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Wish I Had an Angel
Chapter 7: Two for Tragedy
By: Steven Jester
Notes Disclaimers and Bullshit: Let the plot thicken! I own nothing!
Some wounds never heal
Some tears never will
Dry for the unkind
Cry for mankind
” Nightwish - The Kinslayer
Yamato hung up the phone violently, “Damn it!”
“What's wrong Yamato?” Mimi asked worriedly.
“We have a new problem; Takeru may unknowingly be bringing a civilian.”
Taichi cursed before turning to the group, “Ok, we're going to have to stall whoever it is while Yamato and I take Takeru into the bedroom so he can gate over to the Digital World without suspicion.”
“Yea, but do we have any idea who it is?” Sora said, “It might be a total stranger.”
“No,” Yamato said smirking, “I have a hunch about who it is. He sounded all hot and bothered. And he answered the phone by saying, `Whoever this is, it better be urgent.' My guess is that it's Kizna.”
“Kizna?!” the group said in surprise.
“Who else in the past 12 hours has made that much of an impact on him?” Yamato said smiling.
Miyako turned to face Daisuke and Hikari, “I can think of two who have made the same magnitude of impact.”
“Save it Miyako,” Daisuke said annoyed, “I'm already going to hear it from Taichi later.”
“Damn straight!” Taichi said before the whole group burst into laughter, even Hikari and Daisuke smiled.
“What's so funny?” a new voice asked from the door way.
The group turned to the door and notice Takeru with an arm around Kizna. “Oh nothing really, Taichi just said something stupid again,” Yamato said earning a small punch in the shoulder from the Child of Courage.
“Right…” Takeru said shaking his head, “Anyway, I'm sure you all know Kizna.”
“What's the story here Takeru?” Mimi said her face a glow with the possibility of gossip, “Why is your arm wrapped around Kizna?”
“Well, why don't I let Kizna fill you ladies in on that,” Takeru said smiling and leading Kizna over to the couch. He turned to where most of the guys were sitting and made a serious expression, “Meanwhile we guys will just see what's so bloody urgent…” he said his voice rising in intensity with each passing word.
Takeru led the guys into Yamato's room which, upon entering, Taichi promptly covered his nose and jokingly said, “Reeks of sex in here Yamato!” for which Taichi received a punch in the arm.
“Right…” Takeru said as everyone got comfortable. He lowered his voice and whispered, “You could have told me that this was that type of important!”
“You're mind was too much on Kizna to care,” Yamato said giving Takeru a big grin, “Which I have to give you props for getting over Hikari real fast.”
“Well like Kizna said last night, `Old loves, they die hard. Old lies, they die harder,'” Takeru admitted, “I'm not entirely over Hikari… but making out with Kizna sure helps.”
“Right…” Taichi said before taking out the now infamous piece of paper, “I received this e-mail this morning, it's addressed to you.”
“Me?” Takeru took the paper and read the message:
Bane of Hope,
You seem to have a very interesting history. As I go through what I forcibly took from your mind last night, I am able to piece together the three years that have progressed between when the digimon of the Banes of Courage and Friendship sent me into oblivion and today. Even the months between my first resurrection as Belial Vamdemon and today hold an interesting story. You wished, hoped if you will, that I would just stay in your memories. Well, Bane of Hope, I will never be a memory! I think that the little whore, Hikari, knows this fact too well. She seemed terrified at the mere mention of my name last time we met! Maybe it was because she knew I'd never go away… but I digress. There is reasoning behind my madness, and that is to take away the things that you cherish, starting with your precious digimon. However, I dare you to prove me wrong. Meet me near the entrance to the Desert of Telephone Poles and we will settle this like the men that we are, or at least claim to be.
With each passing line Takeru's grip seemed to strengthen until at the end when he ripped the paper into shreds. Takeru turned to Yamato, a look of steel in his eyes. “Make sure Kizna doesn't find out about this… I've got a score to settle.” With that he turned to Yamato's computer and gated away, assumingly to his house to gather Patamon before going to meet Vamdemon.
