Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Lies and apologies ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 8 - Lies and apologies…
Toji leaned heavily on the railing and then slowly made his way forward. “Sae, I can't believe you would lie like that. I thought…” He stopped and grimaced and then continued toward them. “I thought you were a nice person.” He shook his head. “I guess I was dooped as bad as all of these people here.” He motioned around the hall and everyone blinked in confusion.
“Sae, what is he talking about?” one girl asked her.
“Yeah, what does he mean we've been dooped? Have you lied to us, Sae?” another one asked, the general mood of the crowd turning ugly.
Sae swallowed a few times and then turned to the girls behind her. She waved her hands in surrender. “Hehe… well, okay, so maybe I… embellished a bit.”
Miraki raised an eyebrow and stepped forward. “Embellished? That's an understatement.” She motioned to her cousin. “We just got here and we could tell that you were lying through your teeth when we heard what you've been saying about Momo.” She turned her eyes to the other girls behind Sae. “Apparently we were also the only ones with brains enough to see through Sal's cheap tricks.”
Rinshai stepped forward quickly and whispered something to Miraki. The redhead coughed and turned a slight shade of pink. “I mean, Sae… yeah, Sae.”
Momo ran a hand down her face. Well, she tried. She's always been a bit forgetful if I remember correctly.
Toji stopped when he got near the group and put a hand on Sae's shoulder. “Fess up, Sae. Why don't you just tell us all the truth?”
Sae's shoulders trembled along with her lip and tears began to fall down her face. “I am telling you guys the truth! She's a liar and everyone is always taking her side!” She pushed Toji's hand away and ran off down the stairs, sobbing loudly as she went.
Miraki made a motion toward the direction Sae went and lifted an eyebrow. “Hey Momo, you want I should kill her?” She smiled wickedly.
Momo shook her head quickly and Rinshai knocked her cousin over the head. “Baka.”
“Ow, I was just offering.”
The girls that had been standing behind Sae looked around at each other and headed off for class. Only one of them came over and apologized to Momo for being so blind. Momo turned pink and waved her hand in the air. “It's okay, really, I'm not mad.”
Kiley sighed and watched as Toji put a hand on Momo's shoulder. Thinking that no one was looking, he slipped quietly away from them and walked down the hall in the opposite direction. Miraki watched as he left and her shoulders sagged. Her cousin noticed and nodded her head in question.
The redhead pointed to the direction Kiley was headed and the dark haired girl looked. She sighed and shook her head. “Where do you think he's headed?” she whispered to Miraki.
“Dunno, but my guess is, anywhere but here,” Miraki whispered back.
Momo turned and was about to walk over to Freiya, who was frozen in place it seemed, when Toji squeezed her shoulder. She hadn't even noticed that he had put his hand on her and so she turned quickly toward him, eyes wide and cheeks pink. She ended up bumping into him and almost toppling him to the floor but caught him in time to prevent it from happening. Her arms wound up around him because of this.
The cousins looked over and saw what appeared to be Momo trying to fondle Toji. Miraki's eyebrow shot up and Rinshai's did the same. “Uh, Momo, I don't think you should be doing those types of things out here in the hall,” the redhead commented in a monotone voice.
Momo and Toji turned toward her and Momo instantly let go, causing him to lose his balance and he grasped at the air for anything to stop his descent… namely, Momo. They ended up in a heap on the floor and Freiya suddenly snapped out of it. She took one look at the collapsed pair and turned to Miraki. “Um, when did they get together?”
The redhead shook her head and patted Freiya's shoulder. “Don't worry hon. You just run along to class now okay?”
The girl nodded and walked down the hall feeling more confused then ever.
Rinshai walked over and helped Momo and Toji up. “You guys okay?”
Momo rubbed her bottom and Toji nodded. The blonde looked around a moment before turning confused eyes toward Rinshai. “Hey, where did Kiley go?”
Miraki spotted a flash of jealousy in Toji's eyes for a second but then thought that maybe she had imagined it. Crap, this could get complicated if this dude still likes Momo.
The dark haired cousin shrugged. “Dunno, he left a minute ago I think.”
