Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Mafia ❯ Volume One, Chapter Two: Scheme ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Mikhael stared at Nikita like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What?!” he asked.

“Marry. My. Daughter,” Nikita said as if the boy was stupid. Mikhael was still lost. Too shock for words. Nikita saw that.

“Here,” the mob boss said. “I'll make it easier for you.” He turned to the gunman beside the boy.

“Drop your guns,” Nikita told him.

“But…” the gunman began.

“Just do it!” Nikita snapped. All three gunmen complied.

“Not you!” Nikita yelled at the guys beside Ruri. “Put those guns back at her head now!” The mob dogs grew happy and complied. Ruri felt weak again.

“Mom!” Mikhael exclaimed. But as he reached out, the dog next to him pulled out a knife.

“Don't move!” he snarled. Mikhael sat back as the gunman put his knife away. This was going to be a long night.


The limo pulled up at the mansion. It was raining now. Mikhael eyed the mansion outside. It was a glorious site. Even heaven would be jealous. The boy just sighed. How could a place so lovely house something so ugly?

“Out!” Nikita spoke up. Mikhael looked up.

“Huh?” he asked.

“Get out!” the mob boss repeated.

“Oh,” Mikhael said. Then he slowly stepped out of the limo. The mob boss followed. The gunman that was beside the boy followed.

“Boys,” Nikita spoke up. The other two gunmen paused as they forcefully grabbed Ruri out of the limo.

“Keep the guns out,” the mob boss said.

“Yes sir!” the mob dogs said. Then they all processed inside. Ruri looked hatefully at the men as she walked.

The inside was dark except for the lights outside. Everyone else is sleeping, Mikhael figured. He waited for the others to show. And sure enough, everyone from outside arrived. Nikita, the gunmen, Boris, and Ruri, everyone was present.

“Keep moving!” the mob boss barked. The boy nodded and kept walking down the hall. They all came to this small room near the stairs. Mikhael paused and looked.

“Go on! It's a room, it can't hurt you!” Nikita said quickly. Mikhael walked into it. The party followed behind. A table and two chairs on either side of the table sat in the room. Mikhael came to a chair.

“Sit!” the mob boss commanded. The college student complied. Nikita turned to his mob dogs.

“Sit her down!” he ordered them. The two gunmen pushed Ruri into the other chair. The woman glared at the mob guys.

“Listen broad,” Nikita hissed in her ear like a serpent. “You've got one whole hour to explain to your son the truth! And that's it! You got that?” Ruri glared at him with spite.

“Good.” Nikita said. He patted Mikhael's mother on the head like a dog and began leaving.

“Do a good job!” the mob boss called out. He slammed the door.

“Boys,” Nikita said to the two of the thugs when they were in the hall.

“Yes sir,” they replied. “Keep a close ear on the broad, if she can lead one of our comrades astray, she can surly lead her son to turn on us. Got it?” the mob boss ordered.

“Got it!” the gunmen said.

“Good. And keep track of the time while you're at it,” Nikita said.

“Right!” the thugs said. Nikita, Boris, and the third gunman headed upstairs.


Ruri glared at the door with hate. Why was she here? Why was she in this hell again? Why? Why?

Ruri turned to Mikhael. The sight of her son's face shattered her hate away. She felt like crying again. Why him? Oh, why him?

“Mom,” Mikhael spoke up. Ruri looked up.

“What is going on?” the boy asked. His mother took in a deep breath.

“Your father used to work for them,” Ruri began. Mikhael's eyes grew big.

“What?!” he yelled. Ruri nodded.

“He worked for them since he was fifteen,” she continued. “Those were the harshest years of his life. They always beat and torture him every time he made a small error. He even almost committed suicide due to their abuse and depression. He didn't because they caught him and beat until he was out cold and near death.

“Your father and I met at a casino. I was a cocktail waitress at the time. It was New Year's Eve. I was working hard and wished I could run away. I was called over to your father's table. He was with two of the Solashka thugs. I served them plum sake. I was going to leave when your father invited me to stay and talk. So I did.

“Later that night, he and I disappeared to a small hotel. I saw his scars. I asked your father about them and he told me about his dark past. I was so moved by it. I decided to stay by his side no matter what.”

“Why… am I… here?” Mikhael asked. Ruri grew pale.

“Bargain deal,” she answered.

“You're kidding?!” the boy yelled.

“Nikita, the mob boss is dying,” the woman explained. “The only way the mob can survive is if his daughter married someone. He came to me for your father used to work for them. Nikita said he would cancel my debt if you married his daughter.”

“So… I'm just payment?!” Mikhael exclaimed. Ruri nodded. The boy hung his head. Could things get any worse?

Right then, the door burst open. Both mother and son looked up. The two gunmen walked in and grabbed Ruri.

“Be strong Mikhael!” she yelled as they dragged her away. “I love you! Make your father proud!” The door slammed shut.

Mikhael gave a weak wave at the wooden door. He hung his head again.

“Payment,” the boy mumbled. “Payment! Is that all I am now? Payment?”