Koushiro, utterly confused by the display of emotion in the past ten minutes, looked towards Taichi and asked, “Ok, what now?”
“Carry out his request,” Taichi said as he stood and walked to the door, “Yamato, you stay here so we can say that you are talking to him one on one, the rest of us help the girls distract Kizna.” Taichi turned back around at the door and said solemnly, “I just hope he knows what he's doing.”
Takeru appeared in his room and noticed Patamon already anxious, “What's going on Takeru?”
“We're needed,” Takeru said solemnly, “Vamdemon called us out.”
“Vamdemon?! Takeru, shouldn't we have backup?”
“This is our fight,” Takeru said, his body shaking in anger.
“All right,” Patamon said reluctantly, “But if this doesn't look too good, we get out, agreed?”
Taichi sat down in a comfortable chair as Sora said, “Say, Kizna, what do you think attracted Takeru to you so fast?”
“So it's confirmed that our young friend Takeru has the hots for Kizna?” Taichi said somewhat sarcastically earning light punches in the shoulder from the girls.
“Yea, we all thought that he was head over heels for Hikari,” Mimi said, her voice begging for gossip, “How did he get over her so fast?”
Kizna looked thoughtful before answering truthfully, “I don't think he has.”
“What?!” Hikari said in surprise, “I mean I can understand him liking me before I went out with Daisuke, and that's partially my fault for not telling him that I didn't like him back. But after he found out about Daisuke…”
“I'm reminded of one of the lyrics from one of my songs,” Kizna said interrupting the Child of Light, “`Old loves, they die hard. Old lies, they die harder.' That describes Takeru's situation perfectly.”
“It's just what Takeru said,” Taichi said.
“Yes,” Kizna said happily, “He loves you, but he's also hurt by you not telling him.”
“I should have told him,” Hikari said dejectedly, “I mean, Takeru and I are close. I shouldn't have done something that would have tested that relationship.”
“But you do love him… don't you?” Sora said insightfully.
“I did, well I still do in a way,” Hikari admitted.
“Wha?!” Daisuke said surprised.
“Not like that Daisuke,” Hikari said comforting her boyfriend, “But… more like I love Taichi. Like a brother…”
“I thought so,” Kizna said smiling, “I figured from what Takeru said that you were sending him mixed signals. Although, going back to why Takeru still loves you, I'm reminded of a quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation.”
“That's a good show,” Koushiro said aloud. The room turned to him and most of his friends gave him a confused look, “What?”
“Anyway,” Miyako said shaking off Koushiro's comment, “What was the quote?” Although after she said this she mumbled under her breath, “The original series was better.”
“What was that?” Koushiro said hearing Miyako mumble.
“Nothing, nothing!”
“Anyway,” Kizna said a little irritated, “It was from the second season, Wesley Crusher says to Guinan, `I'm never going to feel this way about anyone else.' To which Guinan replies, `You're right.' Wesley says that he didn't expect that to which Guinan says, `There'll be others. But every time you feel love it will be different. Every time it's different.' Wesley says, `Knowing that doesn't make it any easier.' Guinan counters, `It's not supposed to.' What Takeru feels towards you may be romantic love, but it's not the same romantic love he feels for me. It's not the same type of love that he feels for Yamato, which is brotherly love. What I feel for Takeru is not what I felt for my mother. You understand what I'm saying?”
Hikari just looked at the teenage singer in amazement and awe.
Takeru appeared in the Forest of Random Signs shortly after gating to the Digital World. He looked around but didn't see any traces of Vamdemon or his henchmen. “Takeru, why are we fighting Vamdemon ourselves?” Patamon asked curiously.
“We were challenged. That and he insulted Hikari,” Takeru said getting angry.
“But I thought that Daisuke was Hikari's boyfriend,” Patamon said confusedly.
“Yea, but that doesn't stop me from caring for her,” Takeru said as he sat down to think, “It's also that promise I made to Sora in our first adventure.”
