Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ House of Lushes ❯ Vol. Three/ Chap. Fourteen: Double Punch ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Double Punch
Yuma stood inches from her in the doorway. The look on her face said it all. Kasumi shook her head with shared concern on her face.
“Don’t tell me…” she began. Yuma’s stomach turned as she nodded. Both girls raced out the door.
Hanae walked around, smirking.
“Oh, Shoji,” she cooed, “Come out, come out wherever you are!” The S&M freak giggled to herself. “I’ll be nice,” she cooed, “Come out and play.” Her eyes searched the students at work in the stall. She licked her lips at the boys walking by.
High school boys, the woman thought licking her lips. She betted that half of them were still virgins. Fantasies of breaking them swirled in her head. Hanae couldn’t help but smile.
I like wild men, she thought, But boys are just as fun to break! Today, she had the ideal one in mind. Hanae approached two junior girls.
“Excuse me, ladies,” she said ever so properly, “Could you tell me where Irie-kun is.”
“Uh, yeah,” one of the girls answered, “He’s in the storage room.” A devilish glint came in her eye. Storage room, huh?, she thought, Perfect setting! Hanae returned to her proper face.
“Thank you,” she said with a bow. The students watched as she walked down the path.
Meanwhile, Kasumi and Yuma looked around for their sister.
“She couldn’t have gone far,” Yuma said. That did little to ease Kasumi. She could already see the things her naughty sister doing to her boyfriend in her mind.
“We have to find them!” she yelled. Yuma patted her on the shoulder.
“I know,” she whispered, “Yelling won’t help.” Kasumi’s fists trembled.
“But you know how she is!” she whispered back. Yuma nodded in regret.
“We need to think first,” she said, “Where was Shoji-kun last?” Kasumi thought about that question.
“Well, we were out of chopsticks again,” she told her sister, “So, I sent him to the storage room to get more.” Yuma added up the bad news. Her face went so grim.
“We have to hurry!” she yelped. She grabbed her sister by the arm before she could ask.
On the other side of campus, Hanae made it to the storage room. The woman gracefully knocked on the door.
“Yes?” Shoji asked. The woman cleared her throat.
“Need any help?” she asked.
“Sure,” Shoji said, thinking it was a teacher. He set down the box of chopsticks and opened the door. A blank expression washed over his face.
“Hanae?” he asked, “What are you doing here?” The woman’s lips curved into a smirk.
“I came to help you,” she said in a husky, seductive tone. Hanae waltzed into the storage room. Shoji took a panicked step back. His eyes darted around for escape as she put her arms around his shoulders. Her lips gently touched his ear.
“I’m going make you into a real man, Shoji-kun,” Hanae whispered. His spine went stiff when she licked his ear lobe. He shut his eyes wishing for help.
Kasumi-chan! Senpai! Anybody!
Hanae pressed a heavy kiss on his lips.
“Hanae!” the pair heard a girl yell, “What are you doing to him?!?” Hanae and Shoji looked up to see Kasumi storming towards them. She pushed her sister off of her boyfriend. The S&M freak gave her an angelic look.
“What?” she asked, “Why so pissed, baby sis?” Kasumi threw her arms around Shoji and glared at her sister.
“Back off, bitch!” she barked, “He’s my boyfriend! Don’t try any of your nasty games on him! If you do, I’ll… I’ll…” Hanae put up her hands at her younger sister.
“Fine, fine,” she brushed off, “It’s cool. I was only joking!” Kasumi shot her a cold glare as Hanae walked out of the storage room. The girl turned to her nervous boyfriend.
“Grab the chopsticks and come on,” Kasumi ordered, “Let’s just hope no more freaks show up! I just want the rest of this festival go on without incident!” Shoji nodded as he watched his girlfriend walk out the door.
“Right…” he mumbled to himself. The boy picked up the box of chopsticks and followed after his girlfriend.