Pokemon Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon: Sora's Journey ❯ Sora Catches a Pokémon ( Chapter 3 )

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Episode 3: Sora Catches a Pokémon

Where we last left off, Sora, Kairi, and Pikachu has just entered Viridian Forest. The two kids in love (though not admitting that yet) makes a stop to eat breakfast of apples, but their meal is cut short when Kairi spotted a Caterpie being attacked by a couple of Spearow. Sora throws a Pokéball at the injured Pokémon in order to save it.

The Pokéball hits Caterpie on the head and it flows into the Pokéball. The Spearow attacking it flies away. The Pokéball wobbles back and forth with the button flashing. Sora, Kairi, and Pikachu watches anxiously waiting. The flashing on the button stops and small stars swirls around the Pokéball making the capture successfull. Sora couldn't believe his luck. He just made his first successful catch.

"I did it," Sora said in a whisper. Sora then let out a loud shout as he celebrates. "Yes! I just made my very first catch! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Sora ran up to Kairi and starts hugging her tight. Kairi began blushing being hugged for the first time."I did it! I did it! I did-" Sora stopped when he realized what he was doing. He was hugging Kairi. He was actually hugging her. Sora blushed as he quickly let go. "S-sorry," Sora apologized feeling embarrassed.

"I-i-it's okay," Kairi assured him. Kairi was still blushing still feeling his touch. "He hugged me," Kairi whispered while she blushed. "He actually hugged me." Kairi was actually happy that she felt his touch for the time, and not just his hands.

Sora felt so stupid for hugging Kairi like that. "I just can't believe I just did that. I hugged Kairi. I really, really hugged her," Sora said in his thought. Sora's face grew redder still feeling her. "But she felt nice." Sora shook it off as he just remembered that he just captured a wild Caterpie. He walked over to the Pokéball and picked it up.

Pikachu started to laugh at how Sora just made a fool out of himself in front of Kairi. Pikachu fell on his back holding his stomach laughing some more. Pikachu roared with laughter until Pikachu caught his breath. Pikachu still just smiled with a few chuckles coming out.

Sora held the Pokéball with the newly caught Pokémon inside while Kairi went to side. Kairi could tell that he was still embarrassed by what he did. She started feel sorry for the boy and she snapped him out with a light tap on his shoulder, but he didn't turn to look at her out of fear that she would be angry.

"Hey Sora," Kairi spoke. "I'm happy that you just caught your first, I mean second Pokémon."

"Mmmhmmm," Sora nodded nervously.

"Sora, I want you to know that I'm not angry for hugging me like that," Kairi said to him. Sora slowly turned his head and saw that she was telling the truth.

"Again, I'm sorry that I did," Sora said. "I just got carried away."

"Also I didn't hate it," Kairi told him. Sora turned to her and she giggled. "But I gotta say that the Caterpie inside must be happy that you saved him."

"Caterpie's a boy?" Sora asked. The auburn haired girl just nodded. "I guess I have two boy Pokémon on my team. But Caterpie is only the first of many."

Kairi giggled again sounding impossible to get every single one. She decided to keep that to herself since she didn't want to shatter his dream.

"What's so funny?" Sora asked his friend.

"Nothing," Kairi fibbed.

"Hey Pikachu!" Sora called. Pikachu ran over to his trainer. "We have ourselves a new friend here! What do you say to that?" Pikachu sniffed the Pokéball.

"Pika!" Pikachu cheered.

"Looks like Pikachu agrees," Kairi said.

"We should get to know Caterpie since he's now a part of the team," Sora said. "Caterpie! Come on out!" Sora shouted as he threw the Pokéball in the air. Caterpie pops out. Sora pulls out his Pokédex to get detail on Caterpie.

Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon

Type: Bug

Caterpie has a voracious appetite. It can devour leaves bigger than its body right before your eyes. From its antenna, this Pokémon releases a terrifically strong odor.

Sora puts away his Pokédex and held his arm. "Go ahead," Sora said kindly. "Climb aboard my shoulder."

Caterpie nodded as he proceeded to do so when he looked at Kairi. Caterpie gave a loud squeal when he ran towards the girl instead. The little caterpillar Pokémon started to rub his head against Kairi's leg. Kairi smiled as she bent down and patted him on the head. Caterpie chirps liking her touch.

