Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 1, Chap. 4: Sparks ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Not many people like competition. Evie Carter hates it dearly. She loved being queen. Ever since birth, Evie had been spoiled. Her dad constantly told her how pretty she was. Her mom gave her almost anything she wanted. Even her neighbors and teachers spoiled Evie as well. She saw herself as the star of the show.
But now, she has a problem.
Evie doesn't like competition. Men were number one on that list. Oh yes, she loved the attention on her. No tomboy was stealing her thunder. She waited until Hal and Hallie made it back to Fuji Apartments. The fox trailed them back to the fifth floor. When she saw where her rival lived, Evie formulated a plan. First would come the warning.
The next morning, Evie knocked on Hallie's door. She waited until it opened a crack.
“Yes?” Hallie asked as she peeked out. Evie cleared her throat.
“You new here?” she asked.
“Yeah…” Hallie said. Evie pointed towards Hal's door.
“You stay away from, Hal,” she hissed. “He's mine, bitch!” Hallie gave her a blank stare behind the door.
“Huh?” she asked as she opened the door for a better look. She could've sworn she saw a model standing before her. Evie's chin touched the top of Hallie's head. Her white blonde hair lightly dusted her shoulders. Right now her crystal blue eyes gave Hallie the bird themselves. Hallie sneered at neighbor's boobs trying to spill out of her white top. Her booty shorts might as well have been a thin piece of fabric. Hello floozy.
“Hale's my guy!” she said. “You come near him again, I will end you. Got me?” Hal just happened to be heading out for the day when he spotted Evie chewing Hallie out. He waited to try and break them up. Hallie blinked at her.
“Uh… okay…” she said. Evie snorted at her.
“I don't understand your kind!” she snapped.
“What are you talking about?”her rival asked.
“You see, two types of people exist: winners and your kind,” the floozy went on. “Winners are entitled to the best in life. While your kind… well, I'll let you finish that sentence.” Hallie didn't enjoy where this was headed. She shook her head, lost.
“So… what are you saying?” the girl asked. Evie leaned in close to her face.
“Stay away from my man, you tomboy!” she hissed. “Got me?” Hallie blinked at her again.
“Okay…” she mumbled, still not getting it. Evie pulled back with a smile.
“Good girl,” she said. Evie walked away, smirking. Hallie still looked lost. What was that all about?, she thought. She looked up and saw Hal staring at her. He gave her a sympathetic smile.
“Don't mind Evie,” he said. “She's a bit of a diva.” Hallie nodded.
“Yeah, I can see that,” she said.
“She came here last year,” Hal went on. “She lives in apartment 310.”
“Are you and her…” Hallie began to ask. The pool boy quickly shook his head.
“No, no, no!” he replied.
“Ah,” Hallie said.
“Say, you doing anything today?” her crush asked.
“Huh? Oh no,” she said. “Why?” Hal only gave her that charming smile of his.
“Maybe, I'll see you around,” he said.
“Yeah,” Hallie said with a small nod.
“See ya,” the pool boy replied.
“Bye,” she said. Hal walked down the hall to the elevator. Hallie watched his fine ass with a little smile.
Evie watched them from around the corner. Hallie, you and I are at war, she thought. I warned you and now you will see what Hell looks like. Evie saw this coming already.
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