Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 4, Chap. 21: Preacher ( Chapter 21 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Being holy can be sexy when the need arises. Meet Hiraoka Sadao. He’s going to learn that in one day. He arrived at the apartment complex on Sunday. He came up to the front office to get his keys. Already, the attraction set off fireworks.
The apartment manager sat at her desk reading a girly magazine. Sadao walked up and rang the bell.
“Excuse me,” he said a proper tone, “I’m here to pick up my key.” The aunt glanced up from her pages. His face made her heart flip. She lowered her magazine with red cheeks.
“Good morning!” she greeted him, “What can I do you for?”
“I came to pick up my key,” the boy answered. Choko nodded like a dazed schoolgirl.
“Sure…” she mumbled. The woman pulled out the file of addresses.
“And what’s your name?” she asked.
“Hiraoka Sadao,” the boy replied.
“Hiraoka Sadao,” Choko repeated. She looked through the files.
“Age?” she asked.
“Seventeen,” he replied.
“Ooo,” the older woman cooed, “So young.”
“Yeah…” he mumbled uneasily.
“Ah, here it is,” Choko said. She pulled out the application form and read it. “Kyoto, huh?” the aunt asked.
“That’s right,” Sadao answered. Choko’s cheeks felt so warm. She quickly shook her head.
“Right, right,” she said. The older woman reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a key.
“Here,” she said, “You now live in apartment 207.”
“Thank you,” Sadao said with a bow. Choko watched him leave with a goofy smile on her face.
Oh to be young again…, she thought before giggling to herself.
Sadao left the office with key in hand. He looked for the building in question. He frowned at his results.
They all look the same, he thought. How am I… The boy suddenly noticed someone looking up at him. Her cheeks burned red. The young priest waved at her.
“Uh… hi…” he addressed her. Heather’s eyes turned to her feet.
“Hi,” she mumbled. Heather fidgeted around as she blushed. Sadao tilted his head at her.
“Is… something wrong?” he asked. Heather shook her head wildly.
“No, no!” she cried, “I’m fine! I’m fine.” The younger girl took in heavy breaths.
“Okay…” he mumbled. Heather stared at him with big dreamy eyes.
“Are you new here?” she asked.
“Why yes,” Sadao answered, “In fact, I’m looking for apartment 207.” Heather’s attention lit up.
“Oh that’s across from the pool overlooking the park,” she said without missing a beat, “Just over there.” She pointed to the tall grey brick building on the right.
“Thank you,” Sadao said with a bow. Heather felt like fainting as he walked away. Her heart raced like fire.
Sadao took the five minute-walk to the apartment building. He found Evie waiting at the glass doors for him. The young priest slowed down, puzzled. Evie gave him a cat-like grin.
“Yo!” she said. He gave her a confused wave.
“Hi…” Sadao mumbled. The sexy flirt walked over and put her arms around his neck.
“Welcoming party of one,” she greeted him. Sadao’s eyes moved in a panic.
“That’s nice!” he said in a rush.
“Let’s say you and I blow this joint and go somewhere cooler,” she imposed on him. By this point, he struggled to get away.
“Maybe some other time!” he said, “I have to get to my apartment now. I mean right now!”
“Aw,” the party flirt cooed, “Loosen up, baby!” She tried to give him a kiss, but Sadao managed to break away from her grasp.
“Nice meeting you!” he blurted out. The priest took off running as fast as he could. Evie watched him with a smirk.
This should be a hoot, she thought.
Sadao finally made it to apartment 207. He rested against the door and sighed.
Oh goodness, please don’t let me run into anymore weird girls today!
However, someone stood next to him. Sadao looked up to see Hallie waving at him.
“Hey,” she grumbled. The priest waved back at him.
“Welcome, I’m Hallie,” his new neighbor said. The priest gave her a kind of smile. Finally a normal girl? Something told him to wait and see.
Hey, what can be said? Some women just love a priest.
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