"You're so adorable," Kairi complemented the bug Pokémon. "Yes you are. Yes you are."

"I guess Caterpie likes you a lot," Sora said smiling. Then he starts to stroke his chin. "But there's something bugging me now. No pun intended."

"What?" Kairi asked wanting to what he meant.

"I didn't think that a girl like you couldn't handle bugs," Sora pointed out. "Let alone Bug Types."

"Well, not all girls are creeped out by bugs," Kairi told him. "Also, the Pokémon I helped was a Caterpie."

Sora laughed, "Point taken." Sora held his arm again for Caterpie to climb aboard. Caterpie looked at Pikachu. Pikachu nodded letting the green Pokémon that he can be trusted. Caterpie crawls up onto Sora's shoulder. "Shall we get the show on the road?"

Kairi nodded as they started to walk through the woods. They strolled through the forest throughout the day. They stopped that night to set up camp. After the kids and Pokémon ate their meal, they rolled out their sleeping bags getting ready for bed.

This gave the two of them a chance to talk.

"Say Sora," Kairi spoke up. Sora turned to look at her. Kairi had a couple of questions to ask him. So she decided to take a stab at it.

"What is it?" Sora asked.

"Well, there's something that I have been wondering about for a while now," Kairi stated.

"Sure," Sora said. "What do you want to know?"

"Well it's two things actually," Kairi admitted. "The first thing is about this guy Gary."

"Yeah?" Sora asked.

"The professor said that he has a grandson named Gary," Kairi said. This made Sora frown. "You don't know him by any chance, do you?"

"Yeah I do," Sora said. "He's a real jerk. Always has to rub things into my face ever since we were little kids. Always telling me that I'm a loser. And how I'll be, not even second rate, but at last place to him."

"He does sound like a jerk," Kairi said.

"Tell me about it," Sora rolled his eyes. "Just when I get to Professor Oak's lab to get my first Pokémon, he taunts me with one he had already chose. And he has a bunch of bimbo cheerleaders following him around."

Kairi giggled, "He must have a big head."

"Big enough to launch a rocket ship on," Sora joked. Both Sora and Kairi laughed at the joke. "Anyway, what's the second thing you've been wondering about?"

"Well I was wondering about that," she said pointing to his crown necklace. "It's such a pretty necklace."

"Oh that," Sora said. "I had this for as long as I can remember. My dad had it before me and his dad did before him and so on."

"Is there something special about it?" Kairi asked interested. "I would like to know more."

"My mom told me this when I was younger," Sora explained. "She would tell me that I was descended from a long line of knights in the old days. It is said that whomever wore this necklace will be considered a knight in the eyes of the people. All of the boys in the family would wear this and be trained as knights at a certain age."

Kairi has been enthralled by the tale. She had heard stories of knights, but never one like this one.

"Wow," Kairi said.

Sora chuckled scratching the back of his head. "But that's in the old days. And besides, nobody believes that anymore."

"I do," Kairi said. Sora looked at her surprised by what she said. "You risked your life to save Pikachu and me. And you helped save the Pokémon in the Pokémon Center from Team Rocket. So if that's not a knight, I don't know what is." Sora started to blush when he heard her call him a knight. "I think the title for you would be Sora: the Pokémon Knight! Sworn protector of people and Pokémon alike!"

"Pokémon Knight?" Sora asked puzzled. Kairi stood up and grabbed a stick.

"Kneel, sir knight," Kairi said. Sora obliged doing so. Kneeling exactly like a knight. "I dub thee: Sir Sora! Knight of Pokémon!" Kairi used the stick to "knight" him. "Arise! Sir Knight of the Days of old." Kairi did it again, " Arise! Oh Duke of Hazard!" And again, "Arise! Count of the Streets of Sesame!"

Both the kids started laughing. "If it pleases you milady," Sora spoke in a Shakespearean voice, "I wouldst love to kiss thy hand."

Kairi winced at what Sora had suggested. "Uh, what?"

"Why a knight is to show proper respect for his princess by kissing her lovely hand," Sora said keeping the Shakespearean voice. Kairi blushed just hearing him call her a princess.

"He called me a princess," Kairi thought as she blushed.

"Milady?" Sora spoke.

