Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Love... and trouble... ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 7 - Love… and Trouble…
It had been a few days since Miraki and Rinshai had first come to school. So far, Miraki had been deemed “Loudest Bitch of the Month” by some of the girls and “Coolest Person to Know” by the ones who actually had the guts to make friends with her.
Rinshai had been deemed “Quietest Person in Class” by Mrs. Kurimotori and “Nicest Person to Know” by the rest of the school… except for Sae's friends/lackeys who considered her equal to Miraki and Momo… namely, whores.
Now, the “Loudest Bitch of the Month” and the “Quietest Person in Class” were sitting in the library doing some research for a project they had to turn in the week after. They sat at a long wooden table near the window so that they could see the sun and the trees outside.
“Ju know,” Miraki started, while chewing a piece of gum. “I think, that that girl Sel or whatever her name is…”
“Sae,” put in Rinshai, as she thumbed through her math book.
Miraki nodded. “Yeah, right, her. I think that she won't show up to school for a while. I mean, she hasn't shown up yet and it's been a week. And…”
Her cousin looked up a moment and then back down at the book while shaking her head. “What're'ya planning now Miraki?”
The redhead looked at her cousin in mock shock. “Why do you assume that I'm planning something?”
She narrowed her eyes at her. “And for that matter, why do you always assume that I'm planning something?”
The dark haired girl raised an eyebrow but didn't look up. She put her finger on an equation and began to copy it down in her notebook. “Because, you always do have something planned. I know you Miraki. I know how you think.”
Miraki looked at Rinshai a moment and then huffed. “Hmph… well, fine then. I won't tell you.”
She stuck her tongue out at the back of her cousin's head and her gum fell out onto the table near Rinshai.
The dark haired girl finally looked up and gave her cousin a face. “Eeew. Pick it up will ya?” She wiggled her pencil at the redhead. “And for that matter,” she repeated, mimicking Miraki, “you shouldn't be chewing gum in here anyway.”
Miraki rolled her eyes and picked up the piece of gum and went to throw it out. As she was walking back to the table, she noticed two people standing on the other side of the library, a little hidden from view by some bookshelves. It was Momo and the boy Kiley that she had introduced them to the day before at lunch.
She looked around and made sure no one was watching her, then slowly crept over to where they were.
They were standing behind a row of books and were talking in hushed tones. Miraki stood on the opposite side of the bookshelf and moved a few books to the side so that she could look and hear.
“I dunno Momo, I mean, you love him right?” Kiley asked.
Momo looked at the floor a moment and then at the ceiling. “I… I don't know Kiley. I don't know what I know anymore.” She looked back at Kiley and there were tears glistening in her eyes. “I think I did… at some point… but now, I… I don't know. I just can't figure it out. If he loved me, why would he tell me those things?”
Kiley looked around and scratched the back of his head. “I don't know Momo. Maybe he was just upset. I mean, maybe… I dunno… maybe…” He lowered his hand and made sure no one was looking at them and pulled Momo into his arms. “Maybe he was just scared Momo.” He squeezed her a little tighter
and her cheeks turned bright pink.
Miraki couldn't see everything through the tiny opening, but she thought that he mouthed the words “Scared like I am.” Her eyes widened and tears streamed in waterfalls down her cheeks. That's… that's so cute!!! she screamed in her head. She bit on her knuckles and nearly jumped out of her skin when someone touched her shoulder.
“Miraki, why are you spying on them?” Rinshai asked quietly in her ear.
The redhead turned to her cousin and shushed her. She pointed to the small hole and motioned for her to look.
She saw Momo in Kiley's arms, her face pink and then she saw Momo push away softly.
“Thanks… Kiley. I… I gotta go to class,” Momo started. “I'll see you later.”
Kiley nodded and watched Momo leave. Miraki and Rinshai scurried to grab books and put them to their noses when Momo passed by them. When she was out of sight, they sighed in relief and put the books back. Rinshai turned to Miraki to tell her something but saw that the redhead was looking through the hole again. “What are you-” She was cut off by Miraki's finger on her lips. She moved another book out of the way and looked as well.
Kiley had leaned up against the bookcase and ran a hand down his face. He sighed sadly and turned to punch the bookcase in anger. When he turned back around, he wiped his eyes quickly, took a deep breath and walked out of the library without giving anyone a glance.
Miraki and Rinshai left their “hiding place” and walked back to their table, both lost in their own thoughts.
The dark haired cousin was the first to speak. “I think… I think that he loves her.”
Her cousin looked at her as they sat down. “I agree. Now, the question is: Does Momo love him?”
Rinshai took in a breath and looked toward the window. “I don't know. We haven't been here long enough to see if she does or doesn't.”
Miraki looked outside as well and then down at the books spread in front of them. She sighed. “We'll find out… but I think she does.” She grabbed an English book from the table and leafed through it. “Come on, we've got to finish. We'll talk to Momo later.”
Her cousin nodded and began copying notes again.
Momo walked down the hall with her head in the clouds. She couldn't decide on what she was feeling. It was clear that Kiley liked her but she couldn't figure out why he would tell her to stay with Toji if he did. Do I have feelings for Kiley? She wondered silently, avoiding people instinctively as she wandered to her next class. Just as an answer seemed in reach, someone bumped
into her, hard.
She looked up and her eyes widened as she saw the smirking, if not bruised, face of Sae.
The entire hall fell suddenly quiet and Momo swallowed. Oh crap, this is bad. Behind Sae, Momo could see about five girls with their arms crossed, glaring her down. Momo looked at them all and recognized the girl that Miraki had grabbed a few days before and prayed for someone, or something to intervene. I really don't need this right now… I really don't. She closed her eyes tight and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, she saw that Sae was now looking over her shoulder quizzically.
Momo turned around and was surprised to see four people standing behind her: Kiley, Miraki, Rinshai and a girl that the cousins had made good friends with, Freiya. Miraki looked bored, Rinshai had her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised, Kiley looked a little lost and Freiya looked ready to bolt.
Momo's face broke out into blue lines and she began to wobble. Great, what a troop! She shook her head and smiled at them. “Thanks guys,” she mouthed. Miraki shrugged and grinned, Rinshai nodded shortly, Kiley smiled back and Freiya seemed to gain more confidence.
The blonde turned back to Sae and her group and took a deep breath. Well, here goes nothing. She bowed almost to her knees and yelled, “I'm sorry Sae!”
A loud THUD could be heard from behind Momo as the troop fell over and the girls behind Sae stood with their mouths hanging open.
Sae's mouth puckered in a very unflattering manner and she narrowed her eyes at the top of Momo's head. She barked out a laugh and Momo finally looked up slowly. “Do you really think, you dumb bitch, that I'm sorry is going to cut it?”
Momo backed up a space and looked at Sae a moment. “Look Sae, I'm sorry for beating your a-”
“Shut up!” Sae screeched shrilly. “I don't care what you're going to say! You stole my boyfriend and you almost killed me you stupid, lit-”
“Stop it Sae.”
Everyone turned around and stared at the person who was standing at the top of the stairs near them.
It was Toji, and he didn't look too happy.