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CEO in the Host Club
Ch.4:The Visit Part 1

Seto sat at his desk typing away while he held his duel deck in one hand. He sighed as he glanced over at the clock which read 6:04. He got up and started to walk out of his office and started to head to his limousen below.
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"What are we going to do Kyoya?" Tamaki asked as he knew this battle was not over. "We will be paying a visit to the Kaiba mansion tommrow." Kyoya said smirking evily as he scribbled something down in his notebooks. "But I thought Kaiba did not want us anywhere near his house." Tamaki responded confusedly as Kyoya simply ingored the blonde next to him.
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Joey was walking through Kaiba mansion when he heard he door bell chime. Knowing it was just hisself and Mokuba here he walked down to the stirs to the front door. "Who is at the door, Roland?" Joey asked through the voice box thing. "They claim to be classmates of Seto, Joey." Roland informed him. Joey looked suprised. "You can let them in Roland." Joey responded as he waied for the guest to get to the front door.
Soon as Joey knew they were mere feet from the door Joey pulled open the door and glanced Six males and the one female that stood infront of him. "How may I help you?" Joey asked in a polite voice as the other teens seemed to be analyizing them. "We here to see, Mister Kaiba." Kyoya replied, giving Joey a small smile. "Seto, not here right now but he will be her soon how about we go wait in the living room." Joey said letting them into the Mansion.
The Host Club stared in awe at the interior decor of the place. "May I ask who had designed the house?" Hikaru asked as he and his brother stared at the Blue Eyes White Dragon statue. "Seto, designed this entire layout by himself after his favorite Duel monster Card Blue Eyes White Dragon." Joey informed them as they entered the living room.
"What is a Duel Monster?" Haruhi asked confused as she looked up at Joey who sat a crossed from them. “Duel Monster is a card game that is projected of hologram using Duel Disk that projected in the cards form." Mokuba explained as he entered the room. “Hey Mokuba." Joey greeted the younger Kaiba. "Joey, who are they?" Mokuba asked looking over at Joey who simple open his mouth to reply when he remember he never asked the strangers their names.
"Joey I swear one day you’re going to end up being kidnapped due to the fact you never ask anyone their names before letting the in." Mokuba sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "So who are you guys?" Mokuba asked the Host Club. "My name is Kyoya Ootori, this hyperactive blonde is Tamaki Souh, the twins are Hikaru and Karou Hitachiin, The tall stoic guy is Takashi Morinozuka and the blonde on his shoulder is Mitsukuni Haninozuka and the only girl in our group is Haruhi Fujioka." Kyoya introduced them all.
That is when the door slammed opened and they saw an angry Seto storm pass the living room heading upstairs. "Seto, are you alright?" Joey called out to him chasing him upstairs leaving Mokuba down stairs with the host club.