Kairi was just having fun with. She wondered if he just took it a tad too far. She had to humor him. So she reluctantly held out her hand.

"You may kiss my hand, sir knight," Kairi said feeling nervous. Sora gently took her hand and kissed it. Kairi's blush grew hotter. She felt his lips touch her hand. "Well enough playtime," Kairi said in a pretty fast. "We should get some sleep. Good night, Sora."

Kairi went to her sleeping bag pretty fast and zipped up and started to snore as soon as her head hit her backpack.

"Good night," Sora said decided to turn in as well. Sora got in his sleeping bag. "Maybe I got a little carried away," Sora said in his thoughts. Sora looked at his necklace and clutched the crown in his hand. "Good idea on the stories, mom."

Pikachu and Caterpie were watching the whole thing. Pikachu was chuckling at Sora's antiques while Caterpie was confused. Pokémon do talk to one another, but in their own language.

"What's the deal with those two?" - Caterpie subtitle.

"Oh they just like each other; that's all." - Pikachu subtitle.

"You mean how they like Pokémon?" - Caterpie subtitle.

"No-no-no-no, I mean they really like each other. I mean did you see how their cheeks would turn as red as my cheeks? - Pikachu subtitle. Pikachu laughs.

"Are all humans like that? It just sounds so complicated." - Caterpie subtitle.

"Humans can be pretty ackward when expessing feelings. But then again, Pokémon can pretty complicated too." - Pikachu subtitle.

"What does that mean?" - Caterpie subtitle. Caterpie tilted his head.

"You'll understand when you're evolved." Pikachu subtitle.

"I guess." - Caterpie subtitle.

Pikachu just looked at Caterpie. Caterpie looked up to the moon. Pikachu couldn't quite put his paw on it, but Pikachu knew Caterpie are pretty young Pokémon. Pikachu went to sleep, but Caterpie kept looking up to the moon. An image of a blue Pokémon resembling a butterfly with big compound eyes (Butterfree) flying so majestically covering the moon with it's light shining through it's wings. Caterpie looked over to Kairi seeing her fast asleep. Caterpie decided to crawl next to her and fall right to sleep. Caterpie rubbed his head against hers showing gratitude for her kindness. Kairi woke up to see the little Pokémon in front of her. She looked over to Sora, seeing him that he's already sound asleep and snoring loudly.

"You want to sleep next to me, don't you?" Kairi asked. Caterpie chirped and nodded. Kairi smiled. "Okay, Caterpie. You can sleep right next to me." Caterpie was happy to hear that as he crawled into her sleeping bag. "Good night, Caterpie." Caterpie chirped saying good night as well. Kairi went back to sleep. Caterpie felt warm. He felt her heartbeat against his back. Caterpie shifted into sleep.

Over to Sora, the young Pokémon trainer snored as he drooled. He rolled over to his side. "Pokémon master!" Sora said in his sleep. "That's me!" Sora started to snore again. In his dream, Sora is standing in an arena with thousands of people chanting his name over and over again.


Sora took a Pokémon, but it was black with golden markings on the top. Sora threw the ball.

"Articuno! Go!" the ball opened to let out Articuno. It flapped it's wings, the cold air fills the stadium. The opponent throws a Pokéball lets out a rhino-dinosaur like Pokémon with it's horn acting like a drill (Rhydon). Rhydon opens up by charging at the majestic bird with it's horn spinning. "Fly up!" Articuno obeyed by flying up into the air. "Blizzard!" Articuno flapped out it's wings and as the name suggested, let's out a devastating blizzard, freezing the opposing Pokémon into an ice statue. "Now use Hurricane!" Articuno flapped it's wings again and sets fourth a powerful wind based attack. It picks the frozen Rhydon from the ground and sends it flying into a wall. Rhydon tries to get back up only to fall back down.

"And Rhydon loses! And the winner is, the world's greatest Pokémon master! Sora Ketchum of Pallet Town!" the crowd roared as fireworks starts going off. Sora looks around and spots Kairi in a cheerleader outfit. Kairi threw pom-poms in the air and cheers for Sora.

"Hooray!" Kairi shouted.

Cameras started flashing as Sora gave his victory pose with Kairi on his side. News reporters and cameramen ran up to Sora and held microhones to him.

