Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ the black hole ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 5: the black hole

jim where is nanari?a couple of hours ahead. damn it. well ill set it on auto pilot melfina why dont you get out of the controll system. ok
gene walked to his room and began thinking. (why does she want to become human?) mabe she thinks il love her more that way. melfina walks in the room. oh hey mel. hey. why did you want to become human? melfina began to blush no reason. (shes blushing) well ok but if you have somthing you want to tell me please do. nope nothing. well ok lets get some rest for nanari ok gene. while evreyone was sleeping gene looked out the deck window. he began to sing the lullaby melfina sung when they found the ruins of the layline.gene.... where did you learn that song?what oh hi mel i learned it when i was a kid. how did you learn it? i dont know......whoa the gravitys turned off gene said. gene sat in his chair and held melfina in his lap. and they both started singing the lullaby...

gene woke up with everyone looking at him. what guys. hey have fun last night?. gene looked down and saw melfina in his lap.again she wanted to sleep with me so shut up. and if we did somthin we would of had our clothes off. guess your right. suddenly a huge vibration came out of nowhere. what the hell?! gene yelled. gene i cant access the computer i cant get in my controll center. shit. GENE LOOK what the hell.... A BLACK HOLE!!?!! wow ive heard of them but ive never seen one before!! WELL GENIUS HOW DO WE GET AWAY FROM IT?! WE CANT THE GRAVITATIONAL PULL IS TO STRONG!!!!!! were gonna be sucked in! everyone HOLD ON TO SOMTHING!!! suddenly there was a huge flash.....

to be continued