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A Way Home

Chapter 1- The New Case

"Come on Riho. We should hurry. Yayoi will be waiting for us."

Riho spun around in the rain, holding her red umbrella above her head. She giggled.

"I know, but I only get to come out during the day if it is raining! I suppose you're right though. It's not right to make her wait." She ran to Shido stepping in a puddle and splashing it on her red boots. She stood by Shido and looked up at him with a smile.

"Well, let's go!" She said cheerily. She grabbed his arm and they walked off. Shido's long brown trench coat ruffled in the breeze as they walked to the office.

They entered the office to find Yayoi sitting on the couch.

"'Bout time you guys got back." Yayoi said with no emotion. Shido shook off his coat and hung it up on the coat rack. Riho shook out her umbrella and leaned it against the wall by the coat rack. Riho walked to the side room.

"I'll get you guys some coffee."

"Thank you Riho." Yayoi stated.

Shido walked over and sat on the couch next to Yayoi.

"So, what the news?"

"There's a new breed. He's killed at least 8 people so far. All his victims are completely drained of blood and have been gutted."

"A new breed?" Shido asked.

"Yes, we've never seen anything like it. Its powers are incredible!"

"Here's your coffee." Riho handed Yayoi a cup of coffee and set one on Shido's desk.

"Thank you Riho." Yayoi said.

Shido sighed. "So have the murders all happened around one area?"

"Yes, the NOS has found the victims in an alley by a Chinese restaurant on the Western outskirts of Tokyo."

"Alright, we'll investigate tonight. For now, Riho!" Riho looked up at Shido. "Let's get some sleep. The sun will be up soon." Riho nodded and laid her head in his lap and fell asleep on the couch. Shido closed his eyes and his head lolled forward.

Yayoi sighed. "I guess I'll see you guys later then." Yayoi left to let them sleep. On her way out she sneezed.

"Damn! I better not be getting sick! I have been feeling pretty lousy all morning." She sighed and got in her car and drove away.

Shido woke just as the sun set. He shook Riho awake.

"Riho, Riho wake up."

Riho sighed and opened her eyes. She sat up and stretched.

"Mmm. Good Morning Mr. Shido!" Shido smiled and stood up.

"I better call Yayoi. It isn't like her to not be here yet."

Riho nodded. Shido picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello." A miserable voice answered.


"Yes? Oh! Shido! *sneeze* *Cough* *Cough**Sniffle* Sorry, I can't make it tonight. I am sick."

Shido sighed. "That's OK, it can't be helped."

"Why don't you take Riho with you. You could help her perfect her vampire abilities."

"I will. Just get better soon Yayoi."

"Thank you Shido."

She hung up the phone. Shido hung up as well. Riho was giving him a curious stare.

"Well? Is Yayoi coming?"

"No, She's not feeling well. Riho you will have to assist me tonight."

"She smiled. "But Mr. Shido I am not very good with my weapons."

"Don't worry, this'll be good practice. Let's go."

Riho nodded and got up to follow Shido out the door. Shido drove Riho and himself to the Chinese restaurant and parked the car on the side of the road in front of the restaurant.

"Yayoi mentioned the victims were found in the alley. We should check there first."

Riho nodded in acknowledgement. They walked to the dark alley not too far from the small building. The alley was dark and eerily quiet. Shido walked into the alley. His hands were in his pockets and his eyes darted around, watching for any movement. Riho followed close behind. She had a grip on Shido's coat sleeve and nervously looked around her surroundings.

"Riho, look around for the breed over there, but be careful. I am going over here." Shido was gone in the blink of an eye before Riho could protest. She sighed and walked on. Her golden vampire eyes scanned her surroundings for any life forms. Something moved in the shadows by the dumpster. She froze. She stared at the spot for a while. There! It moved again! She slowly made her way toward the shadow. She bit her finger and manipulated her blood into the form of a sword. She inched nearer to the shadow holding her blood sword ready for attack. She heard a noise to her right and she quickly glanced over for a few seconds to see that there was nothing there. She returned her gaze to the shadow, but her eyes fell onto a green muscular chest. It was just mere inches from her face. She moved her eyes upward to see the breed looking down at her. It's big, yellow, round eyes bore into her golden ones. It's lips curled back in a sneer revealing a row of long sharp teeth. The breed's hand shot out and grabbed her around her neck lifting her off the ground. Riho screamed in terror and surprise.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* To Shido*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shido looked around the darker parts of the alley. He could feel the breed. Every step he took he felt as if he was moving further away. He turned to retrace his steps when he heard Riho scream.

"RIHO!" Shido's eyes gleamed gold and he bit his finger to for his blood sword and sped off to save Riho. His gaze shifted to the left when he heard a shriek and then saw Riho fly out from the left and sail into the wall on his right. He ran to her.

"Riho! Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine Mr. Shido. The breed. It's behind you!" Shido spun around and lash out his blood whip and it wrapped around the breed tightly. He noticed the breed's arm was missing. I hissed in pain. It struggled with the whip to free itself. Shido turned back to Riho.

"Riho are you hurt?"

She looked into his eyes and shook her head, no. She focused on the breed and her eyes widened in shock. The breed had broken the blood whip and was now free. It snarled and gazed at her and Shido. It lifted its hand and pointed it in their direction. His green, corpse-like hand glowed white. It filled the dark alley with light. Riho and Shido shielded their eyes from the intense light. The breed smirked showing off its sharp teeth. A beam shot from his hand heading towards the two vampires. Riho's eyes widened a bit more. She looked at Shido.

"Shido look out!" She shoved Shido out of the way with all her might. The beam continued on and hit Riho directly. She screamed and was engulfed in the bright, white light.

Shido shook with anger and grief. "RIHO!!!" he screamed into the night sky as crystalline tears fell in streams down his face.


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