Toji placed his arm on Momo's shoulder and leaned down to whisper something in her ear. She thanked the cousins for their help and told them she'd see them after school. She had the boy lean on her shoulder and made her way down the hall in the direction Kiley had gone.
The cousins watched them as they went, realized they were late for class, decided “screw it,” and made their way down the stairs to see if they could catch up with Sae, so they could taunt her (of course, the last part was Miraki's idea, she just hadn't posed it to Rinshai yet).
“You going to be okay, Toji?” Momo asked as they neared his classroom.
He nodded and then grimaced. “Yeah. It only hurts sometimes.” He blushed slightly and turned his face toward the door so Momo wouldn't see. “I'm really sorry, Momo… about everything.”
Momo stopped suddenly and caught him before he could stumble. “What are you talking about?”
“I'm sorry that I didn't believe you about Sae. After hearing her call me her boyfriend, I knew that she had been lying about you not wanting to sign my get well card and probably a bunch of other things too… and for that I'm sorry.”
She blinked a few times, not quite believing what she had just heard. She looked at him a moment before her cheeks flamed red and she forgot what she was going to say. He apologized for not believing me. It sounds stupid, but it makes me really happy. A face appeared in her mind-Kiley's face-telling her again that maybe Toji had been scared, that she should try again. Should I? Should I even bother? She shook her head to clear her thoughts and decided that she would talk to Miraki and Rinshai when school was over, to see if they could help her sort her feelings out. “You don't need to apologize, Toji. It doesn't matter.”
He turned around and grabbed her shoulders. “No, it was my fault that all of this happened. Hell, Momo, you almost got killed because you were just trying to make me listen to you and I still didn't listen! I can never forgive myself for that. If anything had hap… er… I mean…” He removed his hands from her shoulders and turned back to the door, face as red as a tomato. What the hell was I going to say, I can't tell her that. She doesn't even know… Crap… I'm going to have to tell her… Crap. He decided to leave it for the next day and mumbled, “I'm sorry,” to her once more before opening the door to the classroom and closing it quickly.
Momo could do nothing but stare at the closed door, her heart beating a mile a minute and her mind whirring with confused thoughts. Her brain kept flitting from Kiley to Toji and back again, never settling on one spot, and never answering her questions. Loud footsteps down the hall and a sharp laugh made her shake herself awake. She remembered that she had to get to class and knew that she would probably get detention for being late. She ran all the way to her class and when she entered sputtering apologies and huffing and puffing, realized that she had left her books in her locker and almost passed out.
(She got the detention by the way.)
Sae was seething. How dare that stupid girl Miraki talk to me like that! And Momo! GRRRR… I'll get them all for this! She ducked into the bathroom and closed herself up in one of the stalls. She sat down on the toilet seat and tucked her chin between her knees. The door to the bathroom opened and she held her breath hoping that who ever was in there would go away.
“Hello, is anyone in here?” the person called out. She recognized the voice of the janitor, Mrs. Kidiochi. “Are you kids back in there again?” She chuckled. “Come on out you two, it's okay, and it's me, Mrs. Kidiochi the janitor.”
Sae's head picked up and she turned toward the door. Who was she talking about? Were there 2 people in the stall before? Who was it? she wondered.
“Ms. Momo, Mr. Kiley. That is you in there isn't it? Come on out you crazy kids. I bet you haven't even been to class yet have you?”
Sae could hardly believe it. No, it can't be… she didn't just say… Oh… my… GOD!!! She rubbed her hands together and tears of joy filled her eyes. YES!!! Now's my chance! I'll show everyone in school what a slut Momo is! Oh, this is too perfect. She was in here with Kiley?! Oh… this will be… perfect. She smiled and jumped down from the seat. She opened the door and dashed past the janitor.
Mrs. Kidiochi barely had time to see who it was. “Oh, my mistake. Oh well.” She thought about it a moment and then gasped. Oh no! What have I done?! I'm an old fool, I am. I almost forgot how rumors spread fire-speed through a school. I'd better find Ms. Momo and Mr. Kiley quickly and perhaps prevent something from escalating… She shook her head at her folly. Oh dear, oh dear. What have I done?