newlyweds have a lovers quarrel….how cute!” Touji teasingly asked as he walks toward the desk of shinji.
He glares at him. “Shut up Touji! I'm not in the mood for your jokes right now…And for the last time, asuka and I have no relationship!” Shinji clarify as he walks towards the door.
“So why makes `the devil' became so angry Shinji?” Kensuke questioned as he joined his two friends for lunch.
There's a moment of silence as shinji tried to figure out why asuka became so mad about him. He tried to recall everything that happens to him this morning. `I can't think of anything else but the accident that happens to me while were going to school this morning' Shinji tried to remember every single detail back from the two of them leave the apartment of Misato until they finally arrive at the schools premises. `it couldn't be possibly that were late for class…we both got late dozens of times in the past and its no big deal for her, so what could possibly make her mad…' Shinji thought as he continued to stride along the hallway of the school.
“Hello, Earth to Shinji?” Kensuke waved his hand on the face of the bemused boy.
He snaps back into reality. “Huh,? Oh! What is it again Kensuke?” Shinji asked the other stooges. Since he's so deep in thought; Shinji didn't really pay much attention to the conversation of Touji and Kensuke.
“Oh Shinji, your not paying attention again! I was just saying that Halloween is near and Touji and I are wondering if Misato will have another Halloween party just like last year!” asked by a very excited Kensuke whose constantly amending his glass from time to time.
“The Halloween party? I think she'll have it again this year. I don't know the details but I'm sure Misato will held one this year also...” The ex-pilot of 01 clarified. Shinji deeply sighed as he looked at a thrilled computer geek and a Drooling basketball player.
“Oh I can't wait for the party! It went out so good last year” Touji cheerfully exclaimed as he remembers the previous party in his mind.
`oh yeah I remember it well…' Shinji thought thru his mind with a hint of sarcasm in it.
“I think I remember you Touji to slaver over that really cute witch costume of Hikari from time to time. You can't even take your eyes off her even a second” Shinji playfully smirk as he sees the blush that was written all over the face of Touji.
“I also remember you Shinji when asuka came out of her room wearing that `very' sexy devil costume. It was priceless” Kensuke teasingly grin as he joined the conversation of his two friends.
“Oh Shut up Kensuke!”
Meanwhile beneath a cherry blossom tree, Asuka and Hikari are eating their pack up lunch as leaves from the tree fall along side with them. Asuka opened her bento box to reveal a beautiful Japanese quinine that was arranged in a orderly fashion.
From the corner right of the box there was one Onigiri followed by Genshi with a Katsudon on top and finally an Okazu in the far left of the Bento Box. Since the school was destroyed because of the third impact, they have been given a full year vacation. Shinji used that time to learn more about culinary arts by the use of recipe books and sometimes cooking show on television.
“Wow Asuka, Shinji can really cook huh, your lunch never failed to impress me every time i see it” Hikari complement the hard work of Shinji that makes Asuka even more furious. She also tried to cook but gave up easily. It was not her forte anyway.
“Sputen Hikari! or your Bento Will be cold” Asuka replied as she picked the spoon and chew the food grumpily.
“You must be very lucky Asuka to eat the food that Shinji cooks everyday…” Hiraki say as she also started to eat her food carefully.
“Hm, Thaf the onlf thin thad Idiot knor well tr do..” She said in between her chewing..
They continued to eat their Lunch silently as mild breeze gust along the area. You can hear birds chirp from the distance. The anxiety inside Hikari is build up slowly as she impatiently wants to know why her friend suddenly fumed back at their home-room.
Hikari bit her lip as she build up her courage to ask the German girl finally. “A-Asuka?” she hastily asked.
“Hmm?” Asuka respond not looking at her only friend while she drinks up the water that goes along w her bento Box. Asuka finished up her Lunch faster than Hikari because it tasted so good. But she'll never admit that openly of course.
“W-why did you suddenly become angry back at our room?” Hikari shyly asked looking down at the ground.
This question startled Asuka.
Ever since Kyoko Zeppelin hung herself, Asuka promised herself that she would never cry again. And this causes her to repress a good amount of emotions. So she had no idea what's her felling right now.
`Maybe I'm sick or something…' Asuka deeply thought as she looks at the only friend that she has.