"You have just won the tournament! What are you going to do now?" One of the reporters asked.

"I'm going to Disneyland!" Sora shouted.

"Back to reality, Sora still drooling in his sleep. Over to Kairi, she sleeps soundly holding Caterpie in her arms. In her dream, Kairi is a princess, wearing a white dress with indigo trimmings at the skirt of her dress, wearing a tiara with a heart shaped ruby in the center, and has sapphire earrings. She's tied up being held hostage by pirates with three of the pirates being Jessie, James, and Meowth. Jessie is wearing what appears to be a red bikini top with a skull on the right breast and blue jeans, James is wearing a purple and white striped bandana with a gold earring on his left ear, a yellow shirt and black pants, while Meowth is just wearing an eyepatch on his left eye and a pirate's hat with a cat's skull on it.

"Well now, Princess Kairi," the pirate captain said, coming in. He was wearing a red trenchcoat with gold trimmings, and a big black hat with a big black hat. He also had a long graying red-orange beard, and a gold tooth. "You'd be my prisoner now! You will find escape impossible!"

"Just you wait you muling curs!" Kairi said scowling at the captain, "my father will send his forces to come to my aid! And as soon I am, you will all be hanged!"

The pirates laughed at the threat.

"Arr! Ye be in Davey Jones's Locker by the time he does!" The captain said. "Prepare ze plank!"

Pirate James and another pirate readies the plank for Kairi to walk upon, when suddenly something forceful hits the ship. The ship rocks with a few of them falling overboard.

"Ships ahoy!" the lookout shouted.

The pirates and the captain look out to the distance looking at what appears to be two ships coming towards them. The captain pulls put a telescope from his side.

"Blast!" the captain roared. "It be the neighboring kingdoms!" The captain puts the telescope away. "To your positions you sea rats!"

The pirates did exactly that reading the cannons. The cannons started firing and firing at the two ships. The cannonballs hits the water. The ships then starts to turn around and go back.

"They're retreating!" pirate Jessie shouted.

"They'll think twice to mess with us! Meowth! I mean Arr!" pirate Meowth added.

"Now we can throw the princess overboard," the captain said looking at her evilly.

"I think not!" a new voice is heard.

In the sunlight it looks like a boy with spikey-hair standing on the helm. The boy jump onto the rope and swung down. He jumps off the rope and lands on his feet. It happens to be Sora wearing a black shirt with red pants. He's wearing his crown necklace and has a sword on his left. Sora drew the sword and lunged at the pirates. The pirates swung their swords at Sora, only to miss and Sora easily slew the pirates. They all fell one by one, until only the captain was left. He drew his cutlass, bigger than Sora's, but he just laughed.

"Thou calls that a sword?" Sora mocked. "Tis more like a butter knife." Sora laughed again.

"En garde you muling landlubber!" the captain dared. As the two duled, their blades clashed making light flicerking with each blow. Kairi watched helplessly fearing for her rescuer. The captain swung and lunged only for Sora to dodge each attack and move in for the finishing blow. Sora drove the blade into the captain's torso, killing him instantly.

Sora threw his sword and walked over to his damsel in distress.

"Arendt thou alright, fair maiden?" Sora asked untying her restraints.

"I am," Kairi answered. "But who are thou? I wish to know thy name, stranger."

"I happen to be Prince Sora," Sora bowed his head.

"I am eternally in thy debt, Prince Sora," Kairi said to Sora. "What is it that thou wish for in return?"

"I only ask for thy hand in marriage," Sora said stands one knee. "Say that thou will be my bride."

"Then I shall grant thee thy wish," Kairi accepted wrapping her arms around her soon-to-be husband and he around her. They share a kiss of everlasting passion.

Back to reality, Kairi's smiles happily at the dream. Over to Pikachu, Pikachu dreams of the world's largest pile of apples. Pikachu starts eating and eating like there was no tomorrow. And to Caterpie, Caterpie dreams of flying the skies with butterfly wings. The wings had patterns of turquoise, lime green, indigo, and sliver. Other Pokémon on the ground just looked at the flying Caterpie with amazement and awe witnessing the most beautiful sight that they had ever seen.

All four were sleeping soundly. On the very next morning, Sora woke up. He looked around the forest, yawning deciding to go back to sleep. And he sees Kairi above him.

