Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 3, Chap. 13: Wild Wolf ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Wild Wolf
Choko wants a barbeque. She determined to have one too. Agreement or not!
First, the prep work.
She went out to the grocery store. Let’s see… Beef, eel, vegetables, tofu, and fish. Sauces and spices. Skewers and chopsticks. Finally, some ice cream and soda. Choko smiled the whole time. A child-like joy made her heart flip.
This is going to rule!, she thought. Then, she improved her idea.
A pool party!, she thought. She let off a loud squeal. All eyes fell on her. The woman let off a nervous chuckle.
“Sorry,” she said. *Sweat drop on Choko’s head* Oh boy…
Next, time to set up.
Choko walked up to Hal’s front door and knocked.
“Be right there!” he called out. The woman paced around happily.
“Ooo!” she squealed. “I haven’t done this in so long!” The door finally opened. The pool boy looked as if he just got out of the shower. Choko took a moment to ogle his abs. Hal blinked at her.
“Yes?” he asked. The young man noticed her face. “Hello? Hello?” The woman quickly came back.
“Huh?” she asked. “Oh! How is the pool today?” Hal blinked at her.
“Why?” he asked. Choko gave him a huge smile.
“I’m throwing a pool party!” she announced Hal looked blank for a moment.
“A party?” he asked.
“That’s right,” she said. “And I need your help with the pool and grill.” He still blinked at her.
“Okay…” he mumbled.
“Great!” Choko said. “Get dressed and come on!”
“But...” he said.
“Come on!” she yelled. Choko grabbed onto his arm and tried to drag him out. Hal clutched the door frame.
“Wait!” he called. “Let me get dressed first!”
“Well, hurry up!” the woman yelled.
“Okay, okay!” Hal said. He went back in to get dressed.
By one o’clock, everything was ready. But the party looked… rather stiff. Jack sat near the gate, smoking. Reggie played on his Gameboy under the umbrella table. Hallie and Evie glared daggers at each other. Hal tried to sleep from all of the work he had to do. Dustin eyed Hallie from afar. Choko shook her head.
Oh man, she thought. I’ve seen happier faces at the office. This isn’t working. Choko took a sip of her fruit punch.
Something has to give, she thought with a sigh. Suddenly, the gate flew open. Everyone looked up to see a young man enter the pool area. He had a black bowl cut with shorts and a t-shirt. He pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose. The people blinked at him.
“Uh… who are you?” Hallie asked. The guy looked around.
“Uh… is this Fuji Apartments?” he asked.
“Why?” Jack asked. Choko held up her hand.
“Jack, please,” she said. The manager turned back to the new guy.
“Yes,” she said. “Why?” The new guy smiled.
“Good!” he said. “My name is Don Jackson and I just moved here.”
That’s all it took. One little sentence. One sentence and Hallie and Evie fell for him. Okay, so he looked a bit geeky, but he was cute. In a geeky way.
Wow!, the girls thought. Even Choko blushed at him. Dustin, Jack, Hal, and Reggie saw sparks around this guy. Yet, they weren’t the only ones.
One glance between Hallie and Evie started the fire rivalry again.
He’s mine, bitch!, they screamed at each other mentally. Another wave of violence ran between them. Choko clapped her hands together.
“Okay!” she said. “I’ll help get you signed in and everything. Come with me.” She got up and walked him into the apartment. Hallie and Evie kept their eyes on his ass. Shorts looked great on that boy.
Oh! But what’s this? Is the fight getting hotter between the girls? It has to be witnessed fully for a clearer answer.
Meanwhile, pain unfolded in the heart for one of the suitors…
Coming to Town with the Briefcase Blues