Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Good-bye U.S.A, Hello England ❯ The Zombie Meets the Angel ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter two: The Zombie Meets the Angel:
Reese ran and ran until she caught up to 2-D and grabbed him by his arm. He turned to see blond and gorgeous panting hard. "Yes?" he asked. D had to wait because Reese was trying to catch her breath. Once she got it back, Reese smiled and said: "Thanks, for helping me." "Uh…" said 2-D. "I'm Reese and I'm a huge fan or yours." she continued. "Really?" he asked. Reese nodded. "New here?" 2-D asked. "I moved here last week." answered she. "Oh." 2-D replied. Then they talked as they left the mall together. Come to find out, Reese and 2-D had some common interests and experiences. Such as, they both tormented when they were kids. (If you remember, 2-D was strung up in fifth grade and had footballs kicked at him. Well Reese was always attacked in dodge ball.)
"Hey 2D." said Reese once they got out to the parking lot. "Yeah?" he said. "You have a pen?" she asked. "Uhh…" said D. "Never mind." she said. Then Reese pulled out her little pink notebook and a black pen, wrote down her phone number, ripped the page out, folded it up, and put it in D's hand. He blushed. "This in my number, don't lose it." said she. 2-D nodded. "Good night." said Reese. Then she kissed him on the cheek and got into her car. 2-D watched her drive off. He was still blushing. 2-D put his hand on the cheek that Reese kissed. Her lips were warm. He had fallen in love with Reese! Then he snapped out of it and ran back to Kong Studios.
Chapter Three: