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Chapter 2


"My story begins when I was just a child, when I still respected my father. I was around six at the time."

Back, back through the mists of time.

"So boy, which do you like better; okonomiyaki or Ucchan?"

"Umm, okonomiyaki is yummy, but Ucchan can make more of it, so Ucchan."

'Damn, this puts a crimp on the plan to unite the schools.' "Okay son, Ukyo will be coming with us on our trip." 'I can always dump her later,' he thought deviously.

"Yay, Ucchan is coming with us. I can play with Ucchan every day!" Ranma completely misunderstanding the agreement.


The next day, Ranma made a discovery that would change his life forever. Ucchan was a girl.

A girl, the very same thing that his father called him when he needed to him angry. His best friend was a girl; his world was being turned upside down.


A few days later, Genma had left Ukyo behind to mind the camp whilst he trained Ranma. He was felt that Ranma had been slacking off in the previous two days.

'This should get the boy back on track with his training. An ultimate technique, hey even the training is easy.' "Ranma, get here, it's time for you to learn a new technique!"

"Really, poppa? What do I gotta do?" Ranma's eyes lit up.

"Just follow me." Genma lead his son to the pit in the abandoned lot. "I need to tie you up first."

Ranma just stood there as his father wrapped him in fish sausages, wondering just what his father had planned.

Then it happened, he was picked up and thrown into the pit.


"It's for the sake of the art, boy. Now learn the technique!"


Lat er, Genma pulled his son out of the pit, he was disappointed he hadn't learned the Cat fist, but there was always tomorrow. Right now, it was time for some sake with his food.

"What happened to you Ranchan?" Ukyo asked when they had been left alone.

"It's some new thing pops wanted me to learn, cos I gotta be a martial artist." Ranma tried to put on a brave face, but she could easily see he was troubled.

"So that's how you got all those scratches and cut and bits?"

"Yeah, I don't want to do again. I'm, I'm not sure I want be a martial artist any more.." Ranma was on the verge of tears.

Ucchan hugged her fiancé. "Don't worry Ranchan, I'll make sure that you don't have do that thing again."

"Thanks, Ucchan, you're the best friend I could ever want."


The next morning, Ranma was dragged off to the pit once Genma had gotten some sardines for the training. Ukyo had suspected that Genma would try something like this, hoping that she had enough time to put her plan into action.

"OI!! What do you think you're doing?"

'Crap!' Genma dropped the bundle on the ground and ran off into the distance once he recognised the two men as police officers. 'Heh, the master's training still proves useful.'

"I'll check the bundle, you run after him!"

The taller of the two men ran after Genma, whilst the shorter, older one rushed to the bundled up child. 'Christ, it's a kid,' he thought as he freed Ranma.

"What's your name?" 'Are those animals in that pit?'

Through the sobs, the policeman made out the name, "Ranma."

"Don't worry son, I'll get us some help. Dispatch, this officer Ishikawa, I need an ambulance at the abandoned lot on Hachi-dori. Call child services too, I think we have a case for them."

"Roger that Ishikawa."

Ukyo walked up to the pair, "what's up with Ranchan, mister?"

"It seems that your friend had a problem with a man. He was tied up with these sardines strapped to his body, I don't know why though."

"What did the man look like?" Ukyo had a good idea.

"It, it was poppa, Ucchan." Ranma started to cry. "Why? Doesn't poppa like me any more?"

Ishikawa was stunned that someone would do this to their child. "Do you know this boy and his father, miss?"

"Yeah, my dad engaged me to Ranchan."

"Engaged? You mean an arranged marriage?"

Ukyo nodded, "uh-huh."

The ambulance's arrival coincided with the return of Yamazaki. "He just disappeared. I don't know how he did it, but we should get these kids out of here."

Climbing into the ambulance, the policemen started to ask Ranma and Ukyo questions.

"I'm Ukyo Kuonji. He's my fiancé, Ranma Saotome."


"Yeah, it's an arranged marriage, Yamazaki. We should get in contact with Ukyo's father and Ranma's mother."

"Do you know your mom's name, Ranma?"

"No, but I'm from Tokyo. I wanna see mom again."

"Don't worry Ranchan, you will see you mom again. My dad's in the area, check the okonomiyaki restaurants."

"Thank you, Ukyo. Why were you out here?"

"I'm supposed to be trainin' to be the best martial artist in the world. But pops was sayin' that I gotta go back in the pit, or he'd buy me a dress 'cos I won't be a real man."

"What? Ranchan, if being the best martial artist means that you gotta do things like that, then maybe you should do something else."

"She's right, Ranma. Perhaps you could do something else." Yamazaki added.

"Yeah, but what else can I do?"

"Anything you want, Ranchan. Anything you want." Ucchan comforted her friend.

When they all reached the hospital, Ishikawa went off to start the search for Ranma's mother. A doctor talked to Yamazaki whilst a nurse bathed Ranma and Ukyo.

"I tell you this, it's lucky that you got him when you did, if he was thrown into that pit, he would have been traumatised for life. Right now if you can put him in a loving, nurturing environment, then he has a good chance to heal. I'm telling you now for the sake of both the children - do what you can to keep them out of the boy's father's hands."

"I have to agree with you on that one. " Yamazaki was developing a hatred for Genma Saotome. "I got a look at the 'training manual' that was at the crime scene, I doubt he even read the whole thing! It even says the damn technique will cause irreversible psychological harm to the subject."

"Can you spare some armed guards for the time being? I think he may try to hurt the boy, maybe even the two of them."

"We're here until 8pm, when the next three come on. He was a slippery bastard when I chased after him, so I figured that he'd try something at night."

"You do me proud as you partner, Yamazaki. Good news, the boy's mother is alive and coming to visit us tomorrow. No sign of the girl's father, though." Ishikawa was a little concerned.

"Anyway, I have other patients to see to, if you'll excuse me," the doctor made his way to pick up the next chart.

"Do you want to give him the good news?"

"Yeah, that kid has deserves some happiness. Hey, Ishikawa, if you couldn't track either of the parents, what would you have done?"

"Whatever it took to keep that brute from them."


Inside, Ranma and Ukyo had finished their bath. "Ucchan, I'm sorry that being my friend has taken you from your pop. I never wanted to hurt you." Ranma's voice was sad.

"Ranchan, do you promise to watch out for me, if I watch out for you?"

"Yeah, Ucchan, we'll be friends forever!"

"Hey you two, I've got some good news for. We've found Ranma's mom, she's coming to visit you tomorrow." Yamazaki announced.

"My mom, she's coming here?"

"Yes," Ishikawa confirmed, 'though she didn't seem _that_ worried about you.'

"Ranchan, will your mom look after us?"

"I hope so, Ucchan."

The nurse decided that it was nap time for the children and ushered the policemen out of the room.

For Ranma, sleep came easier than it had in long time.


The next day, Ranma was a bundle of nervous energy. Not even the complaints from Ucchan could calm him down completely.

Nodoka Saotome walked into the police station, hoping that nothing too bad had happened to her son. 'The policeman was a bit vague, I do hope nothing terrible has happened to them.'

"Hello, I'm Nodoka Saotome, I believe that I am expected."

"Ah, yes, officer Ishikawa would like to speak with you about your son."


After being lead to the interview room, Nodoka was offered a cup of tea by Ishikawa.

"I have some news regarding your son, Ranma."

"What's wrong? Ranma was supposed to be on a training trip so he could be a worthy heir to the family school of martial arts. My husband, Genma, guaranteed it. He staked his life on it, look." Nodoka pulled out the seppuku contract.

'Is she for real?' "Do you really expect your son to cut open his belly if you think he's not manly?"

"No, that was just to keep Genma from doing anything too foolish."

"What about engaging your child?"

Nodoka's eyes widened.

"I never approved an arranged marriage for my son. It would be an insult to his manliness, it would say he couldn't get a girl on his own." Nodoka was having second thoughts about the training trip.

'She's got some weird notions about manliness, but her heart's in the right place.' "There's more, the girl he's 'engaged' to told us that something bad was going to happen to your son yesterday. I investigated the claim and saw your husband preparing to throw your son into a pit of starving animals. The doctor said if he had succeeded, Ranma would be permanently psychologically scarred. He could have become scared of cats or even lost his mind!" Ishikawa turned away, taking a breath, he figured what buttons to push. "Being scared of domesticated animals is not what I would call manly."

"You're right, where's my son and his 'fiancée'?" Nodoka's temper started to boil.

"They're at the hospital right now, under guard in case your husband tries something."

"Please don't refer to Genma as my husband. One would expect hardships in martial arts training, but this is madness. I may need to visit my lawyer about a divorce."

'That's good, she's not completely insane.' "Oh, one other thing. If your family school of martial arts involves some of the crimes we suspect Genma of, then maybe you and Ranma should rethink the importance of martial arts in his life."

"Yes, it was his father's idea that he study Anything Goes. I was a kendo student myself, I think that Ranma would do well at it."

"Wait, Anything Goes?"

"Yes, why?" 'Why am I getting a feeling of dread?'

"I've heard bad things about it's founder, a pervert and a thief."

"Unfortunately, you're right in both counts. However, the sooner we get Ranma out of his father's clutches, the sooner we can get to raising him to good man."

"On that I agree with you, Mrs Saotome."

At the hospital, Genma was sneaking around. He planned to steal back the boy and make off into the night. Day. Whatever. He was about to go into the children's ward when he saw a familiar looking person. 'Feck, it's the wife.' (1)

Nodoka saw her husband out of the corner of her eye. 'I had better stay close to Ranma.'

She knocked on the door to Ranma's room, hoping that Ranma hadn't been maimed by the fool she called 'husband'.

Upon the opening of the door, Ranma looked scared as if he was expecting an ogre or demon to steal him away. Then he remembered who he was looking at.


"Ranma, it is you. Oh, I'm so glad that you're alright. I was worried that something bad had happened to you." Nodoka started to fuss over her son. "I'm so sorry son, don't worry I won't let him hurt you any more."

"Mom, I want you to meet my bestest friend in the whole wide world - Ucchan."

Ukyo bowed to Nodoka.

"So this is the girl that told the police?" Setting Ranma down, she appraised the girl. 'A bit of a tomboy, but cute. "Thank you for saving my son." Nodoka bowed her head.

"You're welcome, Mrs Saotome."

"Please, call me auntie Nodoka. I hear you're engaged to my son."

"What does that mean, mom?"

"That means one day you're going to be married. Ucchan, do have you a place to stay?"

"Well I was supposed to go with Ranchan and his dad, but when I saw the cuts and scratches, I got scared."

"I would like to talk with your father about this engagement thing. But for now, I want you to think of Ranma as your brother."

"You mean I can play with Ucchan every day?"

"Yes, Ranma. Ucchan is going to be living with us."

"Yay!" Ranma danced a little jig with Ucchan.


"You're thinking that my life was improving, right? Well, the gods seem to enjoy playing with us. Because, just then, Ucchan's dad was admitted to the hospital. He'd had a heart attack."


Back in the past

"WHAT? You've found the girl's father?"

"Yeah, he's in the emergency room. I hope they can save him, I want to talk with him."

A nurse knocked on the door, walking up to Nodoka she whispered the news to her.

"Ucchan, I have some bad news. They found your father. But he's not well. They brought him here to the hospital."

"What, dad's not well?" As Ukyo started to cry, Ranma went to comfort his best friend.

