Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 5, Chap. 26: Hey Mr. Priest ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hey Mr. Priest
Beach Vacation Pt. 1
Evie needed entertainment tonight. First, she picked the backdrop. The diva spent the morning looking up clubs on the beach. Pearl Obsession caught her eye out of all the selections. The building looked out on the sea, had a three-star bar, and free for a foreign women to get in. Evie smiled at her laptop screen. Step one was complete.
Next, Evie needed a “friend.” Evie already had the perfect guy in mind. She marched up to the door at the end of the hall. The girl straightened herself up and knocked on the door. Evie counted down the footsteps in her head. Sadao peeked out of the crack of the door.
“Yes?” he asked. Evie gave him a huge cat-like grin.
“Sadao!” she exclaimed, “How are you?” The priest-in-training panicked.
“Fine,” he said in a yelp, “How are you?”
“Good, good,” the party girl said, “What are you doing tonight?” Sadao’s eyes shot wide open.
“Why?” he asked. Evie didn’t listen as she clapped her hands.
“Perfect!” she cheered, “You’re coming out with me tonight!” The girl reached in and grabbed the poor boy by the arm before he had the chance to argue.
“Good,” Evie said when she saw that he had on jeans and a t-shirt, “You’re dressed perfectly.”
“What for?” Sadao asked in unease. Evie turned to him with a grin.
“What for?” she repeated, “Cause, we’re going to party tonight.” The priest’s face shaded in panic.
“P-Party?” he asked.
Pounding music, flashing colored lights, sweat-glistening girls—all did not in Sadao’s element here in Pearl Obsession. The priest in training stared down at his drink.
“Why are we here?” he mumbled to himself. Evie turned to him at the table.
“What?” she asked over the loud music.
“Why are we here?” Sadao asked, shouting. The party girl smiled and finished her first drink.
“Come on!” she cheered, “Live a little! Why do you think I brought you here?” Sadao quickly shook his head. Evie tapped him a on the nose.
“To loosen you up, silly!” she said.
“But…” the priest stuttered. Evie grabbed him by the hands.
“Come on, let’s dance!” she said. The girl dragged him to his feet before the priest could speak. Sadao looked rather bewildered out on the dance floor. He had never been used to crowded places; he grew up in the countryside. Tokyo was bad enough when he first came here on his own. This dance club made things even worse.
Too many people!, his mind screamed, I shouldn’t be here! I want to go home! Evie glanced up at him.
“Kiss me,” she commanded. Sadao began to sweat buckets as his eyes grew big.
“What?!?” he yelped.
“Kiss me,” Evie ordered him again. The priest still looked confused as she moved his hands to her waist. The party girl moved in and forced a kiss on his lips. Sadao’s mind went blank into panic. He couldn’t decide whether to take it or push her away.
God, help me!
Despite it feeling like forever, Evie pulled away after ten seconds. She gave him a wicked smile.
“Well?” she asked. Sadao struggled find something, anything to say. His eyes shifted around the packed dance floor.
“Excuse me!” he blurted out. He raced away to find a bathroom. Evie watched him with a smirk on her face. She had the hook; now she just had to keep him and draw him in. Evie didn’t need to worry, though.
I know I have him, she thought, Eat that bitches!
Beat My Bones Against the Wall