Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Ai no Natsu ❯ Vol. 6, Chap. 31: Pump it Louder ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Pump it Louder
Another day at the apartments. Everyone hadn’t planned much either. Then came one little to the mailbox.
Hallie opened her box at four in the afternoon. She sorted through the envelopes. Bill, utilities, postcard from Mom, she thought. Hallie rolled her eyes at the last item. Oh nice, you finally pretend to care, Mom. She noticed a gold envelope behind the postcard.
Hm? What’s this? Hallie picked it up and read over it. Choko sent her something again. Wonder what it is now, Hallie thought. She used her nails to open the sealed fold. Inside was a small pink card. She pulled it out to read.
“Meet near the pool?” Hallie asked. What are you up to now? She turned and walked back to her apartment.
The tomboy wandered down to the pool moments later. Choko greeted her at the entrance.
“You made it!” she said. Her niece gave her a strange look.
“Okay,” she said. “What is all of this? What are you up to now?” Her aunt tried to look innocent.
“Up to?” she asked. “Me?”
“Yes,” Hallie said in a slow rhythm. “Now, what is this?” She held up the note between her fingers.
“Oh!” Choko said cheerfully. “You got my message.”
“Yes,” her niece said. “Now what is this?” The older woman broke into a smile.
“Congratulations!” she cheered. “You made it to the party!”
“Party?” Hallie asked. “Again?”
“Come on in!” Choko said. She stepped aside to let her niece in. Hallie walked through the gate, eyebrow raised.
The others sat around the pool, quiet. Some held drinks in their hands. Hallie looked uneasily at the uninterested looks on everyone’s faces.
Oh damn, she thought. This is just… Clapping behind made everyone look up. Choko walked in, shaking her head.
“This won’t do,” she said. “This is a party tonight! Have fun, look alive!” Everyone only frowned at her.
“Why?” Jack asked. The manager shrugged her shoulders.
“Just cause,” she answered. Hallie shook her head. She’s trying too hard, she thought.
“Okay!” Choko said aloud. “Let’s get some music on, we?” She headed o the DJ booth. Party music filled the air. At first, no one moved an inch. Hallie frowned at the situation.
Why is she doing this? It’s all we do around here. What are you trying to pull?
Dustin began to bob his head to the music. Sadao tapped his foot as well. Evie set down her drink.
“I don’t know about you,” she said. “But I happen to like this song.” The diva moved to the picnic area and started to dance. Hal shrugged his shoulders.
“I’m going to swim,” he said. He walked over and dove into the pool. Reggie and Jack followed behind. Heather rose to her feet.
“It couldn’t hurt, could it?” she asked. She walked over and started to dance in the picnic area. Hallie glanced around as Daft Punk flooded the air.
What the hell…? Her attention turned to the DJ Booth. Choko grinned and gave her a thumbs-up. Hallie rolled her eyes. Lame, she thought as she took another sip of her root beer. She paused as a shadow cast over her. She glanced up to see Dustin standing over her, smiling.
“What?” she grumbled. The cowboy stuck out his hand.
“Care to dance?” he asked. Hallie set her bottle on the glass table next to her.
“Whatever,” she muttered. The tomboy took Dustin by the hand and let him lead her over to the picnic area. As they danced, Hallie began to see the plot here.
Is Choko trying to make me more sociable like this? Hallie gave off a mental shrug. Somehow, I don’t care right now.
“Hallie,” Dustin said to her face.
“Yeah?” the tomboy asked.
“Be my girlfriend?” he asked like a pitiful puppy. Hallie’s smile glowed at his little pout.
“Sure, whatever,” she said. Dustin felt like flying.
“I love you!” he shouted.
“Yeah, yeah,” Hallie brushed off.
In the DJ booth, Choko watched the tenants really get into her impromptu party. She smiled as she watched her niece dance with Dustin. Perfect, she thought. My little sister will be happy that her daughter’s finally loosening up. My work here is done for tonight.
Choko sat back and had another drink.
Don’t Let the Sun Catch Ya Crying