Other Fan Fiction / Role Playing Fan Fiction ❯ Journey of the Moon and the Sun ❯ Escape Through the Forest ( Chapter 1 )

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The cool breeze blew gently on the wolves' back, teasing their sensitive noses with scents and promises of freedom and an ever expanding wilderness. Slowly they make their way through the standing sentinels of the forest, which eventually part, into a beautiful grassy clearing, sun shining through the tops of the trees and small bugs buzzing around near the small pond in the middle.

The pure snow white wolf walked towards the pond first, staring for a bit at her reflection, the face of a blue eyed wolf staring back at her. She was quite lean, from running a lot, and the red line-shaped markings under both of her eyes seemed quite vibrant in the glitter of the evening sun.

"Nualk, we should rest here for now..." whined the she-wolf. "We've run enough. All the time it has been as if we were running from the sun itself."

She began to gnaw on some bandages wrapped around her left leg, which was neither injured nor bleeding, and through their whole run together, Nualk never knew why she wore them.

"Alright Luai..." he replied to her whines, almost dreamily, "I guess we can continue later..."

Both wolves soon laid lazily under the trees, but caught a scent that made their fur stand on end. Nualk began to whimper and shake like a frightened pup.

"It's... that scent... like back in the lab...before I..." Nualk turned and ran before daring to remember the screams, the smell of blood all around; the dark ominous force that compelled him to kill without a second thought.

"Nualk, wait!" Luai began to give chase, not wanting to get left behind.

"No, I can't! We have to get away Luai! As far as possible from it!"

"What are we running from?!" Luai dashed ahead of Nualk and leapt in front of him shovine him down to the ground so that he wouldn't keep running.

"Nualk calm down and tell me what's got you so worked up?"

"Something's been following me ever since I got captured from my home..."

"What do you mean, Nualk?"

"Luai, I think you were still asleep, but before I got captured...before I met you in the lab... my pack... I remember... staring down at my dead mother, then a bloodchilling laugh...."
He stopped and looked down at the ground solemnly, " blood dripped from his muzzle...and when I blacked out, all I remember is him talking to me, whispering, how I was next..."

Luai stared at him for a bit, before looking behind her to see if anyone was following them.
"See Nualk, if someone was following us, we would have picked up a scent..."

"I guess you're right Luai... but still... this forest creeps me out." Nualk gazed deeper into the forest, where the trees seemed to bunch up, light not able to pass through this impenetrable roof.

Luai thought for a bit, thinking of the day she and Nualk had first met, which was a rather odd ecounter. She remembered, looking through a glass, the stench of man everywhere, then one day, the eerie tranquility broken; human blood spilled; a wolf. His jaws upturned to a sadistic smile as blood spilled from his muzzle. Somehow though, this wolf seemed to regain the light to his eyes and helped her escape, both finding out they were part of some mad human's experiment to fuse ancient relics into living beings. Luai only remembered being captured and then taken to the laboratory. She stayed in a suspended animated state for three years, while the scientists studied her. Now, she was with Nualk, following him, being lead by him to who knows where. Somehow though through all this thinking, she felt eyes watching her every move as Nualk signaled her to keep on moving.