Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 2, Chap. 11: Street Boy ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Street Boy
Fresh meat. Fresh meat came Monday morning.
His name was Reggie Taylor. Stats, please!
Age: 16Hometown: PhillyHeight: 5’4”Eyes: BrownHair: BlackHobbies: Rap music, girls, swimming, DJing, skateboarding, girls, flirting, girls
This young hottie came in at ten. Now, there’s Dustin and Hal already. Evie and Hallie want both. Enter Reggie. That boy proved hard to ignore. Evie and Hallie certainly couldn’t. He passed by Evie on her way to the gym. She nearly walked into the wall because of it.
“Whoa!” she said. The girl had to do a double take. Hello mama!
Her first view? Evie licked her lips. Nice legs, baby!, she thought. Evie completely turned around. Now she had a better view. Nice, strong legs. Stronger back. Short, curly black hair. Evie licked her lips.
Come on, she thought. Turn around for mama. Come on. Show me your face. Show mama your face! Her heart sped up in anticipation.
Then, she got her wish.
Reggie turned because he thought he heard something. Stars filled Evie’s eyes.
Such a face. Oh, such a face. His eyes hooked her soul. Evie licked her lips again. His mouth yelled out to kiss his.
Well hello!, Evie thought. That’s another one to her hit list.
Hallie saw Reggie in the Chill Out Lounge. He just wanted to check the place out. He caught Hallie’s eye in seconds. Between her video game and him, he won out. She felt her cheeks heat up.
He’s a kid!, Hallie’s mind tried to reason. Too bad attraction shoved that aside. Hallie felt her heart give way to pounding.
“Yo!” someone called to her.
“Yeah?” she asked in a daze.
“Hey!” Someone poked her on the arm. Hallie jerked her head upwards.
“What?!?” she yelled. The tomboy looked up…
Reggie blinked at her. “Excuse me. Are you okay?” he asked. Hallie felt her face turn hot.
“Yes!” she yelped.
“What is this place?” he asked.
“Chill… Chill… Chill Out Room!”
The boy looked around for a moment. “Ah. I see.” Then, he walked out of the room. Hallie stared at him doe-eyed. The red ate her face.
Oh…, she thought. But, he’s so young.
Naturally, this will be a problem. Three hot guys and two first up girls. The girls want the guys. Naturally, this will be war.
Wha? What’s that?
The war is brewing already?
Time to wait and see.
Hallie and Evie cleaned up the big kitchen from this morning. Both looked away to the Island of Bliss. The joy hid nasty traps. Who would set them off first?
Evie paused and grinned.
“I met a hot guy today,” she bragged. Hallie didn’t look up.
“Real hot,” Evie went on.
“Really?” Hallie asked. The snob giggled.
“Really fine,’ she said. “His legs, his body, mmm!”
“Met him this morning.”
Hallie paused. “Did you?”
“Yep! Fine black boy indeed.”
The tomboy tried to stay calm. “Funny. I met him this morning too.”
Evie forced herself to smile. “Did you?”
Hallie stood up grinning. “Sure did.” A small burn set between them.
Look out! It’s a countdown to war!
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