“I'm sure the other would understand…” Patamon started.
“No, no matter if Hikari has one boyfriend or a hundred, I made my choice,” Takeru said standing up, “Besides, Kizna will help a lot.”
“Kizna?” Patamon asked, “The girl that was at our house last night?”
“Yea, we're close. No thanks to my meddling mother,” Takeru said the last part with a light joking air.
“She's nice,” Patamon commented, “I met her this morning before you guys left.”
“So… where's Takeru?” Kizna asked.
Taichi and the others tried not to let their nervousness show. “Um… Yamato's still talking to him,” Taichi said.
“Funny,” Kizna said thinking, “I thought it might have something to do with - oh what did he call himself? The d- d-”
“Digimon?” Daisuke said earning some not so subtle punches from Hikari and Miyako.
“Digimon! Yes, that's it!” Kizna yelled happily, “The Digimon named Patamon that I met this morning.”
“You met Patamon?” Koushiro said, “Most interesting…”
“Save it professor,” Taichi said with an annoyed look on his face, “Ok, so how much do you know?”
“Not much. Patamon introduced himself and said that he was a friend of Takeru's… but then he hid again as Takeru came out of the bathroom.”
“In some ways, it's a good thing you know so little,” Sora commented sighing.
“So going back to the original question this does have something to do with Patamon,” Kizna said curiously.
Taichi looked into Kizna's eyes for a bit before leaning back into the chair and sighing. “Yamato, come on out.”
Yamato walked into the room and noticed the dejected look on Taichi's face, “You're sitting in my chair.”
“Yes, but Kizna knows that we didn't call her boyfriend in for a social call.”
“I figured, but it doesn't change the fact that you're sitting in my chair…”
“Ughh… Boys!” Sora said getting frustrated, “Since you two are fighting over the chair I'll fill Kizna in. Listen Kizna; about four years ago seven of us were at a summer camp a little north of here. One faithful day the weather started going haywire and then suddenly the seven of us that were at the camp went to a place called the Digital World. Those seven were Taichi, Yamato, myself, Koushiro, Jyo, Mimi, and…”
“Takeru,” Kizna said in awe, “It has to be him.”
“You're right,” Sora said with a sad smile, “Anyway, we seven, later eight as Hikari joined us, we were sworn to defend the Digital World with our Digimon. We consider out Digimon partners and friends. I'm not going to sugar coat it and say that it wasn't dangerous, because it was. Anyway, Takeru has gone to face a rather, difficult enemy.”
“Then excuse me for asking but why aren't you guys helping him?” Kizna asked.
“This is his fight…”
Takeru sighed before standing. He didn't get a chance to say anything because at the moment he heard a voice, “You came, Bane of Hope.”
“So I did,” Takeru said turning around and facing Vamdemon, “I want to ask, why me?”
“Because you are the easiest to manipulate,” Vamdemon said smiling.
Takeru, however, smelt a bluff, “You know as well as I that with the right words any one of them would have come down here. You're just afraid that my brother or Taichi will kick your ass too much.”
“Hmmm… yes, their Digimon can go to the mega level, but I noticed that yours can too, theoretically of course. I just want to test to see if it's possible.” Whit that Vamdemon rushed forward.
“Takeru! Doge!” Patamon yelled as Takeru stood in the way of the attack.
Takeru jumped out of the way at the last second. However, Vamdemon sliced his arm open with a “Bloody Stream!
“Takeru!!” Patamon yelled rushing over to his partner, “You ok?”
“Yea, I'll be fine,” Takeru said as he reached into his pocket and took out his digivice, “Time for you to evolve.” With this he held his digivice in front of him and concentrated on Patamon.
Patamon shinka! Angemon!
Angemon chou shinka! Holy Angemon!
Vamdemon watched with wonder as Holy Angemon appeared in front of him. Still, Vamdemon smirked, “He's still an Ultimate. He's not Mega…”
“You forget, Vamdemon, that angelic Digimon are basically as powerful as the next higher level,” Holy Angemon said, “I've taken out Digimon more powerful than you.”