`Maybe Hikari knows what I'm feeling right now'
Asuka slowly looked up to the peaceful blue sky. She noticed two birds chasing each other as they flew swiftly in the air. Then after a moment of silence Asuka glanced into the Cherry Blossom tree as it shed it leaves little by little. She grasped one leaf in her arm absentmindedly as it falls vividly near her.
“Hey Hikari, have you been angry for no reason at all?” Asuka asked, not really looking at the person she was asking.
Hikari's face lighten up, relieved that her German friend finally open up her problems to others.
Hiraki looked at Asuka confusingly, she really didn't know what she's referring to.
“What do you mean Asuka? Like when someone done a bad thing that offends you?” Hikaru replied carefully not wanting to anger Asuka even more.
“No, not like that!. What I mean is when you suddenly feel angry at someone even if they didn't do anything to you at all…”
“No offence but your always seems to be angry at someone most of the time.” Hikari carefully replied not wanting to infuriate Asuka even more.
“But there's always a reason why I get angry at him even if it's a small mistake. But now it seems by just looking at him makes feel me mad even if he didn't do anything at all” Asuka retorted. She didn't noticed that she'd used `him'
Of course it's an easy guest for Hikari on whose Asuka was referring to as `him'
The only males that Asuka really talks to are the three stooges. She knows that Asuka was always mad at Touji, but that annoyance didn't really reach a certain point that the German girl seeks her advice. On the other hand, Kensuke and Asuka really didn't get along as well. So that means that the Culprit is none other than the great third child, Shinji Ikari.
There was a moment of silence as the wind blows softly in the grasslands of the school.
Finally she broken the silence, Hikari honestly asked. “You mean Shinji?”
Just like instinct, Asuka chuckled as a small sign of blush was seen across her face momentarily.
She stared heatedly at Hikari. “WHAT!? Why does that jerk suddenly enters our conversation?, that stupid flirt! That cheap lame excuse for a pilot is denser than led! He doesn't know how to please a girl! Oh by just thinking of that pervertieren makes me mad!”
Hikaru was startled by the sudden reaction of her friend. She smiled widely at the accidental revelation of Asuka's feeling “Now I get it…your on the first stage!”
Asuka's eyes narrowed in confusion. “Wha? What do you mean `First stage' is it a level on a game or something?” She really didn't get what Hikari is saying to her. A moment there were talking about how she feels then after an instance they talking about a game? Asuka deeply thought to herself.
Hikari burst into laughter. `And you said that Shinji's denser than led' Hikari puts her hand on her stomach to contain her laughter. “N-No silly what I'm trying to say is you're in love Asuka”
The Jaw of the German Girl dropped ten-folds into the ground. The word `love' is a foreign word for Asuka, at least when it comes to Shinji as her lover. “WHHAAT!!? ME IN LOVE, ARE YOU CRAZY HIKARI?”
It was the usual respond that Hikari was expecting to her. `Typical asuka' she thought. It was finally the time to teach Asuka the `Stages of Love'.
Hiraki breathe in as she closes her eye trying to clam her body of the excitement that her friend is finally in love. Then afterwards she looked at Asuka seriously, motioning her to listen at every word that she'll say. Asuka instantly stopped as she looked at the serious eyes of their Class representative. It was rare for Hikari to be serous like that and as much as Asuka hate it, all she can do now is sit down and listens silently. “Now listen Asuka, there are five stages of Love; first Anger then the second is Denial then Isolation and the fourth are Depression and finally, Acceptance… and judging by your actions you've entered the first stage: Anger”
Asuak can't hold much longer, listening to her say those thongs makes her feel discomfited. “What are you saying Hikari? I'm always mad at Shinji. It doesn't mean that I'm in love! We do it all the time, The only way that I will fall for that dummkoft is when pigs fly and its not gonna happen ever!” Asuka irritably interject.
“Oh really Asuka? It seems that your entering the second stage; `Denial'” Hikari said in as-a-matter-of-fact tone.
Asuka rolled her eyes. “Oh please Classrep, you're getting so much into these. Shinji and I have no relation whatsoever concerning about love” She stands up signaling that she didn't want to talk about the `Stages of Love' anymore. Asuka flex her hair in a classy fashion as she goes back to their home-room.
“Just wait Asuka……just wait” Hikari thought to herself as the follows the red-haired go back to their room.
To be Continued…