Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 4, Chap. 19: Cat Brawl ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Cat Brawl
They at it again. Evie and Hallie always fight. They fight about, what else? Boys. There were only two girls and four boys. Plus, everyone being attractive too? The gunfire goes off every day. However, one more girl made it worse.
Heather moved in weeks before. Already, she caused a stir around her. For starters, she’s cute. Evie hates “cute” things. Especially if they take the attention off of her. Hallie wasn’t much of a problem in that department. But, Heather on the other hand…
She’s cute, nice, innocent, naïve, and new. Everything that Evie hates about her. But what about Hallie?
Hallie is a loner. She doesn’t really need friends around her. She especially doesn’t like “baby-sitting.” Already, she could tell Heather needed some “baby-sitting” at first glance.
Let her be someone else’s problem, Hallie thought. Then, she moved on.
Heather just wanted to be friends. She couldn’t understand why the girls didn’t like her. Evie stuck up her nose at her. Hallie ignored her. Heather couldn’t understand it.
“Did I do something offend them?” she asked Dustin on day four. He shrugged at her.
“Can’t tell ya,” he said. She frowned at him.
“But I just want to be friends,” she said. Dustin shook his head.
“Don’t know what to tell you,” he said. Heather’s mood was down for the rest of the day. She didn’t see what was unfolding around her. From the kitchen, Evie and Hallie watched the pair closely. They saw fire in their eyes.
Poor Heather. She doesn’t know what she stirred up. The other two girls didn’t treat her any different. In fact, it got worse. Evie kept kicking her down at every chance she got. Her victim still didn’t see it.
“Why does Evie hate me so much?” she asked Hallie on day seven. The tomboy ignored her at first. Yet, the younger girl couldn’t take a hint. She kept following Hallie around. It didn’t take long for the tomboy to crack. She clenched her fists and turned to her.
“You want to know the truth?” she asked. Heather slowly nodded at her. The tomboy groaned.
“She hates you because you are cute, pretty, nice, friendly, everything’s not,” Hallie replied. Heather blinked at her.
“And you?” she asked. The tomboy blinked at her.
“Huh?” she asked.
“Do you hate me?” Heather asked. Hallie frowned at her.
“You’re annoying,” she admitted. Then, she walked away before Heather could speak. The poor girl didn’t see the hornet’s nest that she still kept kicking. Telling her to stop was too late. None of the boys got what was going on. Guys never see the problem until it’s too late. Choko saw the problem. She’s trying to find a way to fix it before things turn ugly.
“Hallie,” she said to her niece on day nine. The girl didn’t look up from her video game.
“What?” she asked. Choko walked over to hr.
“I need you to do something,” she said. Her niece didn’t answer. The aunt looked around for a bit.
“Could you please mentor Heather for the summer?” she asked. Hearing that made her character die. The player turned to her aunt.
“What?!?” she cried.
“Please?” Choko pleaded. With the puppy eyes on display, her niece got stuck “baby-sitting” Heather. Sadly, he aunt just made things worse. Soon, more boys coming to the apartment would do the same.
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