Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ the other side ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 6: the other side

the outlaw gang woke up in a daze. where are we gene said?
i dont know the outlaw star cannot be flown gene gillium said. well what do we do!? hmm well 1 of the engins are at 10% its enough to give us some speed to drift out of here so if we use it in about an hour we can get out. ok gillium thanks for the mean time lets relax. oh yeah guys. what leon whats that tarp covering? .....you got a built in hot spring for the outlaw star. yep. well its big enough for all of us so lets go for a dip.jim started to splash sheena and they got into a water fight. leon took a nap in his room after he found out why they called it a "hot" spring. hey mel why are you looking so down? what oh nothing. really... i bet i can tickle it out of you! tickle? wow mel you dont know what tickleing is mel? said jim. no...... well why dont i show you then! gene said tickeling melfina. Stop gene hahahhaha stop hahahahahah.you may be an android but your still tickelish. gene and melfina began dunking and tickling each other. why dont we get out of here sheena said jim. ok then. gene and melfina got out right after jim and sheena. gene got dressed in his reguler jacket and armor and went to the cockpit. ok were out of the black hole. hey what the hell its nanari. wow so the black hole was protecting it jim said. so this is whats on the other side. full speed to nanari!