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A CEO in the Host Club

Ch.1:The Visitor

Seto sighed as he walked onto the school grounds of the Giant Pink School in front of him. He grunted as many girls began to squeal as he made his way through the corridors. He decided to torch the hideous outfit that was given to him to wear as a uniform, so he simply wore a Dark blue long sleeve shirt, with a pair of black skinny jeans also with a blue and black belt and some plain black boots to finish his outfit.

He walked to the 3rd year’s classroom since he got his schedule in advance from hacking into the school mainframe. Which was quiet easy actually? He was in class 3-B. He opened the door and stepped inside to find that none was inside so he simple made his way to the front to take a look at the seating roster to find his name and went to sit at is new seat.

Seto pulled out his laptop and began working from his laptop. That is when the door slide open and Seto heard several footsteps heading over to him. Seto ignored them until one of them called his name.
"What is it you want from me?" Seto asked, not bothering to look up from his computer. "He such a stiff, why are we recruiting him again Kyoya-senpai." Two voices echoed, Seto ignored the jab and continued to work on his company's new project. "Not now Hikaru, Karou." Seto guessed this reply came from the Kyoya guy. Seto finished his last document before sending it over to Kaiba corps and looking up from his laptop over at the group of males.
"Since you now have my attention what is that you losers need." Seto questioned, looking from the idiot blonde to the four eyes to Stoic Giant to the preschooler to the Crossdresser to then at the red haired twins. They all yelled in protest at the loser remark.
"We only came here to invite you to come see our club after school today." Four eyes said, pushing up his glass to hide the ominous look that he was giving.
"I'm no-" Seto started as he phone began to go off and he quickly answered it.
"Hey, Seto, Mokie and I are going to head over to Yug' place after school and knowing you, you probably would try to escape and head back to the office, but Mokie demand the office staff not to let you in no matter what."
"Joey you can't be serious please tell me you didn't do that."
"I did you need to get out more, I don't care even if you are working from home, just don't go the office don't let that place be your prison." Joey concluded as he hanged up the phone. Seto sighed as he looked back over at the host club with an irritated face.
"I'll go." Seto told them before looking away from them and went back to work. "That great we will come to escort you after school." The idiotic blonde said happily as he bounced out.
Seto nearly nodded his head and turned his attention to his work that stood in front of him. The Host Club left the classroom after that.