"Whoa!" Sora yelped rolling over in his sleeping bag. Kairi giggled. "Give me a break, Kairi."

"Sora, you lazy bum," Kairi said to him. "You should get up. We're still on a journey in case you've forgotten."

"Just five more minutes," Sora groaned lying back down. Kairi just shook her head. She looked at Pikachu nodding as he understood.

"Pika-CHUUUUU!" Sora screamed as he being shocked by his own Pikachu.

Pikachu stops shocking Sora as he falls facedown. "Okay, I'm up!" Sora groaned. Sora unzipped his sleeping bag and got up. Sora starts stretching his arms as Caterpie came down from the tree he was on after eating his fill of leaves. Sora and Kairi looked at Caterpie full from his breakfast and lays down feeling satisfied. "I see that you enjoyed yourself," Sora said grabbing his Pokéball. "You should rest up." Sora points the Pokéball at Caterpie calling him back. "At least someone gets to rest whenever he wants."

Kairi scoffed at the comment. They prepare to forage the forest for breakfast when they heard a flapping sound. Sora and Kairi look up to see a bird Pokémon similar to Pidgey, but a little bit larger and has a pink crest on it's head.

"Hey! A Pidgeotto!" Sora cheered. Sora pulls out his Pokédex.

Pidgeotto, the Bird Pokémon

The evolved form of Pidgey

Type: Normal/Flying

Pidgeotto claims a large area as its own territory. This Pokémon flies around, patrolling its living space. If its territory is violated, it shows no mercy in thoroughly punishing the foe with its sharp claws.

"Pidgey is a neat bird to catch!" Sora said. "But a Pidgeotto is a pretty cool." Sora threw Caterpie's Pokéball "Go Caterpie!" Caterpie came out of the Pokéball ready for a battle.

Kairi and Pikachu gasped as they knew Sora made a mistake. A big BIG mistake.

"Sora," Kairi spoke up. "I don't think Caterpie is a good choice."

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" Sora asked before Pidgeotto started to chase Caterpie around. "Ahh! Caterpie!" Sora yelled. Caterpie dodged as the bird Pokémon dove in for an attack. "Caterpie use Tackle!" Sora ordered. Caterpie got ready to charge when Pidgeotto hit it with it's wing. Caterpie is sent flying at a tree. Sora hurriedly pulled out Caterpie's Pokéball to draw him back. "Caterpie! Return!" the beam hits Caterpie just in time before Pidgeotto's attack made contact. Pidgeotto got it's beak caught in the same tree before it pulls out. Sora turns to Pikachu. "Pikachu! You move in!"

"Pika!" Pikachu rushes in.

"Pikachu! Thunder Shock!" Pikachu fires electricity from his body hitting the bird Pokémon. Pidgeotto ends up falling towards the ground. "Pokéball! Go!" Sora threw the Pokéball to catch Pidgeotto. The Pokéball wobbles back and forth as the Pokémon inside tries to break out. The wobbling ceases when stars swirls around the Pokéball. "Gotcha! I just caught Pidgeotto!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted triumphantly.

Sora picked up Pidgeotto's Pokéball and puts it away. "And that makes two catches, right Kairi?" No answer came. "Kairi?" Sora turns to her seeing an angry look on her face. Sora winced at that look. "Well, uh..."

"How could you do that?" Kairi asked angrily. "Don't you tell me you forgot about Caterpie being attacked by two Spearow yesterday! And not to mention you made Caterpie go into battle like that!"

"I didn't think that-" Sora's sentence been cut.

"That's right, you didn't think," Kairi agreed. "You clearly didn't think Caterpie wasn't a match for Pidgeotto! Caterpie only knows two moves! Pidgeotto is not only a Flying Type, but also more experienced in battle! You should have thought it through! The use of good judgement is something that a Pokémon trainer should always have!"

Sora looked at his feet taking in what she just said to him.

"You're right," Sora said. "I should have thought that through."

Sinister laughter is heard. Sora and Kairi turned to the direction of the laugh.

"We meet again," a familiar male voice said.

"Oh no," Sora moaned. "I recognize those voices."

