Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ the sword of rykusho ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 7 the sword of rykusho

gene and the gang landed on nanari. wow this place is beutiful gene. you got that right. no time right now though. lets get that sword. after 2 hours of hiking gene spotted a village with a temple in the middle. THATS IT! the sword of rykusho. dont get to cocky gene said jim. look at all those warriors. HOLY SHIT! they all have casters.
well i gotta use wanna these.... gene you mean the #17? yeah ARE YOU CRAZY come on its just like the #3 but a better blast. yeah but its still gonna take life out of you probably more than the #3!. well i gotta take the chance. gene no youll die. gene put his hands on melfinas shoulders. ill never leave your side melfina....i promise.Melfina started to blush.o-ok gene. HEY GUYS UP HERE!!!!. the villagers looked up and started to charge. hehe EAT THIS BASTARDS!!!!!! a huge golden light came from the caster and wiped out all the villagers and buildings. revaling the sword glowing a barrier around it. YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! gene yelled in pain. melfina caught him right before he hit the ground. come on gene get up. (cough cough) im alright mel. lets get that sword. gene walked up to the sword and took it from its sheath. wow its so light. heheh isnt it nice gene? huh leon said. RICARDO! leon how could you wast your time with these weaklings.shut up ricardo. give me the rykusho. how bout we dont and say we didnt gene said. thats the only sword that can kill me lets fight with them.... alright. HA YES FINALY THE RYKUSHO AND THE NIKUSHO CLASH IVE BEEN WAITING SO Long! what the hell are you talkin about lets fight!

to be continued