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A CEO in the Host Club


"Master Seto you have a letter. " A man with dark blue hair which was pulled back, he had a black suit on and a pair of black shades told a young man who had brown hair that touched his shoulders who has on a white business suit on he had cold deep blue eyes. The man handing the young man the letter.
Seto reached out and took the letter into his hand and looked from the front and the back before opening it.
"Who is it from?" Seto asked as he began to skim the letter contents. "It’s from Ouran Academy sir." Roland replied. Pointing to the back of the letter that held the Ouran Academy Crest on the letter. "What could they possible want from me?" Seto scoffed as he truly began to read the very, very short letter.
Dear Seto Kaiba,
You have been asked to join the prestigious Ouran Academy. You have been accepted we look forward to seeing you this school year.
Signed Chairman Suoh.
"I'm not interested." Seto stated throwing the letter to the far side of his desk then turned back to his laptop to continue his work. "But Mr.-" Roland started. "Not Now Roland." Seto growled as he waved his had shooing the bodyguard away as he began typing furiously.

"I'm back Mokuba, Puppy!" Seto yelled as he walked into the mansion to find it awfully quiet. Seto placed his keys in his pocket and headed towards the living room. Seto entered the living room to see his younger brother was clearly upset and a pissed off blonde next to him who glared at him as he entered the room.
"What going on?" Seto questioned as walking towards the Blonde and his kid brother. "You that what wrong Seto you promised me that you would attend Ouran academy with me this year." The boy who had long black hair and had violet eyes yelled at Seto. The boy began to pout, Seto sighed as he rubbed his temples
Seto vaguely recalled saying something like that last year to Mokuba. Seto then looked over at the blonde to ask what was wrong with him. "What wrong you promised that you would go to school but you didn't even show up for the first month Seto." the blonde said. Glaring at him.
"I'm sorry you know what I will attend Ouran academy if that makes you both happy, so please stop being angry at me Mokuba, Joey." Seto said. Trying to please his new family.
Joey and Mokuba looked at each other than back at Seto. "It’s a deal." Joey and Mokuba said in Unison as the smiled at the burnette.