Much to the dismay of Sora, Kairi, and Pikachu it was once again Team Rocket.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



Sora groaned as he rolled his eyes. "Oh brother," Sora said.

"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth!" That's right!"

Three smoke bombs explodes in the background with the smoke being orchid, green, and yellow.

"What you guys want now?" Sora asked not interested. "Don't tell me it's my lunch money or something."

"We don't want your lunch money," Jessie sneered. "We want your Pokémon!"

"Hand over that Pikachu," James said with him and Jessie pointing at Pikachu.

"No way!" Sora said definitely. "This is my Pikachu! If you one, then go find your own!"

"The only Pikachu we want is that one!" Jessie said.

"We're only after the most rarest and most valuable Pokémon," James said.

Meowth looks back and forth at them.

"And that Pikachu is it!" Jessie said.

Meowth scratches their faces.

"You morons! Would you stop revealing our big secrets?!" Meowth yelled.

"How important is my Pikachu, anyway?" Sora asked tilting his head.

"Well your Pikachu's powers even impressed even me," Meowth explained. "I definitely got a charge out of his power from the last time we met. That power exceeded it's evolutionary level. Your Pokémon's-"

Jessie and James starts stomping and kicking Meowth.

"Now you're the one giving away our secrets!" Jessie snapped.

"Shut up before you tell them everything!" James also snapped.

"I'm the leader of the group!" Meowth yelled. "Cut it out!"

Jessie and James stopped assaulting Meowth.

"Just make it easy and hand over Pikachu!" Jessie demanded.

"No way," Sora said.

Jessie and James drew out their Pokéballs.

"If that's how you want it," James said.

"Then we'll have to go into a battle!" Jessie said. Both Team Rocket members threw the Pokéballs. "Ekans! Go!

"Go get 'em Koffing!"

Ekans and Koffing pops out of their Pokéballs awaiting directions from their trainers.



"Two against one?" Sora snapped. "You guys don't play the rules, do you?"

"Well no," Jessie said flipping her hair. "Rules are for chumps."

"And I can bet that you don't even wash your hands after using the bathroom," Sora joked.

"We may be the bad guys, it doesn't mean we don't care about personal hygiene!" James hissed at him.

"Well if you won't play the rules, I will," Sora stated.

"Koffing! Sludge!" James ordered. Sludge came out of Koffing's mouth hitting Pikachu right in the eyes.

"Pi!" Pikachu cried.

Sora and Kairi gasped at what the saw.

"Pikachu!" Kairi gasped.

Pikachu tries to rub the substance out from his eyes. Sora picks up Pikachu and hands him to Kairi.

"They'll do whatever they can to get Pikachu," Sora stated. "No matter what, don't let them get Pikachu!"

"I promise," Kairi said. "But you have only two left."

"You're right," Sora agreed. "There's one I can use anyway."

"So, what's your big battle plan?" Jessie taunted.

"Pidgeotto! Go!" Sora threw Pidgeotto's Pokéball letting out him out.

"Koffing! It's grime time!" James stated.

"Koffing," Koffing said floating up in the air. Koffing tries to hit Pidgeotto; Pidgeotto barely dodges out of the way.

"Ekans! Use Bite now!" Ekans tries to bite Pidgeotto and he dodges again.

"Pidgeotto! Quick Attack on Ekans!" Pidgeotto moves quickly to make a good hit.

"Ekans! Dig!" Ekans dives head first into the ground to avoid the attack. Pidgeotto stops when his intended target is out of sight. Koffing moves in behind him.

"Pidgeotto! Behind you!" Sora called out. Koffing shoots out a smog from its mouth. Pidgeotto cancels out the attack with his wings. Ekans raises from the ground to land a good bite.

"Pidgeotto! Look out!" Kairi called out.

Pidgeotto fought good, but Pidgeotto just didn't stand a chance against two Pokémon at once. Pidgeotto tries to avoid their assault only to be tackled by Koffing and wrapped up by Ekans. Pidgeotto falls to the ground exhausted.

"Return Pidgeotto!" Sora calls Pidgeotto back.

"It looks like that's there's no other option," Jessie said. "Pikachu is ours for the taking."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said wanting to battle despite the sludge.

"No Pikachu," Kairi said rubbing the sludge with a washcloth. "You're in no shape to battle."

