Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 5, Chap. 28: Angel Kiss ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Angel Kiss
Beach Vacation Pt. 3
It’s rather calm today. Hallie sat up and stretched out in her bed. The sun stroked her short red hair. A knock came on her door.
“Yeah?” the tomboy asked.
“May I come in?” Choko asked.
“Sure, sure,” her niece answered. Choko opened the door and peeked in.
“Hey there,” she cheered, “How are you?” Hallie gave her a little smile.
“I’m good,” she said, “How about you?”
“I’m good myself,” the aunt said. Choko took a moment to stare upon her niece. The sun made the glow of her skin look so vibrant. When has Hallie ever look this pretty?, her aunt thought as she at the tomboy’s short red hair. Choko felt her own cheeks get rosy.
“Choko, what’s wrong?” her niece asked, “Why are you staring at me like that?” Choko shook herself back to reality.
“Oh,” she said, “Nothing, nothing.” The woman smiled as an idea formed in her head. “Say you doing anything today?” Choko asked. Hallie looked so sweet with a frown.
“Not much,” her niece answered. She made an odd face at such a question. “Why are you asking?” she asked. Choko grinned at her like an angelic cat. Hallie’s eyes widened as her aunt walked closer.
“Choko?” Hallie asked nervously. Her aunt took her into her arms.
“Come with me,” she whispered, “I have something for you.” The woman dragged away her niece before she could protest.
Choko wasn’t the only one to notice how pretty Hallie started to look over the past couple of days. The boys agreed that the beach did wonders on her looks and mood. After she went swimming in the ocean, Hal noticed how much happier she looked. Aside from Evie harassing her, Hallie just looked so happy on this vacation.
Meanwhile, Choko sat Hallie down at her vanity. Her niece looked up at her.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Shhh,” Choko whispered. She rested her arm on her shoulder. Hallie grew nervous as she pushed her hair behind her ear.
“Look at you,” Choko said, “You are a pretty girl.” Hallie looked at herself in the mirror.
“I guess…” she mumbled.
“No,” Choko insisted, “I really mean it.”
“What are you getting at?” her niece asked. Choko turned her around to face her.
“Let me add a little something for you,” she offered. Hallie quickly shook her head.
“No,” she said, “No way!” Her aunt wouldn’t listen like usual. She giggled and picked up her make-up.
Dustin took in her beautiful Hallie looked in the moonlight last night. He just had to see her again this morning. The boy leaned against his bedroom wall smiling.
Hallie, the cowboy thought. All of the boys counted down to seeing her as a butterfly again this morning.
The tomboy looked in the mirror when Choko finished giving her a makeover. She looked like she was barely wearing any make-up. Hallie let off a low whistle.
“Do you like it?” Choko asked.
“Yeah,” her niece said in surprise. She turned to her aunt. “Can I keep this make-up?” she asked.
“Sure,” Choko answered with a kind smile. Hallie mouthed, “Wow” to herself again. Maybe this could work out.
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