“You may want to quit stalling,” Vamdemon said getting cocky, “Your partner is fading fast.”
Holy Angemon turned to Takeru and noticed he was lying on the ground barely breathing. “Hold on Takeru! Just hold on!” He turned back to Vamdemon, “You are a complete ass. Your fight's with me, yet you attacked him! For that you pay! Summon Excalibur!” In a blinding flash Holy Angemon's sword, Excalibur, burst forth from his wrist.
“Ha! We'll see about that! Bloody Stream!
Holy Angemon raised his sword and parried the attack away. Holy Angemon charged and raised his sword high. As he reached Vamdemon he tried to strike but found that Vamdemon wasn't there. “Over here!” Holy Angemon turned to his left but was hit with a horde of bats.
Holy Angemon fought the bats off long enough to back away. He pointed his sword straight up and yelled in fury, “Heaven's Gate!” He drew a circle in front of himself and it opened into a gateway. The bats desperately tried to flee from the gate but were sucked in with little effort. Vamdemon, on the other hand, stood firm resisting the pull of the gate. “It's useless Vamdemon,” Holy Angemon said with a touch of venom, “You will be sent to the void.”
“I think not!” Vamdemon said coarsely. Vamdemon sent a Bloody Stream towards the gate. As the attack entered the void the gate shook violently.
“What the…?”
The gate continued shaking faster and faster. Then, all of a sudden, it exploded. The explosion sent digital matter fling across the forest. Vamdemon smirked, “I know you took the pathetic fool Piemon into the void.” Vamdemon readied another attack, “Too bad he didn't have the brains to attack the gate! Bloody Stream!
Holy Angemon easily dogged the attack before charging in with a strike. Vamdemon disappeared again but this time Holy Angemon was ready as he turned around in mid air and sliced the approaching Vamdemon. Vamdemon backed away quickly as Holy Angemon scoffed, “You can't fool me like that again.”
“We'll see who fools who! Night Raid!
Holy Angemon watched as the horde of bats flew towards him again. He easily flew above the horde, but it didn't follow him. He watched as it continued towards Takeru. “Oh no!” Holy Angemon had only one choice. He cast Heaven's Gate again but this time stood behind the gate and focused a large energy beam on the bats, eradicating them from existence. The beam dissipated as Holy Angemon turned to Vamdemon, “Now… you die! Soul…
“Holy Angemon!!! Wait!”
“Huh?” Holy Angemon said turning towards Takeru. Takeru was expending most of his energy to sit up, “Takeru! Just…”
“Look! He's reverting!”
Holy Angemon turned towards the place where Vamdemon was. A glowing being stood in his place. The being shrunk into a ball with wings and feet. The glowing subsided and revealed a Pico Devimon. Holy Angemon shook his head while resisting the urge to laugh. “Well… I guess you can't make much trouble in this form.”
“Yea yea yea laugh it up!” Pico Devimon said before flying away disgusted.
Holy Angemon started chuckling as he turned to his partner. “Well… that went…” Holy Angemon looked at Takeru and noticed that he had fallen unconscious, “Crap! Holy Disinfection!
The healing spell did its trick and Takeru's eyes fluttered open. Holy Angemon reverted to Patamon before flying over to Takeru. “Takeru!!! Are you ok?”
“Ugh… I'll be fine,” Takeru said sitting up. Shaking off the pain, Takeru stood and dusted himself off. “Let's go home, Patamon.” As the duo walked over to the nearby gate, Pico Devimon watched from behind the trees chuckling to himself softly.
After gating home real quick to drop off Patamon, Takeru gated to Yamato's apartment. When he arrived in Yamato's room he was quickly tackled by a girl with a pink head of hair and cat ears. “Oh, Takeru!!”
Takeru was able to push the girl back to see Kizna crying. “What's wrong love?”
Kizna dried her eyes and smiled, “Welcome back…”
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