Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ a new friend ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 3: a new friend

after telling melfina that he loved her. gene started acting strangely.jim whats a matter with gene? its ok melfina hes just got alot on his mind like that guy. and plus the fact that he loves you so hes thinking about alot.thanks jim is your stomach ok?. yeah they said if i sit down most of the time ill be fine and recover in no time.ok.
(somone knocks on the door). welcome to starwind and hawking interprices we..... i know i know. now i heard you guys got the XGP. never heard of it. dont play stupid i know you have it. ok fine yeah we have it who wants to know and why. oh my aplogys.my name is leon and this is my little sister sheena. jim looked at sheena and noone else. he felt this feeling before....so what do you want.. i want to join your crew. what?! said gene. what experince do you have. i have my sword im sort of like your friend suzuka.execpt i use guns and swords. so i can fight and gun and my little sister is like your buddy jim there. yes im great with computers and ship repairs.hmm well we have been lookin for some new crew members....ok fine but dont try anything funny. ok...oh my brother the one with the long black hair. he wants to kill you. heh yeah i figured that when i fought him. he hates the XGP you killed some of his friends a long time ago. well ive killed alot so i really wouldnt know who. well his name is ricardo. ok well your in we got 2 free rooms.

the following night. melfina walks into genes bedroom? cant sleep gene? no im worried about that ricardo.its ok gene you can handle him. no hes not like hanzonko. hes stronger. and plus he can deflect casters. oh well no sence in worrying about it now. melfina lays down on genes bed. night gene. oh so now your gonna sleep here today? heh ok night mel.