"Don't worry, Ucchan. I promise that no matter what, I'm going to look out for you.

"Thanks Ranchan."

Nodoka sat down at the table, "well, then Ranma, Ucchan. Why don't you show me your writing skills. I would like to see how quickly you can write out every hiragana and katakana."

"Ok, mom."

"Sure, Auntie Nodoka."

After a few minutes of writing both of the children finished their work. Ukyo's being much neater than that of Ranma.

"Well done, you two. I'm going to show you some kanji and I want you to tell me what they mean. Then I want you to write them for me."

"More writing?" Ranma moaned.

Ukyo giggled, "Ranchan never did like doing things like this."

"I can tell. Well if Ranma wanted to be a martial artist, then I suppose that he would focus on things other than reading and writing."

"I don't want to be a martial artist any more, mom."

"Oh, and just what do you want to do?"

Ranma thought for a moment, furrowing his brow. You could almost hear the light bulb being switched on in his head. "I wanna be a giant robot pilot." He announced grandly.

"But son, there aren't any giant robots for you to pilot."

Ranma started to look depressed. Ukyo had an idea.

"Maybe you could make one to pilot?"

"Yeah, that just might work, Ucchan. See mom, she's the bestest friend I could ever want."

Just then a nurse came into the room. "Excuse me, but I have some bad news."

"How's my dad?"

"I'm sorry, but your father has just passed away."

Nodoka thanked the nurse and turned to the children.

Ucchan had started to cry. Ranma looked sad, he had liked Ukyo's father. Nodoka sighed. After leaving a note on the table, she gathered the children in a group hug.

"We're going home to Tokyo in a few days. Ucchan do you have any other family?"

"N-n-no, auntie Nodoka."

"Ukyo, I want to adopt you as my daughter. Would you like that?"

"You mean that you'd be my mom?"

"Yes, but there is one catch with that."

"What's that mom?" Ranma was curious.

"You two cannot get married if you are brother and sister."

"Ok, I promise that as Ucchan's brother to look out for her for always."

"Hey Ranchan, as your sister I'd get to tease you."

Ranma growled, then a thought occurred to him "but I get to tease you back as your brother."

"Now, now children. I don't want you two fighting."

"Sorry, mom."

"That's better. Now what kind of food do you like?"

"Anything tasty, mom."

"Ranchan will eat almost anything, auntie Nodoka. I'm training to be an okonomiyaki chef."

"I thought that might be the case. I do like good okonomiyaki. Maybe this will work out nicely. My manly son, studying to be a giant robot engineer, with my daughter cooking the finest okonomiyaki in he district."

"Hey, I wanna be a pilot not an engineer, mom," Ranma was upset that his mother didn't seem to take his new dream seriously.

"You have to build one to pilot first, son. Besides, once you know how they work, you can fix it when it breaks."

"Oh, yeah. I didn't think of that. Will I need to study at school?"

"Yes you will son."

Ranma groaned.

"And I want you to take up kendo. Keep up your unarmed practice, but I want you to focus on swords."

"Oh yeah, for when I'm in my robot." Ranma started to drift off into a fantasy where swung a Gundam-like beam sabre as a sword of justice.

Nodoka shook her head. Turning to Ukyo, she asked, "what brought all this on?"

"We watched some anime earlier, and the nice policemen suggested that Ranchan do something else."

"I see."

"But Ranchan sometimes gets a bit silly. You really mean that Ranchan could my brother?"

"Yes, if that's what you want. You'll be around him all the time, good or bad."

"Yes, mom. That would be nice," Ucchan spoke as she curled up into a ball and slept.

Nodoka went to the table, re-read her note and tore it up. 'Time to put a stop to Genma's crazy ideas.' She started a new note and plan. One that would offer Genma a face saving way out and the children a chance to live in peace.


To be continued.

(1) Yes, that was Father Ted reference. If you've never seen it, then you are missing out on what was possibly the funniest sitcom about priests.