Sora knew Jessie was right about one thing: there is no other option. Sora knew Caterpie was weakened by the last battle, and he had no experience in battle, but there was no other way.

"You're my last chance," Sora said holding Caterpie's Pokéball. "Caterpie! Go!" Sora said throwing Caterpie's Pokéball letting out the little Pokémon. One look at him, and Jessie, James, and Meowth ends up laughing.

Ekans and Koffing charges at Caterpie. Caterpie was scared out of his mind.

Pikachu could hear Caterpie's terror.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted.

"Caterpie," Kairi said worryingly.

Sora also heard Caterpie's fear. Sora called out to Caterpie to get hus head in the game.

"Caterpie, fire String Shot at Koffing!" Sora ordered. Caterpie fired silk from his mouth. Koffing slows down being covered with the silk. Koffing falls to ground unable to move. Ekans was still on the prowl. "String Shot again!" Sora ordered. Caterpie fired the silk again. It covered Ekans's entire head. Ekans tries to rub the silk off, but there was so much. "Tackle!" Caterpie charges at Koffing. Koffing goes flying right towards the snake Pokémon. The two Poison Types goes flying like a missle passed their trainers. Kairi stood there in awe. She just witnessed little Caterpie take down two Pokémon at once, even after beating the stronger Pidgeotto.

Team Rocket were in disbelief.

"Beaten by a puny Caterpie?!" James gasped.

"That really bugs me!" Jessie snarled with pun in play.

Meowth moves in for battle.

"Now watch a real Pokémon in action," Meowth said getting his claws ready.

Caterpie fires his silk at the cat Pokémon, covering him head to toe with so much silk. It went on until he looked like a mummified cat.

"It's time that Team Rocket blasted off!" Jessie said as she and James grabbed Meowth. They started running.

"You won this round," James called back. "But we'll be back!"

"Come back anytime," Sora taunted. "I'll be looking forward to kicking your butts again pretty soon." Sora just won his very first Pokémon battle. Kairi ran up to him and hugged Sora. Sora was in total loss to what she was doing.

Pikachu, still in Kairi's arms grinning slyly.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"Uh Kairi..." Sora paused. Kairi ended the hug.

"I'm proud of you," Kairi said. "I'm proud that you won your first battle. And I'm sorry."

"For what?" Sora asked not understanding.

"For how I overreacted," Kairi admitted. "I was just worried about Caterpie's well being, I just forgot about even Professor Oak makes mistakes."

"Yeah," Sora nodded as he agreed to that. Sora walked over to Caterpie and patted him on the head. "I'm proud of you, Caterpie. And I'm sorry for what happened today. I just hope you can forgive me."

Caterpie chirps accepting his apology. Caterpie starts to shaking uncontrollably.

"Pika?" Pikachu tilted his head.

"What's going on?" Sora asked worried. Then Caterpie's body starting glowing. All three gasped. "Caterpie-"

"Caterpie's evolving!" Kairi beamed.

Caterpie transformed into a green cresent shaped chrysalis with yellow eyes. He had a face on the side with a pointed nose.

Sora pulled out his Pokédex and pointed it at his new Pokémon.

Metapod, the Cocoon Pokémon

The evolved form of Caterpie

Type: Bug

The shell covering this Pokémon's body is as hard as an iron slab. Metapod does not move very much. It stays still because it is preparing its soft innards for evolution inside the hard shell.

"Metapod," Sora spoke up. Sora walked up to the newly evoled Metapod and picked him up. "Not only I won my first battle, but I get a new Pokémon right away."

Kairi walks up to Sora.

"It won't take long for Metapod to evolve into a Butterfree," Kairi pointed out. "I bet he'll be very beautiful."

Sora blushed as he chuckled a little. Metapod shifted his eyes. Even though that the green cocoon didn't have a mouth, he still smiled.

"Let's keep movin," Sora said.

"Yeah," Kairi agreed.

Sora called Metapod back to his Pokéball and Pikachu climbed onto Sora's shoulder. They continued their journey.

Before I close here, I just want to say is NO in case you're wondering, I'm not gonna have Sora let Butterfree go. Instead I'll just have him send Butterfree to Professor Oak, but that can wait until later chapters. Now with that' settled, I'll be working the next chapter soon.