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CEO Meets The Host Club

Chapter 2: Club room

Seto closed his laptop as he waited in his homeroom class for the Host Club to arrive. The Door slid open and Crossdresser and the twins walked in to meet him. "Kaiba-san, were her to escort you to the Club room." The Crossdresser told him as he gave him a small smile. Seto grabbed his bag and followed them out of the Classroom. The walked down the corridor and up the stairs.
That when they began to pass the Music rooms when they Came to Music room Three they stopped. "I must apologize ahead of time." The crossdresser says as the twins open the door and rose petals started flying at them. "Welcome." Four voices told them as they entered the room that came from the other four from earlier. "Hey boss we brought him." The twins screeched as they walked toward the blonde.
"Excellent, good job Kaoru, Hikaru, you to my precious daughter Haruhi." The hyperactive Blonde praised them as he looked over to Seto. "Sorry if this is a bother Kaiba-san." Four eyes told him as he smiled evilly at him. "It’s fine." Seto told him as he turned away from him.
"We never introduced ourselves before, I'm Tamaki Souh and I'm a Third year." The Blonde commented. "I'm Kyoya Ootori and I'm also a third year." Four eyes said.
"I'm Mitsukuni Hanninozuka but everyone calls me Honey and I'm a college student." The little blonde told him and Seto was not all that surprise just look at Yugi. “And this is Takashi Morinozuka but everyone calls him Mori and he is also a college student." The little blonde said motioning to the silent guy who was standing behind him.
"I'm Karou-"
"I'm Hikaru."
"No I'm Hikaru, Karou."
"Stop messing with him." The crossdressser growled.
"Your no fun Haruhi." The twins commented.
"Were Hitachiin Twins and were both second years." The twins concluded.
"I'm Haruhi Fujioka. I'm also a second year." The crossdresser told him.
"I'm Seto Kaiba and I'm a Third year but you guys already know that." Seto commented as he looked at them bordily. "Your are right that we know who you are Kaiba-san, but there is a different reason we wanted you to come here." Tamaki told him as he sat down in a chair. "And what might that be?" Seto asked as he glanced over at the blonde. "We wish for you to join our Club the Host Club to be exact." Kyoya informed him as he smiled evilly at them.
"What is a Host club?" Seto asked confused for the first time in ages.
"The Host Club is a club that entertains young girls that have to much time on their hands as well as boys who have too much time on their hands." Tamaki concluded.
"Then why do you guys have a girl in your club?" Seto asked blankly as he looked over at Haruhi.
"What do you mean Haruhi is the strongest guy I know." Tamaki said weakly as he patted Haruhi shoulders. "Yeah, yeah." The twins said nervously.

"It’s ok guys, Yeah I'm a girl, I broke a vase worth eight million yen so I working to pay the debt." Haruhi told him.

"You guys are rich but you’re making this girl cross-dress and forcing her to pay back for what you guys get as an allowance." Seto murmured but everyone heard him perfectly. "My answer is no, I will not join a club that force a girl into tricking other girls for profit." Seto told them before leaving the room.
"That could have gone better." Kyoya murmured as he watched Seto Kaiba walk out of the Club room. "What should we do now Kyoya-senpai?" The twins asked him. "We will just have to be persistent." Kyoya replied. Everyone knew that this mean that Kyoya would now do any means necessary to to get Seto Kaiba to join the host club.
Seto sat a bench and pulled out his laptop and began to type away filling out documents and checking the company progress and its income. That as he heard the voices from the host club coming his way. "There he is." Tamaki told him as they approached Seto.
"What do you guys want now?" Seto asked. "We want you to reconsider about joining the host club." Honey told him.
"I have no desire to join your club as I stated before." Seto repeated himself. "What about these two then." Kyoya said sliding a picture infront of Seto of Mokuba. Seto turned over to give him his famous Kaiba glare which caused everyone besides Kyoya and Mori-senpai. "What do you want?" Seto asked coldly glaring at Kyoya.
"Nothing yet but we can arrange that you will never be able to see or hear from him again." Kyoya said just as icy. "Whatever, I'll get my revenge so you better watch your stupid club but I'm going to ruin you and your Family's corporations shall be blown to smithereens." Kaiba told them as he pushed passed them. That is when Seto limo pulled up and Seto stalked over to his limo.

Once Seto was gone Haruhi glared at them all. "What were you thinking of threatening someone’s family like that!" Haruhi yelled. "We didn't know that Kyoya(senpai) was going to do anything like this." Everyone besides Kyoya yelled. "I don't care but you just stood there watching him do it, and you, your despicable." Haruhi yelled slapping Kyoya in the face causing his glass to fly off his face and she stormed away.
"Don't bother coming to get me for club I taking a few days off." Haruhi concluded before storming off.
"Man."The twins said.
"Was Haruhi." Honey said.
"Mad." Tamaki finished.
"She will calm down after a few days." Kyoya said, before picking up his glasses and walked to where his limo was waiting. Everyone sighed as they all began to walk to their respected Limos and headed home.