Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. Three/ Chap. Thirteen: Yummy Boys ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Yummy Boys
Yuma and Hanae stood outside the school gate. Yuma closed her eyes and smiled.
“Ah, my younger days,” she said. “Just can’t escape them.” She turned to her sister.
“What say you?” she asked. Hanae only nodded.
“Yeah,” she said. Yuma turned back to the school. He’s here today.
Led to an old question.
Yuma turned back to her sister. “Hanae-chan.”
Her sister glanced at her. “Hm?”
“What do you like in a man?”
Hanae grinned at that question. “Mmm. A real sweetheart.”
& #8220;Right.”
“Yep.”< br> Hanae grinned to herself. “And someone I can easily dominate.”
Yuma giggled. “Oh, that kind of guy!”
“Hell yes!” Hanae turned to her sister. “What about you?”
Yuma looked at her. “Hm? Me?”
“How do you like your men?”
The older sister smiled. “Oh me? Well, let’s see… someone who won’t cheat on me.”
The older sister nodded and sighed. “I’m tired of stupid games, you know?”
Hanae nodded. “You need a good man.”
“Yes, I know.”
They walked through the school gates. Modern rock filled the air. Yuma smiled to herself.
“60’s American rock music,” she said. “We have really come far.”
“Since WWII or being in isolation?” the bondage sister asked.
“Both,” Yuma said.
“I see,” Hanae said. Her thoughts led to another question.
“Say, sis,” she said.
“Uh-hm?” the older sister replied.
“What about Shoji?” Hanae asked.
“What about him?”
“Would you date him?”
Yuma froze in place. “No! He’s too young for me!”
“But what if age didn’t matter? Then what?”
The older sister felt her cheeks grow hot. “Uh… well… Oh… Uh… Uh…”
Hanae gave her back a goofy grin. “Oh! I see!”
“Shut up!”
The bondage sister laughed aloud. Yuma clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.
“You!” she barked. Hanae didn’t care who watched her laugh.
Once she calmed down, Hanae smiled. “Oh come on,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with liking Shoji.”
Yuma turned around to her. “And what about you?”
Hanae paused. “Sorry?”
“Do you like him?” Yuma asked. Hanae gave her a deviling grin.
“Hanae-chan?” Yuma asked. Her sister only gave off a sadistic laugh as she walked toward the main gym. Yuma watched on nervously.
I don’t like where this is headed, she thought. I better stop her!
“Wait, Hanae-chan!” the eldest yelled. “Wait up!” She raced after the bondage queen as fast as she could through the crowd.
Kasumi froze in panic as she could hear her older sister’s laughter getting louder.
No…, she thought. She can’t… She can’t be…
“KASUMI-CHAN!!!” a woman’s voice screamed at her. The poor girl paused and turned.