Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 4, Chap. 20: Venom ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Evie hates losing. The top is the only place for her. Nothing else will do. Right now, that’s not the case.
Her rival, Hallie, has the attention of resident hottie number one, Hal. Pissed her off to see them together. Talking all the time, walking into the city, sharing a laugh, getting all close.
This would not do. Time for the big gun.
Evie searched the activity room. She needed the perfect target. Took her a couple of moments, but she spotted Dustin going to the kitchen. Evie studied him for a little bit and smirked.
Close enough, she thought. Evie made her way over to him. She tapped him on the shoulder. Dustin whipped around, shocked.
“Whoa!” he said. Evie grinned at him.
“Hi,” she said. “It’s only me.” The country boy blinked at her.
“Ah,” he said. Evie frowned at him.
Come on, idiot, she thought. You can react better then that! Still worth a shot. Dustin blinked at her.
“Evie?” he asked. “What do you want?” The girl made herself smile.
“I just wanted to talk,” she said. Dustin blinked at her.
“Why?” he asked. She leaned in close to him. The girl grabbed onto his arm.
“Come with me,” Evie said. She dragged him outside before he could speak. Dustin looked confused. Evie smirked to herself the whole time. May have devious project began.
Step One: Introduction:
Evie turned to her target.
“Date me,” she said. Dustin looked at her funny.
“Huh?” he asked.
“Be my boyfriend.”
Evie lightly tapped him on the cheek. “Cause, you’re sweet, funny, and really cute.”
Dustin still didn’t get it. “But… You barely notice me.”
Evie leaned in close to his face. “Just do it!”
The cowboy still looked lost. He gave her a blank nod. Evie grinned at him.
“That’s a good boy,” she said. The girl patted him on the head. Dustin smiled, but screamed internally.
Step Two: Set Up the Rules:
They came out the apartment garden. Evie turned to him at the table.
“I have rules for being my boyfriend,” she said. Dustin’s face went blank.
“Rules?” he asked. Evie ignored him.
“One,” she said. “Don’t talk to me in public.”
“Two, don’t hold my hand. There, no pet-names, no “baby,” “honey,” “sweetie.” Four, don’t stare at me. Five, don’t talk until spoken to. Six, no PDA. Got it?”
Dustin looked so pale. He somehow knew this would happen. He tried to avoid this trap, but luck stabbed him in the back. Evie didn’t even give him the chance to argue.
Speaking of which, she happened to glance up and see Hallie and Hal walking to the pool. The pool guy did the talking. She listened and smiled. The girl even laughed at one point. Evie gritted her teeth and snorted. Dustin saw the pair just like his “girlfriend.”
“Evie?” he asked. The bitchy diva whipped around and slammed into the cowboy with a kiss. Dustin’s eyes widened in shock.
What the…, he thought. I can’t breathe! She’s kissing me too hard! Let go! Let go!
After about twenty seconds, Evie finally let up. Both sat there, panting. Evie looked around quickly.
“They still here?” she asked. Her “boyfriend” shook his head.
“No…” he mumbled. Evie shrugged.
“Ah,” she said. Then, she got up and walked away.
“Wait!” Dustin called. “Where are you going?”
“Back to my room!” Evie called. Dustin blinked.
“Can I see you again?” he asked. She paused and glanced over her shoulder at him.
“Maybe!” she said aloud. The cowboy drew his mouth closed.
“Anything else?” Evie asked. Dustin shook his head.
“No…” he mumbled.
“Good, shut up!” she hissed. The bitchy diva went back inside and slammed the glass door behind her. Dustin was left sitting there wondering, “Oh crap! What have I gotten myself into?”
I’m a Loser, Baby