Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 4, Chap. 23: My Fly Boy ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
My Fly Boy
There’s tis lil’ mama I’s have mai eyes on. Her name is Heather and she’s so fine. I’s want her to be mai lil’ mama. So I’s put on mai beat boi charmz. Its gots ta be original thou. On Saturday, I’s set mai plan into action.
She lives in apartment 229. Heather should be home today. I’s knocked on da door. I’s looked around outside as I’s waited. Mai plans began as should as she opened da door.
“Reggie?” Heather asked, blinking. I’s gave her a quick wave.
“Yo!” I’s said, “Can I’s come in?”
“Okay…” she said nodding uncertain. I’s walked right in.
“Sweet place ya got,” I’s said.
“Thanks…” she said. I’s took a seat in the kitchen. She stood watching in the doorway.
“Can I ask why you are here?” she asked. I’s sat back, smirking.
“Ya,” I’s said outright. Heather gave meh a rather puzzled look.
“E-E-Excuse me?” she asked.
“I’m here because of ya,” I’s repeated, “I’s want ya.” I’s took a sec to stare at her pretty face. Part one is workin’ sweet! She doesn’t know what to think.
“That’s really sweet of you…” lil’ mama said in low voice.
“Thanks,” I’s said, “Could I’s have a drink?” She nodded as she gather her senses together.
“Okay, sure,” she said. I checked out the back view of this lil’ mama. Heather’s slender and underdeveloped, but still cute. She might have a booty years later.
“Lemonade, tea, or soda?” lil’ mama asked.
“Ya gots any melon soda?” I’s asked.
“Sure,” she said, “Would you like a straw?”
“Yeah,” I’s said. Heather came back with a can of melon soda. I’s opened it and stuck in the straw. She sat down as I’s took a sip.
“It’s a strange taste,” I’s admitted, “But it’s sweet.” Mai eyes stayed on her as I’s said that. The way she blushed told meh she got mai drift.
“Like me?” lil’ mama asked.
“Who else would it be?” I’s asked. I’s set down mai can.
“I’s really like it if ya went out wit meh,” I’s drew in. Lil’ mama’s face went so red.
“L-Like on a date-date?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I’s said.
“Right now?” Heather asked.
“If ya want ta,” I’s offered with a slight shrug.
“Where?” lil’ mama asked.
“Whoa, whoa!” I’s said, putting up my hands, “Breathe, lil’ mama. Ya don’t need to ask so many questions. What’s wrong with just going wit the flow of things? Relax.” Mai answered didn’t ease her big, curious eyes. I’s rolled mai eyes and sighed.
“But if ya insist,” I’s said, “All I’s can tell ya is bring a swimsuit and meet meh at da bus station in ten minutes, got it?” Heather nodded her head with a red face.
“S-S-Sure!” she exclaimed. I’s decided to seal mai plan with one mo’ touch. I’s leaned in and planted a tiny peck on her left cheek. Lil’ mama’s ears let off steam before she fainted. I’s smirked at mai results. I’s still got it!
“See ya ‘round, lil’ mama,” I’s said with a salute and as I’s made mai exit.
Come On, Little Gamma Ray