Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Cassiopeia ❯ Broken Home ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter Three: Broken Home:

Her parents always fought. She used to just tone it out. Lately, the fighting grew worse.

I guess moving didn't change anything, she thought in her room. Her parents, Ivy and Jack, had a hot-blooded relationship. One minute they fought and the next, they were hot and heavy. Lately, the hot and heavy became few and far in between.

Crash! More dishes hit the floor.

“I hate you!” Ivy shouted.

“I'm glad to know the feeling is mutual!”Jack yelled back. “Bitch!”

“What did you say?!”

“You heard me, bitch!”

Their daughter closed her eyes as she listened for the slap to follow. I can't take this anymore, she thought. Smack!

“You hit me! You actually hit me, you bitch! Come here!” Jack shouted. His daughter huddled up into a ball as the violent grew worse. Make them stop. Make them stop!

Unbeknownst to her, Ivy was plotting. She developed a hobby of gardening. Her specialty? Ivy secretly grew poisonous flowers. Right now, she tended to her “babies.” Ivy smiled at their dark petals. The right amount could kill a grown man. This evening's fight set her plans into action. Twenty years led to this? Ivy snorted to herself. Fuck that! She counted down the days to harvest the solution to her marital problems.

Soon, Ivy thought. She tended to her deadly children before going back into the house.


Three days later…

The family waited for their breakfast in the living room. Jack tried to look over into the kitchen.

“Hey, honey!” he shouted. “You coming with your surprise yet?”

“Just a second, dear!” Ivy called back. She glanced around the kitchen for a moment. Husband and daughter watched the morning TV as they waited. The wife smirked to herself. She picked up two of her lethal children and stuck them into Jack's beer. Ivy smiled at her handy work. Just twenty more minutes, she thought. Ivy gripped the kitchen counter.

“You know something,” she said. “I really love you, Jack.” Her husband blinked at that statement.

“Okay… what is this?” he asked.

“Do you love me too?” his wife asked. Jack shrugged without a thought.

“I guess,” he answered. “Why?” Ivy smirked at such a half-assed attempt to save himself. She took the flowers out of his drink. The wife turned around with the tray in her hands.

“Thanks for waiting!” she cheered. Ivy walked it the living room and served her family. Breakfast began like normal with silence, eating, and the TV in the background. Ivy eyed her husband as she drank her beer.

Suddenly, Jack grew pale and began to gag. His daughter looked up in a panic.

“Dad?!” she shouted. “Dad, what's wrong?!” Jack gasped for air and crashed back to the couch, foaming at the mouth. While Ivy smiled at her work, their daughter ran to the phone to call for help.

Two hours later, Jack Tyler was pronounced dead at home.

The plot had just began to unfold, but first the other parents had to be taken out of the picture.